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ISIS threatens attack on India; vows to wipe out Hindus & Buddhists; will establish Shariah.

India under ISIS threats

ISIS targets to wipe out Hindus and Buddhists from India with the help of Pakistan and Bangladesh Jihadis, plans deadly guerrilla warfare against India.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | April 14, 2016:: The Islamic State (ISIS) has made new threat to send its fighters from Pakistan and Bangladesh to carry out ‘guerrilla attacks’ for fulfilling deadly Jihad in India.

In a recent interview carried by Dabiq magazine, the ‘amir’ of ISIS fighters in Bangladesh and Indian subcontinent, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif has vowed to wipe out Hindus and implement ‘sharia’ law in India and Bangladesh. al-Hanif also revealed the terror group is currently training fighters in Bangladesh and Pakistan to launch attacks on India and is seeking the help of the local mujahideen in the country.  This news has now hit all the leading Indian and International dailies and websites.

After targeting European countries with deadly bombings, the Islamic State group has now concentrated on Indian warfare on priority basis.

In a recent interview carried out by ISIS mouthpiece Dabiq Magazine, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif, the head of Islamic State in Bangladesh said that the group plans to use its fighters in the neighbouring countries to carry out guerilla attacks in India.

The terror group said that it aims to implement Sharia law in the country. They also plan to create a rift between believers and dis-believers, thus making it easy for their fighters to take over the country.

In order to spread their terror in India, ISIS may use their fighters in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, which is often referred to as Bengal by ISIS, is used by the terror group as their caliphate to carry out attacks in neighbouring countries. They plan to send their fighters from Pakistan and Bangladesh to India.

Al-Hanif said that Bangladesh is a good place for the terror group’s caliphate due to its geographical location.

ISIS aims to create Tawahhush (fear and chaos) in India with the help of local mujahidin, said al-Hanif.

Al-Hanif also claimed that ‘there is an ongoing war against Muslims and specially Islam in India and Bangladesh’. For taking a revenge Islamic State is planing to carry out these targeted attacks in India through mujahideens in ‘Bengal’, calling it as ‘Wilayat Khurasan’.

In the interview Al-Hanif branded the Bangladesh’s minority Hindu people as the ‘agents of RAW’. Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) is a prime intelligence agency of India. In this way the IS influenced fanatic groups in BD want to uproot Hindu minorities in there.

IS also vowed to kill all Buddhists in India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar as a retaliation of Buddhist persecution on Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State of Myanmar.

In the 13th issue of its propaganda magazine, Dabiq, Islamic State has claimed that it won’t be long before Kashmir is run over by the organisation.

The goal of ISIS to capture India is also flashed in its 14th issue of Dabiq more elaborately. ‘Hindus need to be targeted in mass numbers in India, ’ says militant in Islamic State magazine.

Dabiq 13 n 14

The claims were made by the ‘emir of Khorasan’, Hafiz Saeed Khan in an interview to the magazine.

When asked if IS was capable fighting ‘cow-worshiping Hindus’ and apostate factions such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, Khan said that “there are specific arrangements in those regions and Muslims will soon hear pleasant news about the caliphate’s expansion to those lands.”

While the biggest threat India faces is the attacks that may be carried out by radicalised ISIS fighters, a major concern also remains that ISIS sympathisers have multiplied over months within the country, and the figure is only swelling.

Last month, Barack Obama vowed to wipe out Islamic State and put an end to the war situation in Iraq and parts of the Middle East.

But, US political experts opine that it’s nothing but an Obama gimmick to show down the Donald Trump’s strong propagation against radical Islam in the ongoing campaigns in US for the Presidential election row.

Moreover, US missiles are well designed to target always the next Mujaheddin sitting left or right of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Chief of IS, not to hit Baghdadi directly anyway!

Earlier, in their explosive e-book ISIS hinted expansion of Jihad in India. Then PM Modi and Hindus were mentioned as prime targets. The jihdi outfits also published then their bomb making procedures and HJihadi training manual in the internet for the first time. HENB covered that news on Dec 3, 2015 in details.

Read this news in Hindi: भारत पर PAK और बांग्लादेश सीमा से दोतरफा हमले की साजिश रच रहा है ISIS, मैगजीन ने किया खुलासा

Read in Bengali: ভারতকে হিন্দুমুক্ত করার ছক আইএস জঙ্গিদে

__Agencies. Courtesy: The links and pics used above.

5 comments on “ISIS threatens attack on India; vows to wipe out Hindus & Buddhists; will establish Shariah.

  1. Trishool
    April 15, 2016

    This is nothing new. Day dreamer, selfish Hindu politicians of India, like Laloo, Nitish, Maya, Mamta, still support Muslims, for their vote banks. They do not realize that they are nurturing poisonous snakes like Owaisis, Bukhari, etc., on the blessed soil of Bharat, which will hurt,  harm them, and future generations of Hindus.!!…….and we ignorant Hindus, vote for such vulture,Hindu leaders. BHARAT MATA KI JAITr.       


  2. Krishan
    April 15, 2016

    How will you treat many of your friends in hindu skin.


  3. suchindranathaiyer
    April 15, 2016

    This is hardly news. India has been in Islam’s cross hairs for almost a thousand years. And has been ruled (“tolerantly”?)for the benefit of Islam for the last 67.

    “Wahabism”, “Salafism” “Radicalism” or “Extremism” as it is now used, is a euphemism for Sunni Islam. Isis (Daesh) is merely one more regiment of Islamic students (Taliban) who study the Quran and the Hadiths and then set out to implement their “religion”.Islam is a barbaric, extremist, fascist, racist, male supremacist, lebensraum ideology masquerading as a “religion”. Any Moslem who refuses to convert to a decent, real spiritually uplifting religion should be eradicated.

    The word “Jihad” is mentioned 164 times in Quran and 199 times in Hadith. The word “Jihad” has two meanings, namely “struggle within mind” and“warfare with sword” (jihad bil saif). Both are valid as per the context in Quran/Hadith. However the former refers to Mahomet’s introspection at Medina, while the latter refers to Mahomet’s subsequent practice of genocide, massacres, mass rapes and sexual slavery at Mecca. The Caliphs and the Hadiths are quite clear that what happened later (Mecca) has greater force and supercedes Medina, and so it is that Moslems have practiced Jeehad bil Saif ever since. But, as commanded by Mahomet in the Quran, they practice deception (Taqiya, Muruna, Kitman etc) and fool the willing that Jeehad is only that of Medina. Mahomet commanded that every true Mahamutton must perform Jihad. The purest Islam is to follow in the footsteps of Mahomet. Mahomet sanctioned mass rapes, genocides, vandalism and free for all slavery and sexual slavery when he performed Jeehad on Mecca.

    The very first Muslim attack on India had taken place nearly 500 years earlier in Sindh in the year 715 C.E. These Muslim invaders were Arabs led by Mohammad Bin Qasim. They had displaced Raja Dabir who ruled Sindh from his capital Deval (near modern Karachi). The actual reason for this invasion was that Raja Dabir was aiding the Iranian (Zoroastrian) princes in trying to overthrow the Arab Rule in Persia. The Hindu Struggle for Independence against Muslim Tyranny
    the struggle of the Hindus to resist the Muslim aggression into India was spread over a period of 600 years from 715 C.E. up to 1328 C.E. This contrasts with the the swift Muslim victories in Persia (Iran) over the Zoroastrian Sassanians and in Mesopotemia, Egypt and North Africa over the Romans (Byzantines). The Muslims could not subjgate India with ease. And even after subjugating different parts of the country, they were never able to rule it enitrely. The next 400 years from 1328 up to 1720 was marked by a valiant and ceaseless struggle for independence by Hindus to deliver India from Muslim tyranny.

    This struggle was first led in North India by the Rajputs and then by the Jats, Marathas and Sikhs. In the South this struggle was embodied in the Vijayanagar Empire. This struggle for independence culminated when the Marathas began to bring an end to the Muslim domination of India. The Mughuls aimed to totally destroy the Superstructure associated with the Hindu period. The term Superstructure** which the Muslims aimed at destroying included a wide spectrum of aspects of social life including Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism), language (Sanskrit and its various vernaculars), universities (like Nalanda), traditions of learning (ashramas, gurukulas), architectural symbols (temples, Chaityas, Viharas, Stupas), etc. The policy during the 700 years of Muslim occupation of India was to totally replace the superstructure of the Hindu period with a typical Muslim one.

    Towards this end the Muslim invaders undertook the desecration of places of worship, destruction of universities like Nalanda, the wholesale slaughter of the monks and priests to wipe out the intellectual bedrock of the people they overran. Such tyrannical polices which the Muslim rulers folllowed since their rule was established in 1194 C.E. they left a trail of bitterness in the regions which passed under their domination. Hindu tradition survived only in remote corners of the country like in Orissa, Assam and parts of South India until eradicated by the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other(Alien)Religion-Communist (PANGOLIN) Consensus that formed and rules the Indian Constitution and Republic

    After the Aryas (People of Dharma who adhered to Brahmin Law) of South Asia and the Slavs, the Poles and the Iberians of Europe had fought Islam to a stand still at great cost in blood, treasure and territory, Pax Britannica put Islam in its place undoing the Mehdi, dismantling the Ottomans and pacifying the Middle East, South and South East Asia and much of the World disregarding the strident protests of Khilafat Gandhi. Poliically, it was Gandhi who really enabled and fostered the notion of India as an Islamic Nation in line with the agenda of Mahomet, which led to partition.. However, Pax Americana has revived the Jeehad bil Saif of Islam with White Hice and NATO decision and opinion makers since Richard Nixon on Petro Dollar pay rolls, what with Clinton bombing Belgrade for 84 days to hand over Bosnia and Kosovo to the Caliphate and with Bush and Blair deflecting anger over 9/11 from the perpetrators, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, to what was a secular and modern Iraq. Obama has thrown Syria, Libya and Europe to the Wolves.


    • Arindam.
      April 15, 2016

      Excellent post. If only we could get our pseudo-secular liberals/leftists/Islamophiles to read, understand and appreciate it….


  4. Dr Ramkrishna Goel
    April 15, 2016

    We are responsible from 1990 after Ram Rath Yatra of Mr. L.K.Advani and demolition of Babri Masjid on 6.12.1992. Mumbai / Surat riots in 1993 . Gujarat riots of 2002 and again Vadodara riots in 2006. And Bomb Blasts by Indian Mujahideens in whole India from 2006.
    Pakistan terrorists are doing proxy war against India to ruin Indian economy.
    Who are with India by knowing that Pakistan is spreading terrorism in whole world.
    We Should also analyse our actions and reactions from Gujarat riots of 2002.
    We Hindus are dying in whole world now by the Pakistani terrorists.


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