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Southern Jihad gripped Tamil Nadu dangerously.


Tamil Nadu in the Grip of Jihad.

Thamizhchelvan | Vijayvaani Bureau | Chennai | Mar 23, 2016::  Hindu
Munnani (Hindu Front), an organization affiliated to the RSS, has documented the violence and terror activities that have occurred since 2006. It has documented around 300 incidents in 21 districts and released a documentary titled “Tamil Nadu in the Grip of Islamic Terrorism” (in 3 DVDs).Aggression linked to Islamic fundamentalism, which started some three decades back in Tamil Nadu, has grown alarmingly over the years. It has so far claimed the lives of 134 Hindus and hundreds of Hindus have also been subjected to severe and serious assaults.

This documentary was released in Chennai on Sunday, 21 February 2016, at a well-attended event, by Mr Ramagopalan, founder president, Hindu Munnani. The first copy was received by senior BJP Leader and former Union Minister Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Mr Sushil Pandit, co-founder of “Roots in Kashmir” attended as a special invitee along with H. Raja, national secretary, BJP.

The documentary is a compilation of jihadi murders and assaults, numerous anti-national, anti-social and anti-Hindu incidents such as destruction of temples, deceiving girls through Love Jihad, crimes against women, destroying the businesses of Hindus, obstructing Hindu festivals and religious processions, cow slaughter, insulting national symbols, indulging in pro-Pakistan campaigns, promoting the agenda of international terrorist organizations, indulging in terror acts, smuggling of weapons, involving in fake currency rackets, helping infiltration of foreign nationals and attacking police stations and police personnel.

At the function, Sushil Pandit spoke about the history of Kashmir, how it came under Afghan subjugation and how Hindus suffered. He detailed the various exoduses of Hindus including the last one in the 1990s. Talking about jihadi incidents across the countries in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc., except Kashmir, he said, “There is no Article 370 of the Constitution in all these places. Therefore you don’t have anything to blame. Hindus are a minority in all these places. So, it is the mindset that is to be blamed. Everything depends on the mindset and not in numbers or Constitution or Articles of Constitution or the laws of the land. It is here in our mindset”.

He concluded saying, “I think this documentary and the documentation done through this are very significant. We have also documented the destruction of our temples, homes and properties. We are very good in documentation. But, we have to go beyond this. These documentaries and the truth told by these documentaries should make us, motivate us, to act.”

Dr Swamy explained how the Muslim League captured the reserved constituencies in the 1946 General Elections in Tamil Nadu, and how it has always been in support of Pakistan. He elaborated how the Dravidian Parties, especially the DMK and the AIADMK, have been helping Islamic fundamentalism to grow in the state through their vote bank politics.

Citing a few clippings from the documentary, Dr Swamy said that the present AIADMK government is totally incompetent to check Islamic aggression and protect the state from jihad. He demanded that the Chief Minister ensure law and order and request the Center’s help if needed. Overall, he said, the Indian Constitution is very strong. He gave a clarion call for unity among Hindus and averred that the community could face and neutralise the challenge of terrorism if united.

At this juncture, a look back to the beginning of Islamic aggression in Tamil Nadu will be in order. When the Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was very active under different names in different states across the country, the ‘Jihad Committee’ founded by Palani Baba and ‘Al Umma’ founded by SA Basha were created in Tamil Nadu; they started inciting communal riots on a small scale through attacks and killings. The attacks on former BJP president late Jana Krishnamurthy and Ramagopalan, founder, Hindu Munnani, in the 1980s were among such brutal attacks, as was the murder of Hindu Munnani leader Rajagopal in October 1994.

As successive Dravidian governments failed to arrest their growth, they indulged in ‘jihad’ clandestinely. Emboldened by the ineptitude of both DMK and AIADMK governments over the years, they increased their footprint. In November 1993, when Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK was in power, there was a major strike at the RSS headquarters in Chennai in which 11 swayamsevaks died. Until then, the AIADMK government had not realized the huge security threat posed by Islamic terrorism in the state. The state government swung into action immediately and the police arrested Al Umma chief SA Basha and 15 others hailing from the Kottamedu area of Coimbatore. Kottamedu and nearby Ukkadam have been rearing grounds for Islamic terrorism.

Meanwhile, after the murder of Palani Baba, the Jihad Committee disintegrated and the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK) was founded in 1995. The TMMK gave a political colour to Islamic fundamentalism and was a brainchild of Hyder Ali, who came out of Al Umma after a tiff with Basha. Hyder Ali was alleged to be a former associate of Palani Baba in the Jihad Committee and now acts as general secretary of TMMK.  Jawahirullah, president of TMMK, is also a product of SIMI.

As Al Umma was banned after the Coimbatore Blast, it assumed a new avatar as Manitha Neethi Pasarai (MNP). As it was operating from districts like Coimbatore and Theni, which share borders with Kerala, it had regular liaison with the Kerala based extremist outfit National Development Front (NDF) for plotting terror activities.

On 22 November 2006, the leaders of Karnataka for Dignity (KFD), MNP and NDF gathered at a conference in Calicut and decided to form a new outfit – Popular Front of India (PFI) – to coordinate their activities. The leaders of PFI include KM Shareef, president of KFD, Gulam Muhammed of MNP and Abdur Rahman Baqari of NDF (all erstwhile SIMI activists); they decided to confine their activities to South India.

Earlier, The Indian Express carried an analytical report by Jaya Menon on the activities of MNP indulging in ‘conversion’ and conducting classes in the name of ‘Arivagam’ to brainwash new converts, especially Scheduled Castes, to train and recruit them in jihadi squads (26 July 2006).

On 22 July 2006, five Manitha Neethi Pasarai cadres were arrested in Coimbatore on charges of plotting serial bomb blasts similar to the 1998 blasts. All five were acquitted on 9 February 2008 on grounds of being arrested on false charges. After this, there was no noise about MNP in media circles, though their activities were allegedly going on clandestinely.

On 17 February 2007, The New Indian Express, Chennai, reported the formation of the Popular Front of India (PFI) on 16 February 2007, as a coordinated effort between the Karnataka For Dignity (KFD), Karnataka; Manitha Neethi Pasarai (MNP), Tamil Nadu; and National Development Front (NDF), Kerala.

The supposed objective of the PFI, launched in Bangalore, was, ‘to coordinate & strengthen grassroot level developmental activities throughout the country,’ followed by an ‘Empower India’ conference in the garden city. The paper further reported, “Though the organisation’s agenda has been well spelt out – democracy & social justice, the state police fear that the organisation had been set up to propagate hardliner ideology”.

Islamic terrorism thus started in Tamil Nadu, grew alarmingly over the years, well supported by Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia. At present, there are more than twenty fundamentalist organizations indulging in jihadi activities in the state. Although the state has not witnessed major bomb blasts after the Coimbatore Blasts in 1998, jihad has taken root and grown to menacing proportions, as evidenced by the recent murders of Hindu activists, grievous assaults on them and incidents like the Ambur riots and riots over the movies Viswaroopam and Innocence of Muslims and like issues. All these activities have been meticulously documented by Hindu Munnani.

This well made documentary is the first of its kind and is indeed a path breaking effort of documentation of the history of Islamic fundamentalism in Tamil Nadu. We will see in detail, what the documentary says, in the coming days.


Tamil Nadu in the Grip of Jihad (Part -II)

Published in Vijayvaani dt. 29 March 2016.

Policemen’s heads were broken; women police were molested; in fact the police force was running for life! All this happened when organized violence was unleashed on the night of Saturday, 27 June 2015 on the Chennai-Bengaluru Highway and connected roads by a mob from Ambur, a town in Vellore district. Over 50 police personnel were seriously injured as also an equal number of members of the general public, including bus passengers. Rs.10 crore worth of public property was destroyed.

The violence was planned as a response to the death of one Shameel Ahmed in police custody. Shameel Ahmed was arrested on charges of allegedly cheating on a 23-year old Scheduled Caste girl, Pavithra, wife of one Palani, in the name of love.

Jihad comes of age in Tamil Nadu

The violence was extremely gory due to stone pelting, assault, arson and destruction. Although the state had witnessed jihadi mobs in action a few times earlier, the magnitude of this ‘Mob-Jihad’ was the first of its kind. It evoked comparisons with Kashmir and Palestine. Juvenile boys were seen pelting stones on police force, police vehicles and public transports. We could see youth indulging in arson and violence.

Shameel Ahmed died on 26 June 2015, in Chennai; on the evening of 27 June by 7 pm, his community in Ambur downed their shutters and started assembled on the highway and connecting roads. Houses and shops of innocent Hindus were attacked and ransacked. While indulging in the attacks, the mob reportedly said, “What job do the police have in our area?”  As the attack on the police force escalated, the men in khaki removed their uniforms and escaped. Cops who were caught by the mob suffered severe injuries and women cops were also hurt and some were molested. Many were admitted to government hospitals in Vellore and Ambur.

The President of Manithaneya Makkal Katchi (MMK), Jawahirullah, formerly of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), had the gumption to visit the police officers in hospital. Ironically, those hapless and innocent women police complained to him without knowing that his organization was allegedly involved in the behind the violence. The documentary shows the women police constables telling him, “Extremists attacked us without even considering that we are women”.

The state has become so unsafe for women that the women constables have sent a memorandum to the Chief Minister and the Director General of Police saying, “Do not send us on duty to places of riots and violence. We will be attacked and molested. Higher officials would safeguard only themselves”.

The documentary asks some pertinent questions – “Why didn’t the politicians and human rights activists condemn this act of terror? What is the answer to the sufferings of innocent Hindus who were in no way connected with the issue and lost properties worth ten crore rupees?”

On mob demand, seven policemen were suspended for the death of Shameel Ahmed, but no punishment was meted out to those who attacked and assaulted the policemen and women. Even those arrested in the aftermath of the violence were released days later.

This kind of ‘mob-jihad’ has become the order of the day in the state. With Ambur as the backdrop, the documentary takes us to Ramanathapuram, Thanjavur and Chennai, where jihadis struck at will indulging in Mob-Jihad with ease.


On 14 October 2014, at S.P. Pattinam in Ramanathapuram district, local sub-inspector Kalidas was attacked with a knife by an extremist, Saiyed. He fired in self-defense, resulting in Saiyed’s death. A huge mob gathered on the road and started attacking public transports. The documentary shows victims saying that buses were stormed and Hindu passengers selectively attacked. It asks, “What is the answer for the Hindus who were attacked by fundamentalists in the guise of protesting against the police?”

But buckling under pressure from Islamic organisations, the AIADMK government slapped a murder case on sub-inspector Kalidas and sanctioned a solatium of Rs 5 lakh to the extremist’s family.


During the parliamentary elections, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Muruganandam was attacked by a mob on 14 April 2014, while trying to enter a Muslim-dominated area in Mallipattinam to canvas for votes; some fundamentalists objected and refused entry. When he stated that it was his democratic right to seek votes from citizens, he was manhandled and a group started attacking him and his supporters. Thereafter, the police refused Muruganandam permission to enter the area and advised him to depart from that area and seek votes from Hindus on the other side.

The documentary clearly shows the violence and the helplessness of police. Muruganandam speaks about the ordeal he had undergone at the time.


Between September 14-18, 2012, Muslim outfits mobilized thousands, including women and children, and hit the arterial roads (Mount Road and Cathedral Road) close to the American Consulate to protest against the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’. They demanded that You Tube remove the trailer of this movie, which was uploaded from America.

The crowd indulged in violence and American Consulate was attacked; vehicles were stoned and police were not spared. The entire stretch of Mount Road was used for namaaz and the violent protests continued for four days, throwing traffic out of gear for several hours a day. On these days too, Hindus were also attacked.

The documentary shows Jainulabdheen, President of Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath, openly threatening that his organization would take law into its hands if You Tube did not remove the trailer of the movie. He threatens, “If the clipping is not removed from ‘You Tube’ and as long as it remains there, this nation and the world will burn every day. Wherever the producers of this movie and their supporters are seen, a kind of situation will arise wherein our people will become emotional and take law into their own hands”.

For the first time in this country, the American Consulate remained closed for four days. The AIADMK government did not take any action against the marauders, but made a scapegoat in the Chennai Commissioner of Police and transferred him out. Nothing was done for the Hindus affected by this riot, nor was there any compensation for the loss of public properties.

In January 2013, Vishwaroopam, a Tamil movie produced by actor Kamal Hassan, faced the ire of Islamists. Though the movie talked only about Taliban terror, 24 Islamic outfits hit the streets and protested against the release of the film. In an act of appeasement, the government imposed a temporary ban. The Chief Minister conceded through a special press meet that she couldn’t provide security to all 524 cinema theatres and that the government would facilitate negotiations between Kamal Hassan and the Islamic outfits.

Yet, when a few social welfare organisations warned of closing the government-owned TASMAC liquor retail outlets, the AIADMK government had provided police security to almost all the 6000-odd outlets across the state. Citing this, the documentary questions the Chief Minister about why her government could not provide security to 524 theatres when it has the capacity to provide security to thousands of liquor outlets.

In course of her 30-minute press meet on the issue, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa made a special mention about “Tamil Nadu Towheed Jamath”, saying that with 7.5 lakh members it is a pan-Indian organisation. Islamists welcomed her statement by pelting stones and throwing petrol bombs at some theatres in the state. Posters and graffiti were destroyed. Fundamentalists threatened that they would not allow movie businesses to function. However, no arrests were made, possibly under government orders.


One of the highlights of the documentary was the confession of Jainulabdheen, president of Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath, who explains how his organisation attacked film director Mani Rathnam’s house by throwing bombs in the aftermath of the release of his movies Roja and Bombay, and how he threatened Kamal Hassan by citing Mani Rathnam’s case.

Jainulabdheen explains how they dealt with Kamal Hassan and his team: “Should have seen them during our negotiations; they were shaking and quivering; they were not courageous but fear struck. Our people were talking to Kamal Hassan referring to what happened to Mani Rathnam. When they told him that Mani Rathnam was fortunate as the bombs thrown at his residence didn’t explode, and that he would have the same fate if he releases the movie, the man was shaken and he simply sat down. They would not release even if they had finished production”.

Describing this ‘threat’ as a ‘medicine’, Jainulabdheen says, “All those in the film industry are trembling fear struck. This medicine will work for another 15 to 20 years”.

What is the government waiting for ?

It is more than a month since the documentary is released and it shows the perpetrator of a heinous crime owning up to it. But, neither the police seem to take any action nor does the state government order them to do so. And the Jihadis continue with their activities!

Such is the sad state of affairs in Tamil Nadu.

Political Jihad in TN

Tamil Nadu in the Grip of Jihad (Part -III)

Published in Vijayvaani dt. 06 April 2016.

The vote bank politics and appeasement policies followed by the government emboldened the jihadis to spread their extremism faster and further as evidenced by the issues related to the films Innocence of Muslims and Vishwaroopam and the Ambur and Ramanathapuram riots in the aftermath of the deaths of accused fundamentalists.

Authorities following footsteps of government

While on the one hand, the jihadis spread their acts of terror capitalizing on the ineptitude of the government, on the other hand, the authorities of various government departments followed in the footsteps of their masters in government in order to earn a good name. The documentary (Tamil Nadu in the Grip of Islamic Terrorism) released by Hindu Munnani shows, as a classic example, such an act committed by the Collector of Ramanathapuram district with clear evidences.

Hindus follow the tradition of wearing sacred threads around their wrists, arms, neck, etc. Pendants (called ‘dollars’ locally) having the images of gods and goddesses are normally fitted with the threads and worn around the neck. Hindu parents have the habit of tying such threads around the necks of their wards in the belief that they would be protected from evil forces.

A Physical Training (PT) teacher of a school in Sitharkottai, Ramanathapuram district, cut these ‘protection threads’ of around 50 students without giving any reason. The Collector of Ramanathapuram district, instead of ensuring dignity for children in schools, enforced a ban on the wearing of such threads by Hindu students. He had the audacity to cite as reason that allowing Hindu children to wear protection threads and pendants would lead to communal riots.

The documentary plays the voice of the headmistress of a local school testifying that the Collector had indeed given such an order. She says, “Collector had convened a meeting for school headmasters of Paramakkudi and Ramanathapuram, in connection with the announcements of results of Higher Secondary exams. He had asked us to tell the students not to wear protection threads, neck dollars and other religious symbols. He had also asked us to tell the students to remove such symbols. We were informed that police in civil clothes have been watching the schools. They have warned the headmasters and the school students”.

The very same Collector, who antagonized the Hindus, unhesitatingly took part in events such as iftar parties organized by fundamentalist outfits. This style of functioning is not exclusive to the Collector, but is shared by authorities of other government bodies. In fact, the government hospital in Keezhakarai has become a regular venue for iftar parties.

The authorities have failed to take action on the Jamaaths which have denied entry to “outsiders” (read Hindus) in many places dominated by their community. Notice boards refusing entry to “outsiders” (read Hindus) and warning them not to enter, have appeared in settlements at Pamban, Azhagankulam, Panaikulam, Puduvalasai, Athiyuthu, Sitharkottai, Pettakavayal, etc. Only after a comprehensive report appeared in Delhi-based national daily ‘The Pioneer’ (16 December 2013) did the district authorities swing into action and direct the police to remove all such boards.

The holiday which has been declared since British period, for the Arudra Festival of the famous Utharakosa Mangai Temple, was cancelled in the current year. The reason given was that Muslims have grown in numbers in Ramanathapuram. Such acts by government authorities are not prevalent in Ramanathapuram alone, but are prevalent across the state and the same is shown by the documentary through many incidents.

Attacks against Hindu Temples, Religion and Culture

Mushrooming of mosques disproportionate to the population of Muslims seems to be another issue gaining momentum in the state. Mosques are constructed on main thoroughfares and temple processions, marriage processions and funeral processions with music and drum beats are not allowed to pass through such thoroughfares. Authorities go to the extent of either stopping the processions or changing the traditional routes of such processions, to appease the fundamentalists. Sometimes, the processions are attacked by the members of fundamentalist organisations who indulge in riots with an intention to create trouble and block the procession.

Desecration of Hindu temples seems to be a regular phenomenon in areas and towns dominated by fundamentalists.

–        Adi Jagannaatha Perumal Temple in Thirupullani is an important pilgrim center for Hindus en route Rameswaram Sethu Yatra.  The name board of this temple was broken by fundamentalists on February 20, 2013.

–        Karuppatti Muneeswarar Temple at Kezhakarai was demolished on December 21, 2012.

–        Kannan Temple in Ramanathapuram was desecrated on October 31, 2012.

–        The same day, Agni Veerabadra Swami Temple was also attacked.

–        On September 21, 2013, petrol bombs were thrown at Om Sakthi Vinayakar Temple in Ramanathapuram.

–        The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the government of Tamil Nadu had leased 15 shops along the hill route leading to the famous Murugan Temple in Pazhani. Some shops were taken on lease by Muslims and a few more have been handed over by Hindu lessees to Muslims for management. Fundamentalists have been utilizing these premises for consuming liquor and eating non-vegetarian food. The documentary shows a member of an organization called Pazhani Hill Temple Protection Committee testifying that the shops have been misused by fundamentalists.

–        In Nagapattinam district, pamphlets were distributed denigrating Swami Aiyappan during the Sabarimala pilgrimage season.

Besides temples, the fundamentalists have also attacked the samadhis and memorials of Hindu Saints.

–        In Kruthalapuram village of Thiruvallur district, fundamentalists have usurped a Hindu sant’s samadhi (Sarveshwara Baba) and converted it into a dargah called Shahinsha dargah. The temple manager Murthi, who protested against this atrocity, was brutally murdered by jihadis . The documentary gives a detailed picture about this murder.

–        A memorial pillar was raised in Ramanathapuram town in commemoration of Swami Vivekananda’s return from Chicago after his historical visit to USA to attend the Parliament of World Religions. The fundamentalists, who visit a nearby mosque for prayers, indulge in repeatedly damaging this pillar.

–        In a place called Vannangundu, the inaugural procession of Swami Vivekananda Rath in commemoration of his 150th anniversary was stopped by fundamentalists and the persons participating in the procession were also attacked. As a consequence, police themselves stopped a similar procession in another place Keezhkarai citing law and order problems.

–        In Triplicane area of Chennai city, Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath distributed pamphlets demeaning Sant Vadalur Ramalinga Vallalar, who taught and preached only pure love and ahimsa. But the city police, in an act of appeasement, arrested the Hindus who complained against it.

Hindu symbols and worshipping patterns have also been attacked and demeaned.

–        The fundamentalists put up banners demeaning jyothish shastra and the worshipping patterns of Hindus in the name of abolition of “shirk”. When complaints were made the police refuse to act, saying, “They put up banners only in their places; why are you bothered about it?” In reality, banners have been put up in public places close to Hindu temples also. The Tamil Nadu government even allowed a huge “Shirk Abolition Conference” in Trichy.

–        The fundamentalists indulge in cow slaughter regularly across the state, especially during their festivals like Bakr Id, Ramzan. In remote places where they dominant, slaughter of cows happens even on normal days. On one such occasion, two fundamentalists slaughtered a cow near a Hindu temple in Azhagankulam area of Ramanathapuram district. When the local Hindus condemned the act and held a protest demonstration, the police arrested them.

–        Often, banners are put up saying “Cows for Qurbani”, to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. Thousands of cows are slaughtered during festivals and announcements about it vide banners, thus hurting Hindu religious sentiments. Showing this with evidences in their documentary, Hindu Munnani rightly asks, “Why this barbaric act of fundamentalists hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus not condemned by the government and political parties?”

–        Although the fundamentalists ally with Dravidian parties which claim to be torch bearers of Tamil culture, they do not bother to even fold their hands (Namaste) while greeting others. They claim that ‘greeting with folded hands’ is anti-Islam. During electioneering, Muslim candidates do not greet the voters by folding their hands. The documentary cites as evidence former Congress Member of Legislative Assembly, Hassan Ali, who refused to garland the portrait of Congress stalwart, late Kamaraj.

The fundamentalists, who desecrate Hindu symbols and worshipping patterns, also indulge in destroying Hindu families.

–        On February 23, 2014, a youth molested a girl named Shobana in Muthialpet area of Chennai. When her brother tried to save her, a group of fundamentalists attacked him. When he went to the police station to lodge a complaint, a group of fundamentalists attacked him in front of the policemen.

–        In a similar kind of incident, on November 23, 2014, a youth molested a 40 year old woman in Chennai’s Triplicane area. When her son questioned them, he was brutally attacked.

Showing these examples, the documentary says that such incidents happen sporadically across the State and that the Hindu women are being driven to a state of insecurity. The documentary also deals with ‘love jihad’, which has assumed the dimensions of a national problem. Some indulge in planned love affairs with Hindu girls with a motive of converting them later.

These ‘love traps’ are laid in schools, colleges and work places. Once won over, the fundamentalists convert them and marry them. One of the highlights of the documentary is that it establishes, with proper evidences, the fraudulent conduct of such marriages. Shockingly, members of the community themselves act as ‘guardians’ for the enticed Hindu girls to conduct these marriages. The Tamil Nadu government’s Department of Registration recognizes these duplicitous affidavits thereby encouraging such conversions. More shockingly, such converted women are sometimes involved in illegal activities by the fundamentalist groups. Many families of the victims of ‘love jihad’ remain in the dark, swallowing the shame and insults heaped on them because of their misled daughters.

The fundamentalists propagate that there is nothing like ‘love jihad’ and that people who talk about it are adversaries of genuine love marriages. They also indulge in murderous attacks on Muslims who convert to Hinduism after love marriages.

(To be continued…)

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The visual documentation of all the above happenings can be seen and downloaded from the website link  –

The documentary in Tamil can be seen at

Source : Part 1 – Vijayvaani

Part 2 – Vijayvaani

Part 3 – Vijayvaani

Coming Part IV.

Courtesy: Vijayvaani.Com

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