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Gandhi’s birthday observed as ‘Dhikkar Divas’ and Nathuram Godse’s statue unveiled in Meerut.

Nathuram Godse’s statue unveiled on Gandhi Jayanti in Meerut.

Hindu Mahasabha observed Gandhi’s birthday as ‘Dhikkar Divas’ and paid Homage to the assassin of Gandhi. 

nathuram-jiIshita Bhatia | TNN | Meerut | Oct 2, 2016:: The first ever bust of Nathuram Godse – Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin- was installed and unveiled by the members of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha at their Sharda road office in Meerut on the occasion of Gandhi’s birthday on Sunday. The statue, which had drawn controversy in December 2014, was finally erected as the members of the Hindu outfit also observed Gandhi’s birthday as ‘Dhikkar Divas’.

Detailing, Pandit Ashok Sharma, national vice president of the outfit, said, “In 2014, when we had tried to install the bust of Godse after a foundation stone laying ceremony. It was opposed by police and right-wing outfits due to which the spot was sealed and the matter was taken to court. This time, we exercised extreme caution and unveiled the statue on Gandhi Jayanti – as there can be a no better day. Our step signifies that it is time all Indians stop following Gandhi’s footsteps and start worshipping Godse.”

The two-feet high and two-feet wide stone statue of Godse, made by artisans in Jaipur, weighs 50 Kg. It was brought to Meerut office by Yogendra Verma, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha’s UP unit president. A shawl and a garland were presented to Godse’s bust by the members after it was unveiled

“The bust cost me Rs 45,000 and was brought from Jaipur to Meerut. I have put in all the money because I don’t see a point taking money from others for such a good cause,” said Verma.

The members of the Hindu outfit also referred to the surgical strikes of Indian Army post-Uri attacks and said that the strikes are itself a signal of the Indian government that they want to get rid of Gandhi’s principles.

“Do we follow Gandhian principles these days? The recent surgical strikes done by the Indian Army gives my answer. All of us follow Godse’s principles, but still praise and worship Gandhi. Had we been following Gandhi’s footsteps, surgical strikes would not have happened. I offer my condolences to the families of the soldiers who died in Uri attacks and pray that Indian Army keeps giving befitting replies to Pakistan just like they recently did,” said Sharma.

The Hindu outfit leaders claimed to have observed the day as ‘Dhikkar Divas’ wherein they shunned the principles of Gandhi and conducted a yagna in this regard. They celebrated January 30, the day Gandhi was killed, as ‘Ananya Divas’ and distributed sweets.

Courtesy: TOI.


~ Upananda Brahmachari.

I think you (Rupam Bhattacharya) did a wrong thing by dragging me in the drainage of Duratma. If it was meant only for Lal Bahadur Shastriji’s Jayanti , I had no objection as such. 1.

First of all I want to blame Modi, who is the sole inspiration of Kartik Yogesh type Gandywadis. Through his Swachh Bharat Mission and Gandy worship Modi did a very bad thing. But, Modi got this legacy from RSS as Sangha too worshiper of Gandhi. See its morning chant (Ekatmata stotram). 2.

Some ultra politicized people are quite unable to analyze the history of India and its reality. Before Gandy, there was various Mass Movement in Bharat. The Bhakti Movement, the movement of 1857 etc. But, some political moron can’t see anything before Gandy and in a family named after. 3.

Those telling the fb activist are relaxed and marry mood people… may be; but they are not surely perverted like Gandy. As, Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji is also tagged in this discussion, I must be refrained in full length. He ruined the lives of Manu, Ava and so many unmarried girls. In his venture of Brahmacharya, he took every chance to give a bad name of Hindus Dharma. 4.


गाँधी पुजा का भाजद भूल ….. हमें नाश करेगा बिलकुल।

Gandy’s personal life was full of debauchery and contradictory. He used to wear a half cloth to show his life in expense limitations. But, he took his breakfast with 1 sher (900gm) Goat milk + Malt + Orange Juice + Honey regularly. For the facility one of his disciple was being always engaged to search good goats in his place of visits compulsory to procure goat milk for Gandy. 5.

Actually, Gandy was a stooge of British to deter the Patriotic Upsurge in India after 1857. His mentality against Netaji clearly proved that. Gandy was a safety valve for the British Raj in India. 6.

Gandy was not actually a preacher of Peace. He was admirer of Terrorists. By saying, ‘Allow your other face, if anyone slapped on one side’. So, he promoted the attackers/terrorists with insane indulgence and without active resistance. 7.

Gandy was the main spirit of Jinnah. Through his lifelong affection to Jinnah, Gandy perpetuated the partition of India. Not on his dead body, but in a body and soul mingled with the lust of Lady Mountbatten. People think Nehru was the only bed-mate of Mountbatten. But the hidden story was colorful enough with Gandy and Jinnah also. All those have STD, TB like aliment like Lady Mountbatten. 8.

Gandy was a dangerous anti-Hindu. For his mischievous role in Noakhali Riot paved the plight of Hindus more perilous. He once supported the Moplah who also kills thousands of Hindus in the name of Islam. He also supported Khilafat movement in Turkey which was not relevant with Indian Struggle of Freedom anyway. As a matter of fact, Gandy is the father of Islamic Nation in India, not Jinnah. 9.

If anybody reads Gandy’s Autobiography,,, In the Experiment with Truth….. he must reach in this conclusion.. from the beginning, Gandy was a habitual offender, sinner and a man with criminal nature. There is book by Anwar Shaikh (A Vedantist author) as , “A TALE OF TWO GUJRATI SAINTS”. Anwar exposed there that Gandhi and Jinnah were of same famil6 origin and most devilish creature for the Indian heritage and culture. 10.

Read these three:: Gandhi was bisexual, racist, claims new book.

Gandhi’s sex life laid bare in new book.

Gandhi was the dictator like Stalin, he followed Russian Christianity.

Source: Facebook.

2 comments on “Gandhi’s birthday observed as ‘Dhikkar Divas’ and Nathuram Godse’s statue unveiled in Meerut.

  1. Kuldip Bahl
    October 2, 2016

    JAI HO 🙂

    On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Struggle for Hindu Existence wrote:

    > hinduexistence posted: “Nathuram Godse’s statue unveiled on Gandhi Jayanti > in Meerut. Hindu Mahasabha observed Gandhi’s birthday as ‘Dhikkar Divas’ > and paid Homage to the assassin of Gandhi. Ishita Bhatia | TNN | Meerut | > Oct 2, 2016:: The first ever bust of Nathuram Godse – ” >


  2. ramkrishnagoel
    October 2, 2016

    Shame on Meerut people’s those give Martyr Mangal Pandey in 1857. Jai Jawn Jai Kishan ; Bharat Mati ki Jai ; Bandy Matram. Meerut produced Jawan and Kishan. AND NOT THE MURDERER OF FATHER OF NATION, M.K.GANDJI ==== We are not followers of Godse.


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