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Wing of BD Ruling Party ‘Awami Olama League’ demands ‘Ban on Durga Puja in Public Places’ and rejects ‘3 days holidays’.


The Islamic Cleric wing of ruling party in Bangladesh demands no Durgapuja in public places, no immersion in water bodies and no three days leave during Sharadiya Durga Puja.

Atul Brahmachari & Sasanka Dasgupta | HENB | Dhaka | Oct 1, 2016:: Just the day after the Hindu organizations of Bangladesh demanded three days vacation in School, colleges, universities and in the offices, banks and  courts during Durgapuja; the Awami Olama League, the Islamic cleric wing of the ruling Awami League in Bangladesh vehemently opposed the Hindu demands as such.
On Friday, 30th Sept,  the Hindus of Bangladesh came together in the roads of Dhaka in front of National Press Club and formed a human chain for the demands of ‘3 days vacation’ during Durga puja and ‘respectful observation and peaceful security’ for Durga puja. Various Puja Committee members from Dhaka and nearing places, Saints and Chiefs from various hindu Temples and Ashrams and activists of Bangladesh hindu Mohajot jointly participated in the rally peacefully.
As a protest of the Hindu rally and demands, the wing of the Awami League organised a counter rally at the same venue before Press Club on Saturday, 1st oct 2016. Awami Olama League since long has been performing the role of  Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islam in a new shape of moderate Jihad.
Through its communal statements time to time this Islamist outfit categorically demanded many times Islam as a State religion. Though Awami League have been struggling to maintain its secular stature with an Olama hardship, the Militant Awami  insiders get the Extra Fuel and Oxygen from the Sister Organization of Hasina’s party to oppress the Hindu Minorities all over Bangladesh. The BD administration, local police do not take action against the perpetrators. Their stands normally allow minorities property grabbing, looting the minority shops and houses, desecration of Hindu deities and temples without any restrictions. The Islamist in both the ruling and opposition generally vandalize Hindu and other minorities, perpetrate gang rape, abduction, murder and so on as a very common features of the country like the daily road accidents in Bangladesh. 
Olama League Rally to cease Hindu religious rights on 1 Sept in Dhaka.

Olama League Rally to cease Hindu religious rights on 1 Oct in Dhaka.

In its Saturday rally, The Olama League demanded to restrict the Durgapuja publically as Bangladesh is an Islamic State which should not indulge any ‘shirk’ by offering puja to any gods and goddesses except Allah. The League attacked the demand of ‘Three days vacation’ terming it as a ‘meaningless spoil of time and workforce’.
While mentioned 4 days public holidays each during Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha (total 8 days) in Bangladesh, one of the Olama present in the rally described it as a compulsory duty of the Govt to allow such holidays to ease the arrangement  of ‘Roja in Ramadan’ and ‘Qurbani’ etc.
Some of the Olema used filthy language to the Hindu performer of Durga Puja as ‘an act of low caste’ and demanded ‘ban of Durga Puja in public places’ in Dhaka and other places in Bangladesh. The Olama League also presses, ‘no immersion in water bodies’ on pollution grounds. But, this fanatic Islamic wing never mind anything about the river of blood in Dhaka city on Bakar Eid (Eid-ulAdha) day and the nationwide huge pollution due to Qurbani.
As this communal Olama outfit  is supported by ruling party in Bangladesh, so no Minister, MP, Awami Party People and even PM Hasina do not dare to speak or condemn the statements of Awami Olama League. 
The religious rights of minority Hindus in Bangladesh is shrinking day by day without any positive redressal.
As a matter of fact, the Hindus in Bangladesh part used to enjoy full span (week long) of holidays during Durgapuja festival before partition of India alike the Bengali Hindus residing in West Bengal part.

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