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Hindu Existence Campaign for Uniform Civil Code.



Please send your valuable Suggestion to National Law Commission in favour of Uniform Civil Code and against Triple Talaq and polygamy in Islam. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 29, 2016:: The Chairman of the Indian law Commission Dr Justice B S Chouhan sought suggestions from the concerned citizens of India for implementing the Uniform Civil Code in India as directed in Art. 44 of Indian constitution.

In his appeal dated 7 oct 2016, Justice Chouhan wrote, “The Law Commission of India welcomes all concerned to engage with us on the comprehensive exercise of the revision and reform of family laws as the article 44 of Indian Constitution provides that ‘the State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India’. The objective behind this endeavour is to address discrimination against vulnerable groups and harmonize the various cultural practices. The commission invites suggestion in all possible models and templates of common civil code”.

Though the Commission expects a ‘healthy conversation about the viabilty of Uniform Civil Code’ the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and its communal supporters are vehemently opposing the spirit of the endeavour of national Law Commission as Commission sought suggestions about the evil implication of ‘triple talaq’ and the uncivilized polygamy in Islam.

The Indian Muslims have no problem with Uniform Criminal Laws in IPC and CrPc.

They want to grab political power within Indian Law structure.

They demand Reservation under Indian Law provisions.

They keep money in Indian Banks and take interest under Indian Law regulations.

They enjoy Haj subsidy permitted by Indian Law.

But they have problem with Uniform Civil Code and support Sharia to sustain the Triple Talaq and scope of keeping 4 wives at a time.

This is the character of the hypocrite Muslim Personal Law Board members and their supporters.


Download the format for sending your suggestions from here and send your valuable suggestions i.f.o. UCC to Law Commission of India immediately.

From our source it is derived that various Muslim organisations and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board are sending a huge numbers of suggestion to National Law Commission (NLC) against UCC.

Though some Muslim Women Orgs are sending their suggestions against Triple Talaq and Polygamy to NLC, it is our duty to concerned citizens of India to send their suggestion to NLC in favour of Uniform Civil Code in India inter alias One Nation- One Law for all.

Concerned Citizens must go to this link  (download questionnaire here) and send positive suggestions for Uniform Civil Code in India within 21st Nov 2016 to the Office of Law Commission of India, 14th Floor, H.T. House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi- 110001 or  email at .

Indians must be united against Shariah Jihad India. While a good numbers of Europrean and Countries are deying Sharia and Radical Islam, why should Indians bear with the same.

We must reject Sharia to liberate Muslim women from Triple Talaq and polygamy in Islam. Sharia is the weapon of brutality in the name of Jihad. We must oppose in India also.

They say Liberty and Democracy go to Hell. We must now say Sharia go to Hell.

Jai Hind.


2 comments on “Hindu Existence Campaign for Uniform Civil Code.

  1. Usama Akhter
    June 16, 2019

    It Not Hypocrisy At All. Muslim’s Never Stop Hindus To Do Polygamy Or Nor Stopped Anyone To Go To Prostitute So. As Far As Personal Law Is Concern. Personal Law Is Family Matter’s. Second In Islam Formication Or Adultery Is Forbidden. So We Muslim Do Polygamy.


    • Arindam
      June 16, 2019

      It is pure hypocrisy.

      You accept Sharia Law in your personal life, and reject it in every other domain – and then claim to be Muslim!

      Luckily for you, Allah does not exist – otherwise he would have fried you to a cinder.


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