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Muslims Bring full truck bricks for construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Muslim Kar Sevaks Manch members campaign for Ram Mandir construction, arrive in Ayodhya with full truck bricks for use of temple purpose.

Uddipta Das | IndiaOnLine | New Delhi | April 21, 2017:: Members of Muslim Karsewak Manch (MKM) arrived in Ayodhya with a truck full of bricks as part of their campaign to build the Ram temple. As per reports by ANI, the members have been demanding the building of the Ram Mandir, an issue which has been at the core of Indian politics for more than two decades. This newest activity by the Muslim organisation seems to be timely and follows a recent incident where another organisation, Muslim Karsewak Sangh (MKS) put up billboards supporting the cause of building the Ram Mandir in place of the Babri Masjid.

Muslim Karsewak Manch seems to be quite determined in their demand for the temple to be built in place of the mosque. On April 11, a Hindustan Times report stated that this same group, Muslim Karsewak Sangh (MKS), had put up  huge billboards in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad and Lucknow, showing their support to the cause of constructing a Ram Temple at the site of Babri in Ayodhya.

MKS is apparently pleased with the Supreme Court ruling which asked the matter to be resolved out of the court and have come up with a slogan which states that ‘the Muslims of the nation demands the construction of Ram mandir at the site’. In all of this, the question is, when most Muslims are opposed to the creation of the Ram Mandir, how come the members of MKM and MKS are in line with the demands of the BJP and other Hindu organisations.

Video:: Muslim karsewaks in Ayodhya hail lord Ram, come with brick to build temple (Zee News).

The president of MKS, Mohammed Azam Khan claimed that the SC order inspired them and he has paid for the billboards. As per him, quoted by HT, they put up a dozen big and around 200 small hoardings in Lucknow and Faizabad in an attempt to influence opinion about the construction of Ram mandir and not wait for the court verdict. Noteworthy that, Azam Khan was a member of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) which was backed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). However, reportedly, Khan split from the organisation citing differences of opinion over the solution of the dispute.

Apart from Muslim Karsewak Manch, Muslim Karsewak Sangh, Muslim Mahila Foundation in Varanasi are also in favour of a Ram Temple.

Many in these claims of the Muslim organisations see a possible opportunistic streak and are of the opinion that these are attempts by these organisation to get close to the BJP and reap benefits.

Courtesy: ANI, ZEE News & India dot Com.

2 comments on “Muslims Bring full truck bricks for construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    April 21, 2017

    I extend thanks to Muslims who want to build the Ram Temple to maintain the cordial relation with Hindus.From Nepal, we the Nepalese people want the coordination between Hindus and Muslims. Yes! Ram Temple Must be Built in Ayodyha in the Birth Place of the God Ramchandra

    This Message Should be hand over to the High Court who want to challenge to punish the strong Hindu nationalist- BJP leaders. If the Court want to know the historical facts of invade by Muslims and Christians we should understand the reality and its pre- historical accounts. In 1520 the Muslim ruler Baber came, plundered, ruined, and demolished Rama Temple and built Babri Masjid using the demolished debris. The events of December 6, 1992Hindus attacked the Babri Masjid, they were only taking over their sacred place and thousands of history. No nation can afford to ignore the history. History of mankind has not started on 1528.

    Among the excavation yields ASI mentioned were stone and decorated bricks, mutilated sculpture of divine couple, carved architectural members including foliage patterns, amalaka, kapotapali, doorjamb with semi-circular shrine pilaster, broken octagonal shaft of black schist pillar, lotus motif, circular shrine having pranjala (watershute) in the north and 50 pillar bases in association with a huge structure. This should give some idea of the magnitude of the distortion involved in turning Babar into a tolerant person, let alone a prince charming. And when in a particularly happy mood, he composed the following dirge: ‘For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer; I battled infidels and Hindus. I determined to become a martyr Thank God I became a holy warrior.’

    Sudhir-Architect has posted- (in shirt) In 1528 A.D. Babar came to Ayodhya and he destroyed the ancient temple and on its site built a mosque, still known as Babar’s mosque. The materials of the old structure [i.e., the temple] were largely employed, and many of the columns were in good preservation.” Guru Nanak. He was a contemporary of Babar, and an eyewitness to his vandalism. Nanak condemned him in the strongest terms. The historian Harsh Narain in his book The Ayodhya Temple Mosque Dispute: Focus on Muslim Sources, writes: “Guru Nanak, according to Bhai Man Singh’s Pothi Janam Sakhi, said to have been composed in 1787 Anno Vikrami/1730 A.D., visited Ayodhya and said to his Muslim disciple Mardana: ‘Mardania! eh Ajudhia nagari Sri Ramachandraji ki hai. So,chal, iska darsan kari’e. Translation: ‘Mardana! This Ayodhya city belongs to Sri Ramachandra Ji. So let us have its

    This indicates that Nanak visited Ayodhya shortly before the destruction of the Rama temple by Babar. Another work by Baba Sukhbasi Ram gives a similar account, again suggesting that Nanak visited Ayodyha before the temple was destroyed by his contemporary, the Mughal invader Babar. Muslim sources also give a similar account. After the destruction of Babar’s mosque the excavation report said- ‘These pits gave away two-thousand year
    old molded bricks and ornate stone pieces of different shapes and sizes. The news item dishonored these facts. Beautiful stone pieces bearing carved Hindu ornamentation’s like lotus, Kaustubh jewel, alligator facade, etc., have been used in these walls. These decorated architectural pieces have been anchored with precision at varied places in the walls. A tiny portion of a stone slab is sticking out at a place below 20 feet in one of the pits. The rest of the slab lies covered in the wall.

    The projecting portion bears a five-letter Dev Nagari inscription that turns out to be a Hindu name. The items found below 20 feet should be at least 1,500 years old. According to archaeologists about a foot of loam layer gathers on topsoil every hundred years. Primary clay was not found even up to a depth of 30 feet. It provides the clue to the existence of some structure or the other at that place during the last 2,500 years. Please read- detail-
    That is all!
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Political and Cultural analyst
    Former Member of Parliament
    Note- please convey this research to all BJP leaders who are threatened from the High Court


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