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4 Muslims killed by gunshots in clashes after Hindu Girl allegedly harassed in UP’s Bijnor, 6 detained.


4 Muslims dead as clash after eve-teasing on a Hindu girl takes communal turn in UP’s Bijnor.

bijnor-violence_650x400_71474032008Sumit Singh | HENB | Meerut | Sept 16, 2016:: Death toll rose to four on Friday in the communal violence that occurred after an incident of eve-teasing of a Hindu girl allegedly by some Muslim youths in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Daljeet Choudhary and Home Secretary Mani Prasad Mishra reached the spot in Bijnor and tried to pacify the agitated locals.

In incident took place alongsode Najibabad Roadways and in the locality of Peda village.

More than 12 were injured, condition of 5 was critical and they were transferred to Meerut to get adequate treatment facilities. While killings were occurred out of gunshots, many of injuries caused by stone-brick peltings.

“This is an unfortunate incident. The culprits will be booked under the National Security Act (NSA). No one will be spared. six persons have been arrested till now,” ADG Choudhary said.


Communal tension prevailed in Bijnor as Hindu-Muslims clashed with one another after an incident of eve-teasing. A girl was harassed by some youths while she was on her way to school in Peda village of Bijnor. The girl and the accused happened to be from different communities which led to communal tension in the area. As per report the harassed girl was from Hindu community and the eve teasers were allegedly from Muslim community.

As the news of eve-teasing spread in the area, people from girl’s side gathered to stage protest. Soon, there were groups taking positions on both sides. The incident boiled into a communal clash.

People on both sides started pelting stones injuring several people on either side. As the number of injuries rose, situation took uglier turn. Guns were pulled out and shots were fired at one another.



One youth died on the spot while two others including a child succumbed to their injuries during treatment in hospital. Later, one more person died taking the toll to four. More than a dozen were injured in the clash. They were admitted to a nearby hospital. As the condition of five injured was critical, they were transferred to Meerut to get adequate treatment facilities. Three names of the deceased are revealed as Ahasan, Aneesh and Sartaj. The other deceased is a Muslim woman of the locality.

Relatives of the deceased Muslims and angry Muslim villagers blocked Delhi-Paudi national highway with placing the dead bodies on the road. As the administration came to know about the incident and blockade of the national highway, police force was sent to the spot.

With PAC reinforcement, heavy police deployment was made to ensure that situation did not escalate any further. Senior police officials were present at the site to maintain peace and bring situation back under control.


After the Bijnor Communal clash hit the news headlines, some Muslim media houses came out with their news as the harassed girl was a Muslim victimized by the local Jats. While the Muslims protested the eve teasing, the Hindu Jat people attacked the Muslim community with gunshots. They condemned the news published in Dainik Jagran and Hindu Existence.

But, the social media activists unearthed the UP Govt and its Police efforts to mislead the matter by accusing the Hindu Jat families.

One Romesh Kumar gave a status in his facebook timeline that the internet service of Bijnor has been stopped. The Hindu Jats are now blamed for harassing a Muslim girl contradictorily. Police has started raiding the Jat areas to frighten the Hindu villagers there and drawn some false cases against them. As per the social media reports all the Hindu youths have left houses to avoid police torture and the female and veteran members of some Jat families are taken to the police custody.



The Akhilesh Singh, the CM, Uttar Pradesh,  sent his condolences for the family members of the killed persons. He also shared the trouble of the families whose members were injured in the clash.

UP government has declared Rs 5,00,000/- compensation each for the families of deceased and Rs. 2,00,000/- for the injured.

Read this news in Hindi:  बिजनौर  (यूपी) में हिन्दू लड़की के  ऊपर छेड़छाड़ के बाद दो समुदायों में हिंसा, गोलीबारी में चार मुस्लिमों की मौत

__Input from Dainik Jagran, India Today and Jansatta.

2 comments on “4 Muslims killed by gunshots in clashes after Hindu Girl allegedly harassed in UP’s Bijnor, 6 detained.

  1. Viraj Patel
    September 17, 2016



  2. v. p. modi
    September 19, 2016

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