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Three Muslims set Hindu minor on fire to death for alleged theft in Pune.


The victim Sawan Dharma Rathod in Sassoon Gen Hospital, died later.

Where are the Dadri shouters?  Why Pune is not a Dadri?? Who are promoting Afghanistan and Islamic States in India???

Minor Hindu rag picker set ablaze in Pune by Three Muslim perpetrators; victim dies critically after suffering 75 per cent burn injuries.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Pune | January 16, 2015:: It is not a case of intolerance. As Muslims can’t be intolerant enough anyway in India! The Dadri shouters are all now in a winter sleep row as like the reptiles. In the middle a Minor Hindu rag picker set ablaze in Pune by Three Muslim perpetrators; victim dies critically after suffering 75 per cent burn injuries. There is no hue and cry after the brutal murder of the minor Hindu rag-picker. No big talk shows are heard in any channel nor any queue for the returns of the Awards and citations! Suddenly the call of the conscious minds of the academies, artist, writers, human rightists, intelligentsia,  fall underway. Shame to these dangerous secular people. 

In a very shocking incident that took place in Pune on Thursday, a 17-year-old rag Hindu picker while he was answering call of nature was allegedly set afire by a group of Muslim people who suspected him to having stolen vehicle batteries, police said. The boy, identified as Sawan Dharma Rahtod is a resident of Vishrambaug, who received 75 per cent burn injuries has been admitted to the Sassoon General Hospital, dies later on Friday.

A complaint in this matter has been lodged with the Faraskhana police, which falls under the jurisdiction of Pune city police. A 35-year-old man, Ibrahim Shaikh, has been arrested in connection with the incident, while the other two suspects — identified as Zuber Tamboli (26) and his brother Imran (28) — are absconding.

All three culprits have been booked under the relevant sections of Indian Penal Code including attempt to murder (IPC Sec. 307), assault (IPC Sec. 323), intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace (IPC Sec. 504) punishment for criminal intimidation (IPC Sec. 506) and an act done by trio with common intention (IPC Sec.  34).

rathod killing in pune

The three Muslim suspects, according to police, questioned the boy about his religion and as to what he was doing and about theft of vehicle batteries when he was loitering in the Kasabapeth area of the city. They later poured petrol or diesel on him and set him afire. Inspector (Crime) D B Bhosale, who is investigating the case, said, “Sawan is a scrap collector and addicted to liquor. The incident took place in the afternoon when he had purchased liquor and was on his way to Kasbapeth. He was attending call of nature when the trio held him and suspecting him of being the thief who stole batteries from vehicles dragged him into an isolated area, poured diesel on him and set him ablaze. Later they doused the fire and then drove him in a tempo to around 30 kms away from the city before dropping him off at Shivajinagar bus stand. They threatened to kill him if he alerted the police before fleeing the area. Rathod then approached the nearest police chowky. We have been able to confirm the story with the help of CCTV camera and arrested Ibrahim.”

See this video news::3 Muslims set Hindu on fire for his alleged involvement in case of  theft in Pune. See 1:56 Sec. to 4:15 Sec. Watching Graphics are viewers’ concern.  

Though there is least repercussion in the media and politicians about the horrific incident like the ISIS treatment in Indian soil, the news however has been surfaced by PTI, Samaana, Mid day, Hindu Varta and Business Standard. But, the news is not covered in the national hook up like the “Dadri Lynch” propaganda by the secular media so far.

When the Islamic intolerance is growing unimaginably in India, a section of media and the politics are trying to depict these intolerant people as ignorant and very peaceful.

As the victim belongs to Hindu Banjara Community, some Banjara Organisations protested the matter. Big Hindu Orgs like VHP, RSS are still away for handling the instant case unfortunately.

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2 comments on “Three Muslims set Hindu minor on fire to death for alleged theft in Pune.

  1. Eddie Bond
    January 18, 2016

    There will be more and more civil unrest in greater Europe.
    The world is growing ever angrier on these Islamic criminals
    or wherever Islamic cruelty is perpetrated on none Muslims
    The civil religious war is coming against these cult animals.
    Islam has stated it does not want peace it wants domination.

    I have thought long & hard about punishment,
    for these sub animal beings, child abusers, child killers,
    child rapists and perverts, sick twisted Islamic bastards.
    Is this really too harsh, No not for these sub human animals.

    Place them in a pit,50 meters X30 meters X3 meters deep
    At one end of this pit is a cage with 20 Hungry Feral Pigs.
    Allow the guilty to release these Hogs to a feeding frenzy of their own living flesh to end their own miserable cruel existence.

    When the guilty decide they cannot stand to suffer to live another moment next to hungry swine,for crimes against humanity,they can send themselves directly to Hell
    Allow these Muslim sub animal beings that are lower than Dogs & Swine to release the Hogs into the pit & end their own miserable worthless lives by the Jaws of the very animal they revile,the worst of them deserve nothing less no mercy no pity.

    Muslims with their cruel cult seem always through centuries adopt the baser instincts of greed & selfishness denoting or befitting a person of low social class without moral principles by appealing to the base instincts of Islamic cult their Imam Ministers or Presidents or their able cohorts are naturally inducing one crisis after another Muslims only understand one thing & one thing only they are inbred Moronic animals much lower than Dogs & Swine & only live for their perversions.


    Comments published in Hindus Existence are viewers’ own ideas.
    Hindu Existence Site does not take any responsibility or cognizance of it.

    Ed. Hindu Existence.



  2. sunil
    January 23, 2016

    Congress remains silent on this issue when it comes to hindu people.It only knows how to divide hindu people by caste and dalit. Where is the intolerance issue.


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