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BJP is playing Hindutva card in WB, says Mamata Banerjee. But, what she is playing under Hijab?

 Mamata Communalism

Now a profound Islamist Mamata Banerjee says, We won’t let BJP play Hindutva card in WB Assembly Election.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Kolkata | April 14, 2016:: Now, the pot calls the kettle black. No way left for the Bengal CM but to attack BJP in the fray in WB Legislative Election Campaign 2016 in a very communal way. Keeping her minority appeasement record high, Smt. Mamamta Banerjee has again tried to make a trump by showing the card of Muslim Vote Bank Politics.

Accusing the BJP of vitiating the peaceful environment in West Bengal by playing the Hindutva card, the WB Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday cautioned the saffron party against communal politics and said it will not pay them any dividend in her state.

“BJP is bringing here ‘ultra-Hindutvad’ from outside to create communal tension and riots as part of its communal politics. We don’t want communal tension or riots. We want to stay together in a peaceful environment,” Banerjee said at an election rally near Purbasthali in Burdwan district.

“People will give a fitting reply to those who are trying to divide Bengal on communal lines by playing the Hindutva card. BJP won’t get any chance to create communal tension or riots here,” Banerjee said.

Actually, within the situational grip of high corruption ranging from Saradha to Narada by her MPs, MLAs, Corporation Mayor and other party colleagues, the tormented Bengal CM is now trying to divert the people’s resentment to TMC (All India Trinamool Congress) in a very shrewd way and particularly she is toiling a lot to regenerate the substantial Muslim vote bank against the strong alliance of Congress and Communists against the ruling govt in WB this time. Blaming BJP in any way is nothing but a weapon to win over this war of existence of Mamata Banerjee as the CM of WB for the second time by a culpable tactics of communal politics.

The communal situation in Bengal has been worsening day by day in these years under TMC influence or ruling headed by a Hijab clad and pro Islamist Mamata Banerjee. Bengal has seen the major communal riots and violence in Deganga (Sept 2010, instigated by the TMC LS MP Haji Nurul Islam), Canning ( Feb 2013, instigated by the TMC RS MP Ahamed Hasan Imran ), Usthi (January 2015, instigated by the TMC MLA and State Minority Minister Giyasuddin Molla), Kaliganj (May 2015), Kaliachak (Jan, 2016) and so on. Records prove that the hands of TMC leaders or otherwise a police and administrative inaction perpetuated the sporadic proliferation of Jihad in the soil of West Bengal time and again. Moreover Khagragarh blast in Burdwan (Oct, 2014) unveiled a Mamata Banerjee as a patron of Islamist outfit JMB in WB. One of her RS MPs has been named several times in case of Sharada money laundering to a BD terror group and as a propagator of Jihad in Bengal. Still, Mamata claims herself as a symbol of peace and communal harmony in Bengal.

Communal Mamata Banerjee

What Mamata is playing under Hijab?

In this time of WBLA Election 2016, Mamata Banerjee and her TMC openly made alliance with a communal forces like Siddikullah Chowdhury of Jamiat uleamai Hind in West Bengal. This Siddikullah Chowdhury has been working to materialize a political Jihad in West Bengal with the help of AIUDF and Maulana Badruddin Ajmal of Assam. Chowdhury pledged his unconditional support for the Khagragarh blast accused as if they were made the victim of the situation and not the actual perpetrators. Not only that Mamata Banerjee always keeps close connection with another communal leader Pirjada Taha Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif and virulent Jihadi Nurar Rehman Barkati of Tipu sultan Mosque of Kolkata for maintaining her communal politics all around. Some experts in Kolkata says that Mamata is now under complete grip of Nurar Rehman Barkati and other Islamic pressure groups and she  can’t free herself if she does want it even seriously.

As a matter of fact, Mamata wanted to grab the power of WB by riding on a monster of Muslim politics. Riding off it immediately is more dangerous as posed to Bengal CM right now and for ever. Capturing Governance by help of Bengal Islamist was a blander to Mamata and it could not do any better for free and fair Bengal except moving one step forward to a Muslim Bengal shaping it as a part of greater Bangladesh.

Under her Hijab (veiled) protection, many Mosques and Madrasas in WB have been used as the epicenter of Jihad in Eastern and NE India. Not only that some local Muslim TMC trade union leaders and TMC student union leaders were also found involed in subversive activities and arrested for their alleged links with ISI and spying for them. The STF arrested 3 such TMC affiliated Muslim activists over ‘ISI links’ in November 2015.

Now a screaming about BJP’s ‘Hindutva Card’ by Mamata Banerjee will help the Bengal Islamists more active against the unorganized and disunited Hindus in Bengal. Jihadis in Bengal have stretched their Jihadi accessibility in Bengal soil deeper to produce more and more shocks to the liberal civil society here. Mamata Banerjee is grossly responsible for that.

There were 45 Muslim MLAs in 2006-11 in WB Legislative Assembly. There are 59 Muslim MLAs in this 2011-2016 present WBLA. And there will be more than 70 Muslim MLAs in coming Assembly floor in West Bengal. This gradual growth of Muslim representation in Assembly is an important indicator of enhanced Islamization of West Bengal towards a Pakistan in Paschimbanga (West Bengal).

If this estimation is not badly wrong, West Bengal will get two Deputy Chief Ministers viz. Siddiqullah Chowdhury of Jamiat and Hazi Razzak Molla (the veteran CPM leader changed his reddish skin with a green TMC reptile). And from that vulnerable point, Mamata Banerjee will have to face the series of ugly situations before her ultimate disappearance from the Bengal politics totally captured by the Bengal Islamists.

 In this crucial juncture of Bengal politics, the electorates of WB must cast their votes in such a way so that Bengal Assembly would not be turned as a Jihadi castle to make this state as a new Talibani segment.

Bengal electorates must remind that legacy of Dr Shyama Prasad Mookerjee and his relentless fight to induct West Bengal as a part of Indian Union after separating it from the East Pakistan. It is the call of time to save West Bengal as a free and liberal society from the threat and onslaught of Jihadi elements so far.

The liberal and civil society here must reject the WB Govt’s Muslim appeasement policy and must try to keep on the spirit of Dr Mookerjee to nullify any effort of spreading the fundamental proximity in the name of popular politics.

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One comment on “BJP is playing Hindutva card in WB, says Mamata Banerjee. But, what she is playing under Hijab?

  1. A Das
    April 17, 2016

    Total handover of state to TMC is final nail in the coffin for Waste Bengal.Is it because of our aloofness, laziness or simply tolerance till the funeral pyre.Time to come out openly and stop this non sense politics of leeches.


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