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Uttar Pradesh: ‘Hindu Exodus’ from Deoband for Islamist persecution.

Hindu Exodus from Uttar Pradesh

“Hundreds” of Hindu families have fled from Deoband, Hindu Temples encroached due to Islamic hooliganism..

Now Bajrang Dal, VHP allege ‘Hindu exodus’ from Uttar Pradesh’s Deoband.

Uday Rana | TNN | Sardhana-Kairana | Jun 17, 2016:: After BJP MP Hukum Singh alleged that Hindu families in KAIRANA and Kandhla had to “flee” due to fear of persecution, the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad issued a fresh list of 40 Hindu families that have supposedly fled from Deoband in Saharanpur district. Deoband is home to famous Islamic seminary Darul Uloom. The saffron outfits have claimed that “hundreds” of Hindu families have fled from Deoband and they are in the process of preparing a “comprehensive list”. They also claimed that six Hindu religious spots in the town have been “encroached uponby Islamist operatives.

Vikas Tyagi, regional secretary of the VHP, said, “The issue of exodus that Hukum Singh raised is not just limited to Kairana. Hindu families across western UP are living in constant fear. They are oppressed by criminals from another community. The reason for the exodus is the lawlessness due to Islamic hooliganism. The state government has been giving political patronage to goons of a particular community. If this is not stopped, UP will become like Kashmir. In Deoband itself, hundreds of Hindu families have fled over the years. We have prepared a list of 40 families so far. Soon, we will have a comprehensive list and present it to the administration.”

He added, “The Radha Vallabh Temple in Kayasthavada, the Hanuman Temple at Hanuman Chowk, Vishwakarma Dharmshala at Mori Teliyan and three other major Hindu religious shrines have been encroached. Moreover, there are four colonies in Deoband where the exodus of Hindu families has been severe. These are Mohalla Kila, Pathanpura, Khankha and Bairun Kotla. We demand that the district administration must probe this matter and ensure that all Hindu families that have fled the town are brought back respectfully to their homes.

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One comment on “Uttar Pradesh: ‘Hindu Exodus’ from Deoband for Islamist persecution.

  1. Arindam
    June 18, 2016

    The grim truth is that Hindus (and other non-Muslims) in the subcontinent are on the receiving end of a war of extermination being waged against us by Sunni Islam. To pretend otherwise is sheer stupidity, and to think we can win this solely by gentle, peaceful methods is utmost folly.


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