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Arrest the Naxalite students of JU who raised ‘anti-National’ slogans and wanted to vandalize ‘CAAMB seminar’ in Kolkata.


Naxalite Students of Jadavpur University raise ‘Azadi’ slogans against ‘Seminar on Bangladesh Minorities’ in front of Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | April 2, 2017::  The Naxalite scoundrels and traitors have finally emerged as the ‘Friends of Jihad’ as they went extreme against the rights of persecuted Hindu-Buddhist-Christian-Indigenous people living in Islamic Bangladesh.

A shocking video that has emerged online and is going viral shows students from the prestigious Jadavpur University in Kolkata shouting slogans that call for Azadi or freedom for Kashmir, Nagaland and Mizoram. The sloganeering reportedly took place outside the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata on Sunday, April 2, where the 2nd day session of an ‘International Seminar on Bangladesh Minorities’ was going on.

While the sloganeering itself is nothing new, what is worth a look is the freedom with which this sloganeering is going on – a young boy in a red shirt and jeans believed as ‘Debopriyo Som’ shouting that states like Kashmir, Nagaland and Manipur want freedom and are calling for it. The fanatic students are members of USDF (United Students’ Democratic Front) as believed who keep close relations with many Maoists outfits.

The students of the University were seen holding placards which read: “Yogi is the new Trump…Brahminical version of white supremacy? and they raised slogans like ‘Azadi’, ‘Halla Bol’ and ‘RSS door hatao’. They raised slogans, “Gomata ko auladu ko ek dhakk aur do”, “Kashmir Mange Azadi”, “Manipur Mange Azadi”. “Gujarat Mange Azadi”, “Tathagao Roy se Azadi”, “Dilip Ghosh se Azadi”, “RSS se Azadi”, etc. etc.

Though the seminar in question was conducted by CAAMB (Campaign Against Atrocities on Minorities in Bangladesh) and supported by CRIBR (Center for Research in Indo-Bangla Relations), Kolkata, the fundamental students held that RSS was behind the seminar.

“This protest is against the RSS’ conducting of seminar on the issue of minorities in Bangladesh. We think the same RSS which has been the reason for the deaths of thousands in Godhra, in Muzaffarnagar cannot address the minority issue. We doubt their credibility, rather we think they are here to evoke communal sentiments and pitting one against the other. So we are protesting here,”Debopriyo Som, a student of JU Fine Arts Department and USDF member told ANI.

The participants from Bangladesh and US in the CAAMB seminar conveyed its reaction in a round table discussion and press conference on Sunday in Academy of Fine Arts hall. Many of participants told that they had chose the venue of seminar in Kolkata as it is always treated as citadel of democracy and freedom of speech. But, the Kolkata Naxalite fanatics are behaving worst than the Islamist and they also want to choke the voice of Bangladeshi minority people. This is really shameful and the position of Kolkata is being polluted with the filth of the so called Naxalites. The participants of the CAAMB seminar also astonished with the inaction of Kolkata police as anti-Indian slogans were raised in the broad daylight!

The same Naxlaite group wanted to vandalize the 1 st day seminar of CAAMB in Jadavpur University on 1st April+.

N.B. As media is the pillar of democracy and we are in the support of democracy, We are sending this report with video footage to Central and State Home department to arrest Debopriyo Som and his Azadi gang immediately on serious ‘Subversive Charges’.

Hindu Existence Forum Actions:  This report has been sent to SHRI RAJNATH SINGH, HOME MINISTER, GOI; Smt. Rina Mitra SS(INTERNAL SECURITY), MHA, GOI;   Shri Sharad Kumar  IPS, Director General NIA; Shri Basudeb Banerjee IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Gov WB, Home Department; Shri Rajeev Kumar IPS, Commissioner of Police, Kolkata;  Shri Jayanta Kumar Basu IPS, Spl Commissioner of Police, Kolkata and Shri Vineet Kumar Goyal IPS, Addl Commissioner of Police, Kolkata as a complain and treat the same as FIR by NIA and Police authority.

The matter has also been communicated to PMO as grievance and the same has been registered as PMOPG/E/2017/0192316 dated 03/04/2017. 

Inputs from ANI, CNN, News X & DNA.

2 comments on “Arrest the Naxalite students of JU who raised ‘anti-National’ slogans and wanted to vandalize ‘CAAMB seminar’ in Kolkata.

  1. anandamoy ankura
    April 5, 2017

    Brother it is this **** marxist ****.Dont worry people have largely found out their game.These days they shout to show that they are still relevant.Wish we had seen one such in Panagarh today where a large rally was held today.JAY SRI RAM


  2. dibya ranjan
    April 8, 2017

    these morons are crossing the limits of freedom given by constitution.. at least use free Jio and watch how minority people live as 3rd class citizen in neighbouring country. if u jerks have guts then come to my hometown and see what happened in Bhadrak .. who started it ??? before 2 years I thought I am secular. now I feel I support saffron. jai ho .. Stay in India.. but dun dare to give ill remark about riligious sentiments. else prepare ownself … you so called secular Chikky bastards.


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