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Digging at BJP, Mamata runs her hate mongering against Hindutva.

WB CM Mamata Banerjee is threatening Hinduwadis adopting a Goebbelian policy. But, real Hinduwadis are never afraid of it.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Puri | April 20, 2017::  West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday launched a scathing  attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying “one section of a religious group” and the “sister organisations” of the ruling party at the Centre have engineered a hate campaign against her.

The chief minister, however, did not name the BJP or RSS or Hindus in a long post on Facebook. But, Mamata’s intention is very much clear.

“… In the recent past and also in the recent days, one section of religious group, belonging to a political party ruling at the Centre and also in the name of their sister organizations and others (either in their real names or fictitious names are distorting my views, opinions, sayings and thus misleading people with my photos through some fake accounts. I strongly condemn such scandalous activities by the so-called #Hindu zealots,” she wrote.


Her blistering attack on the BJP has come days after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed an FIR against 12 Trinamool leaders in the Narada sting case+ and slapped sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA).

Banerjee even tweeted the links to the fake Facebook accounts.

The Hindustan Times reports+, Trinamool leader has been targeted on social media in profane language over her stand on various issues. Some have even portrayed her in a hijab and addressed her as “Mumtaj Begum” in an obvious dig to her controversial policy of “minority appeasement”.

“We do not need to take lessons on Hinduism from them … Hindu religion is not the monopoly of the so-called Hindus,” she wrote on Facebook.

She also appealed people to not to “believe in rumours or gossips.” “My official Facebook and Twitter are already available, and whenever I need to convey anything, I meet the Press also,” she said.

Her visit to Puri was marred after some servitor of Puri’s Jagannath Temple opposed her entry to the temple on the ground that she is not a proper Hindu as advocates the consumption of beef. On Wednesday, Youth wing of BJP and some Bajrajdal activists also demonstrated at Puri against  Mamata’s entry into Lord Jagannath Temple+ on the issue of Mamata’s open support to beef eating and cow slaughter.

Actually, Mamata Banerjee is threatening Hinduwadis adopting a Goebbelian policy. But, real Hinduwadis are never afraid of it.

Here we want to covey some points to Jihadi Didi.

1. CM Mamata is not a dharma-guru, so she must not control the dharmik matters of Hindus. She must be refrained from dictating or controlling Duraga Puja, Visarjan, Dharmik mela-shobhayatra like Ramnavami-Hanuman Jayanti etc. She must stop police attack on Hindus Dharmik procession in a brutal manner+.

2. CM Mamata is not a CM of Muslim community, She was elected by the majority votes of 70% Hindus. So, she must not appease Muslim community and cherish the Muslim vote bank politics. She must stop sponsoring the attacks on Hindus like Deganga, Naliakhali, Usthi, Juranpur, Kaliachak, Dhola, Dhulagarh and so on.

3. CM Mamata is now telling Ambedkar and Indian Constitution. Does she know that Babasaheb was a strong opposer of cow slaughter like Gandhi. And in Art. 48 slaughter of milching cows and drought cattle are strictly prohibited. Ambedkar took his last refuge to Lord Buddha for his teaching of Ahims. Propagating cow-slaughter in an explict way, Mamata is propagating Hinsa.

4. CM Mamata now introduces herself as a ‘born-Hindu’ and ‘secular’ both. Actually, Mamata does not know the meaning of ‘Hindu’ and ‘Secular’ both. She may consult Puri Shankaracharya whether she is a true Hindu or not. And for the meaning of ‘secular’ she can consult Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers or any other good dictionary. Secular means: “not connected with religious or spiritual matters”. As Hindu is a practice of Dharma (people say religion) and Spirituality it is quite contradictory to term ‘Secular’. Hence, a true ‘Hindu’ cannot be ‘Secular’ anyway as Hindu with spirituality is a non-entity.

Certainly, Ambedkar was not Secular, nor even he made Indian Constitution ‘Secular’ as he realized the value of Dharma and Spirituality in the holy land Bharat. It was Mrs. Indira Gandhi (actually Mymuna Begum) who incorporated the term ‘secular’ in Indian constitution thru 42nd amendment during the dark days of emergency. That was a ploy to Dharmik and Spiritual texture of Bharatvarsha in order to propagate unrighteous jihadi, evangelic and corrupted people here.

In the name of Secularism and honesty, Mamata Banerjee is trying to guard in Jihadi people and syndicated corrupts stained with Sarada, Narada and Rose Valley etc.

See one thing, the ‘Secular’ Mamata always advocates rights to choice of food without forgetting to mention ‘beef eating’. But, why she never gave any reference of ‘pork eating’ by any mistake even? This is the ‘Secular Mamata’, a ‘Veiled Muslamani’ and a ‘Jihadi Didi’.

5. Mamata scathingly attacks PM Modi. The way of attack on PM Modi by the CM WB is a mark of indecency and violation of the norms of parliamentary democracy. Her recent words “O Dilliwale” etc in Puri, is highly objectionable. All the citizens of Delhi is shocked with such remarks of Mamata, Now, if the Dilliwale people welcome Mamata with rotten eggs and tomatoes, then who will be responsible?

Narendra Modi is now a world class leader+, great Prime Minister India. His demonetization and economic policies have been praised by many including IMF and World bank+. He is a symbol of National pride and supported by 2/3rd majority people of India+. So, Mamata cannot defame PM Modi with ugly words nor she speaks like, “BJP is the black spot on Hindutva+”.



__with an input from Hindustan Times/Courtesy to used links and pics.

One comment on “Digging at BJP, Mamata runs her hate mongering against Hindutva.

  1. drvraoblogDRVRao
    April 20, 2017

    Mamtha ji can not defend herself. She always acted against the interests of Hindus while bolestering Muslims. She even to day adopts 100% anti Hindu attitude. One she will have to repent for all her mistakes.


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