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“Christians, Hindus, Shia Muslims are under attack every day in Pakistan”: Farahnaz Ispahani.

Purifying the Land of the Pure

Interview of Farahnaz Ispahani on her new book, “Purifying the Land of the Pure: Pakistan’s Religious Minorities.”

2 comments on ““Christians, Hindus, Shia Muslims are under attack every day in Pakistan”: Farahnaz Ispahani.

  1. Trishool
    April 5, 2016

    Pakistan will be ruined by fanatic Muslims, like they have ruined many sovereign nations. Islam and fanatic Muslims areenemies of civilized world, that is the teaching of Islam, and Islamic Sharia. I don’t know why civilized world and India still trusts Pakistan for their phony promises, even after knowing the truth that Pakistan lied to the world, that terrorist Osama was not hiding in Pakistan…!! Yet India, invites Pakistan’s investigating teams for terrorist attacks in India, andkilling our innocent people, in the hope that there will be actions against terrorists, in Pakistan….!!!PAKISTAN IS THE HUB, CRADLE, OF VIOLENCE AND TERRORISTS. CIVILIZED WORLD SHOULD NOT EXPECTPEACEFUL ACTIONS FROM PAKISTAN, TILL PAKISTAN IS ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. !! HAM KO UNN SAY, WAFAA KI HAI UMEEDJO, NAHIN JAAN-TAY, WAFAA KYA HAI  ( Galib )    Bharat Mata ki Jai.  Tr.        


  2. Arindam.
    April 5, 2016

    ‘Pakistan’s purpose was to protect the subcontinent’s largest religious minority. Over time, however, religious and political leaders declared the objective of Pakistan’s creation to be the setting up of an Islamic state.’

    This is incorrect. From the outset, the real reason for forming Pakistan was to create an Islamic state. The ‘protection of the subcontinent’s largest religious minority’ was simply a pretext – that too, a ridiculous pretext given that it was the rest of the population that needed (and still needs) protection from the bloodthirsty Allah-worshippers.

    Anyway, we should exploit Pakistan as a dumping ground for our Sunni Muslims. We kill two birds with one stone: we get rid of a troublesome minority and we help Pakistan complete its degeneration into an all-out Daesh state.


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