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Hundreds of devout Hindu leaders gathered in Goa to build a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

6th Akhil Bharat Hindu Adhiveshan starts at Goa to set a Roadmap for ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in Bharat.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Panaji (Goa) | June 14, 2017::  The four-day long 6th Akhil Bharat Hindu Adhiveshan (14th – 17th June) has been started at Goa Ramnathi Temple Complex (Shri Vidyadhiraj Hall of Shri Ramnathi Devasthan) today morning as convened by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Sanatan Sanstha (SS) to ensure a Road Map of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat within the span of 2023-2025 by adopting its Hindu Constitution and righteousness.

About 530 delegations from 132 organisations, 21 Indian states and neighboring countries Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka came together to discuss on the following topics — ‘Need for a countrywide Beef Ban in India,’ ‘Failed policies of government in rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus,’ ‘Future of India: Islamic State or Hindu Rashtra,’ and ‘Road Map to the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra as a solution of all problems’ etc.

The inauguration of the programme performed within the chanting of Veda mantras by Sanatana Ved Vidyalaya Archaks and oil lamp lighting by Siddhapeetha Prachand Chandidevi Mandir Pramukh (Uttar Pradesh) Maa Chetananand Saraswati, Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti Pramukh (Chhindwada, Madhya Pradesh) P.P. Sadhvi Saraswati, HJS national Gude and Sanatan Sant Dr. Charuduta Pingle and Sanatan Dharma Prsarak and Sant Nandkumar Jadhav.

The holy presence of various Hindu saints and seers and devout Hindu activists glorified the inauguration programme.

While Dr Charudutta Pingle elaborated the topic, “Hindu Rashtra is required to stop harm caused to Hindus’ interests under the guise of so called democracy+”, Sri. Abhay Vartak, national Coordinator of HJS emphasized on “Hindu Rashtra will be established despite all kinds of injustice to Hindus+”.

Amidst a huge applause Sadvi Saraswati of Chindwara demanded, “Killers of cows should be hanged+”.  In her speech Yati Maa Chetanananda Saraswati urged Hindus to be valiant to establish the Hindu Rashtra+ under the guidance of Shastra and Guru Parampara.


In the evening session, the designated panel discussed on “cow protection”. Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar drew the attention of the audience about the harm of beef eating and destruction of nature and economy through cow slaughter. Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson of HJS referred 1921 Congress conclave where Congress adopted ban on cow slaughter. Condemning the recent public cow slaughter in Kerala, Shinde surfaced the double standard of PETA as they did nothing on Cow slaughter whether they were too much vocal on Jallikattu.  Ramesh Shinde urged to quash the illusory democracy that thrust upon Indians by the British+ rulers. Shinde also opined that Hindus should form a pressure-group for ban on cow-slaughter+.

As a matter of fact, ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have distanced themselves from the event being organized by HJS, though many grassroots level VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS activists are attending this Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan being the members of other Hindu organisations.

Various National and International media are covering this Adhiveshan with greater importance. Huffington post has covered a long interview of Ramesh Shinde of HJS under the headline, “In Goa, Hundreds Are Gathering To Build A Roadmap For A ‘Hindu Rashtra’+”.

The ongoing 6th Hindu Adhiveshan can be viewed LIVE at or at .

Hindu Existence Forum wishes a grand success of the 6th Akhil Bharat Hindu Adhiveshan at Goa.



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