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Islamic sex racket in Kerala targets Hindus and non-Muslim girls & women especially.

Kerala Sex Racket

Kerala Based Online Sex Racket helps Arabic Sex Trade and intended Jihadi recruitment ; Anti Terror Squad Arrests Couple.

HENB | Thiruvananthapuram | January 17, 2016:: A couple who were the prime links of a mammoth flesh trade and human racket has been arrested. The couple Abdul Naseer- Shajida Masoor were nabbed from Mumbai International Airport in connection with sending women abroad under the pretext of various jobs. The duo are said to be the prime link in Bahrain sex racket as well. Four others have been arrested as well. They have been produced at Kochi Crime Branch office.

Sources have revealed that the couple are the main brokers in some of the prime online sex rackets, which have swindled as many as 63 women under the guise of offering various jobs. The duo were arrested by the team led by Anti Terror Squad IG Nikesh Kaushik as part of Operation Daddy, while trying to escape to Chennai after having landed in Mumbai from Bahrain.


Whether it is ‘Love Jihad’ or the ‘Kiss of Love’, an mysterious role has always been unearthed under a shadow of  ‘hidden Jihad’ in many formats. Now the wings of this Kerala based online sex racket is far flagged upto Bahrain and Dubai.

On the basis of growing middle-east job connection with the Kerala people the Jihad handlers are trying all franchise in Kerala including sex-drug-ficn-arms and other trades as meaningful too the break the social system in the far southern base in India by the Arabian sea coast.

The politics in Kerala is tormented with Islamic factors and the main political force like Congress or Communists take the help of Muslim political force as election allies. taking these advantages, the foreign Jihad forces successfully set up their home grown modules in Muslim dominated districts in Kerala.

Under the umbrella of various social activism like women rights, liberty, movement against superstition or in interfaith dialogue, the designated agencies attached to various call centers and social organisations targets the needy, modern and fair girls as their targets of ‘love jihad’, ‘human trafficking’ or ‘sex racket’. Some of them are selected finally to be set in the Jihad warfare modules. In most of the cases, Hindu and non Muslim girls and women are selected as soft target and the lucrative part.

These rackets spread their networks in women colleges, cyber cafes, call centers, mobile recharge and repairing centers, services and career coaching centers, food-mart and restaurants, beer-pubs, music-dance-drama centers and every possible places where their targets like to come frequently.

Highly paid agents or the contact men under certain contract work on turn key basis and they snap obnoxious photos of the targets to grab or blackmail them in a very trained manner. Smart, fluent and fanatic Muslim boys or too secular guys are preferred to act agents in these network to win over the female targets. Some girls already in this networks also play a very important role to reach the goal to fed the sex hungry Arabs, other corrupts and obviously the Jihadi megalomaniacs.

__With an input from Haindavakeralam.

One comment on “Islamic sex racket in Kerala targets Hindus and non-Muslim girls & women especially.

  1. Ramesh
    January 18, 2016

    But what is the method adopted, that they are able to trap girls and women, even though they don’t have educational or professional credentials?..For example, a Hindu will have to actually jump from a building to prove that his love is genuine for a Hindu girl….Whats do these “puncture-repair-guys” actually do that, it changes the mind to their non-genuine love in their favour?…Could it be black magic ?


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