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As behading of Asaduddin Owaisi is impossible under Indian laws, punish him under strict legal procedures.

Behead MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi legally, says Shiv Sena.

1406451659_UddhavIANS | Mumbai | March 17, 2016:: The Shiv Sena on Thursday attacked MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi for his refusal to say `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` and said he should be “legally beheaded”.

Taking umbrage at Owaisi`s utterances in Latur last week that he would not say `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` even if he was threatened with a knife, the Sena said, “Why should anybody do this? He should be legally beheaded.”

In a vitriolic editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamana, the Sena also criticized Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for allowing Owaisi to move around freely and sneak out of Maharashtra despite making such statements.

“Legislators sitting on strike in Sindhudurg are beaten up by the police, but in the same state a person (Owaisi) making such seditious statement escapes scot free,” the party said.

“The deplorable status of Muslims in India is primarily because of such thinking of persons like Owaisi. `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` is an inspiration to the people of this country,” the Sena said.

“Owaisi has insulted our Mother India. All the Muslims in the country should chant `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` to express their opposition to Owaisi`s ill-conceived views. Those who refuse, their citizenship and voting rights must be cancelled,” the party said.

As beheading of  Asaduddin Owaisi is impossible under Indian laws, punish him under strict legal procedures. But, if anybody cuts his head, it is offence under IPC 307.

Asaduddin OwaisiUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | March 19, 2016:: As beheading AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi legally for under the Indian laws in force is an absurd thing, the Shiv Sena’s mouth-piece claim for the same is ridiculous.

Taking umbrage at Owaisi`s utterances in Latur last week that he would not say `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` (Hail Mother India)  even if he was threatened with a knife, the Sena mouth-piece Saamana said, “Why should anybody do this? He should be legally beheaded.”

Actually, talking absurd and unconstitutional things by some politicians and by their people sometimes dilute the significance of the issue unnecessarily in present scenario.

Earlier Asaduddin questioned, ‘What law would be violated if I won’t say Bharat mata ki jai?’

Then in our take we explained that any attempt to humiliate the national Anthem, National Song or Bharat Mata ki Jai is seditious and there is sufficient ground to send Asaduddin Owaisi in jail for defaming ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.

The hostility of Asaduddin Owaisi against Bharat Mata ki Jai is also a type of psychological war waged against India within an ambit of Islamic fundamentalism. It encourages the Jihad process in India for a rapid radicalization of the Muslim mass.

In this context, stringent legal action must be taken against Asaduddin Owaisi framing serious charges under section IPC 124A (sedition) and even applying the provisions under National Security Act.

Still, there is no provision for beheading in Indian constitution. So, head of Asaduddin Owaisi is well protected here! 

But, if any aggrieved person hurt by ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ humiliation row engineered by Asaduddin Owaisi suddenly hurls a sharpened sword towards Asaduddin’s head, that can cut off the object. Then it will be a simple case under section IPC 307 (attempt to murder).

Indian revolutionaries have their legacy to uphold the prestige of Bharat Mata (Mother India) even by killing the enemies of the Nation esteemed by one billion Indian people now.


One comment on “As behading of Asaduddin Owaisi is impossible under Indian laws, punish him under strict legal procedures.

  1. reddyrv393
    March 21, 2016

    Let alone beheading Asaduddin Owaisi . it is very shocking tht even the CHARGE SHEET has NOT been filed for the FIR filed against his brother, AKBARUDDIN OWAISI for the hate speech he made 3 years ago—yes 3 years ago —saying that he wiull kill ALL Hindus in 15 mionutes and demonised Hindu Gods / Godesses. If th Charge Sheet is NOT filed NOW, then the hate mongring OWAISI will walk free after obtaining the HONOURABLE DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE FROM THE COURT !!! HOW INCREDIBLE !!! reminders have been sent to the local ( Hyderabad/ Telangana ) BJP’s office but of NO avail so far. Bandaru Dattatreya , the Central Minister and MP from Hydeabad has also been reminded, not once but several times as also other BJP leaders but NO Charge Sheet has been filed so far !!!! HENCE ALL CONCERNED MUST WAKE UP AND ENSURE THAT THE CHARGE SHEET FILED IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE FIR BECOMES TIME BARRED. Kindly visit​ to watch full video. As regards the Senior MIM leader, ASADUDDIN OWAISI is concerned several FIRs must be filed against him, throughout the country for NOT saying BHARAT MAATA KI JAI. Let him run from pillar to post, fighting legal battles in different courts where FIRs are filed. Dr. Narayan Bhide, A.N.Abhyankar, L.Thyagarajan, Ganpat Deshpande,S.F.Seetharaman, V.R.Krishnan, R.Jayant Sen, Ashok Sengupta, M.Ghosh,Shyam Jeswani, G.Swaminathan, K.L.Mirchandani, N.V.Sastry, V.Laxminarayanan, L.N.Subramanian, G.K.Murthy, B.R.Budhiraja, Indru Lalwani, M.L.Malkani, G.Mahapatra, S.K.Raman, G.R.Govindan, V.H.Puranik, Madhukar Joshi, S.R.Rao, G.K.Choudhary, S.K.Krishnamurthy, E.S.D.Raju, S.Narasimhachari, Gopal Pandurangam, J.S.Reddy S.R.Venkatweshwarlu, K.Vijaya Laxmi, Shanti Narayanan, Sumitra Nimbalkar, Sarojini Ranga Rao, Rohini Patangay, Niranjan Rao, S.Sitharamiah, Raghuraman G.V., S,K,Kumar, Sridhar V., S,K.Venkat, Sreehari Rao, K.V.Chaudhary, S.L.Prasad, L.Sarvotham, S.V.Bhide, B.G.Hegde, Ashok Sengupta, S.V.Krishnan, M.L.Mukherjee, Chitranjan Dass, G.K.Chatterjee, M.Mukhupadhyaya, Ganesh Patnaik, S.Sankaran, K.Narayan Rao, Rajesh Reddy, P.Parmeswaran, Narayan Sambrani, G.A.Gokhale, Manohar Thatte, Naresh Advani, Ashok Gangakehdkar, V.R.Vidyalankar, Ganpat Andalkar, Mohan Saxena, S.K.Agarwal, S.D.Godbhole, M.L.Motwani, A.S.Lalwani, Shyam Jeswani, Ranjan Sengupta, S.Budhiraja



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