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Active Hindu college-students rescued cows at Chopada, Maharashtra.


Vigilant ‘Gourakshak’ students nab truck transporting cattle illegally for slaughtering near Chopda.

  • 9 animals found dead, enraged mob sets truck on fire !
  • Police cane-charge people  !
  • Angry mob pelts stones at police !

Police do not take any action on their own for protection of cattle; moreover, they cane-charge ‘Gourakshaks’. Such behavior of police infuriates people and they do something out of fury; so police are solely responsible for it !

HJS Media | Chopada | July 15, 2016:: College-going students stopped a truck illegally transporting cattle at Chopda-Yaval Road near Hotel Yogi on June 13. (Congratulations to college students for being alert and taking action against illegal trafficking of cattle ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Many animals were crammed in the vehicle; as a result 29 of them were dead. On hearing about the incident, officer bearers of pro-Hindu organizations, Shiv Sena, BJP, NCP and thousands of citizens gathered at the place of incident. It created tension and police 5 times cane-charged on the mob whereas enraged mob started pelting stones at police and set the truck on fire, thrashing its fanatic driver.

Truck (bearing No. MP-HS- 1327) going from Dharangaon to Yaval was stinking as some of the cows and bulls carried in it were dead. This truck was stopped by college students by chasing it from Hatnur Patchari to Hotel Yogi. People gathered as they heard that there were 29 dead and 11 live animals. There was a picture of Hanuman and Jai Shriram written on front side of this truck and Jai Shrikrushna written below. The mob tried to set it on fire when dy. Zonal police officer Ramesh Pawar ordered his staff to disperse the mob; leading to aggravating people’s sentiments and stone-pelting. Joint Police Inspector R. N. Pawar, Dy. Police Inspector Pankaj Shinde, asst. Fauzdar of Chopda Vasant Chavan, Kiran Patil etc. were injured. One policeman from Chopda rural police station was cornered by the mob and was thrashed. Animals injured in transportation were treated and Health Inspector Rajendra Baviskar buried the dead animals.   Chopda is a city and a municipal council in Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra.


Addl. Superintendent of Police (SP) Nandkumar Thakur has no answer  

This truck came from Dharangaon-Chopda road. At Dharangaon Naka, traffic police are always patrolling; then how could the truck pass, asked reporters to SP Nandkumar Thakur but he could not answer their question.

Stop such illegal activities and don’t do injustice to Hindus by filing false cases ! – Demand by office bearers of all parties with Tehsildar

Chopda : In a press conference held in the cabin of Tehsildar Deepak Girase, NCP’s Trader Union’s District President, Amrutraj Sachdev said that taking of bribes and illegal businesses should be stopped in Chopda city. There is open sale of local liquor. Instead of solving traffic problems, police are busy in demanding rise in bribes. City-President Narendra Patil of BJP said that police should not file false cases against Hindus in today’s incident; else it would lead to outburst of Hindus’ sentiments.

The press conference was attended by NCP’s Amrutraj Sachdev, Pravin Gujarathi; Shiv Sena’s Vikas Patil, Devendra Sonawane, Sanjay Kanade; BJP’s Pradip Patil, Shashikant Devare, Narendra Patil, Dr. Rahul Patil, Manohar Badgujar, Himmat Patil, Mahendra Dhanagar; Bajarang Dal’s Pravin Jain and Yashwant Chaudhary of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Source.  HJS Website.

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