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Thrust not on Hindutva. So, Muthalik is banned by BJP in Goa.

More double standards of Goa BJP….

Goa BJP does not endorse Hindutva line nor permits Muthalik’s entry into Goa.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Panaji |June 13, 2017::  A virtual predecessor of Portuguese, a senior BJP Cabinet minister in Goa and the face of the minority community, Francis D’souza, has said that Goa BJP is not a hard Hindutva party and has always looked at divisive issues from different perspectives. “Even if some senior party leader has propagated views making minority communities uncomfortable, we have cautiously kept such views out of Goa,” he told the media in Panaji on Tuesday.

He also mentioned how BJP leadership in Goa has taken a tough stand on a person like hardliner Hindu face Pramod Muthalik. “We have banned his entry in Goa and we renew the ban every six months. That’s because we have a different perspective,” said D’souza. He also defended his party stating that the BJP or the PM do not support radical views. “There are some people who speak out of line. The PM has even warned them twice. But some of them still continue to do so. You cannot blame the party and leadership for every action of theirs,” he said. While speaking about BJP’s bad performance in the assembly election, he admitted that breaking ties with their ally Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party in the face of elections was the biggest mistake.

“If we were sure about breaking the alliance we should have done it in advance. Last minute decisions cost us dearly. MGP’s tally also came down and the Congress benefited,” D’souza added.

He also stated that at present the government is born out of circumstances and it will not be possible for the BJP to push ahead with its programme vehemently.

Earlier, Francis D’souza advocated to run the State run abattoirs which killed hundreds cows and cattle everyday for procuring beef for the for beef eaters in the state. After the clouser of the abattoir for various reasons, Goa imports beef from neighboring states like Karnataka and Maharashtra.

However, Shivprasad Joshi, Shiv Sena’s Goa unit president criticized BJP’s anti-Hindu stand in Goa and told HENB that “the ban on Sri Ram Sene Chief Promod Muthalik to enter into Goa must be lifted forthwith”.

“When Sri Ram Sene workers went to the Mangalore pub (in 2009) to make our sisters understand that it is not fair to indulge in pub culture, parents of a girl who was alleged to have been assaulted by the Sene workers, thanked Mr Muthalik. The parents said Muthalik was doing the right job of protecting women,” the Shiv Sena leader said.

Responding to a question on the ban imposed on Mr Muthalik’s entry, Joshi said the Sena would support the Sri Ram Sene if they want to do good work in Goa.

Muthalik was a veteran Bajrang Dal leader of south India who served Sangha Parivar over 30 years until he was expelled from Bajrang Dal in 2005. But, after he launched  Sri Ram Sene in 2006, the great Sangha Parivar started vilification and hard opposition against Muthalik.

Sri Ram Sene and Shiv Sena both have been demanding high restrictions of drug peddling, sex rackets and beach culture in Goa including ban on cow slaughter in Goa. Consequently, the beach and cattle mafias in Goa BJP unit are trying to corner Goa units of Sri Ram Sene and Shiv Sena  very clandestinely.

__inputs from PTI and Agencies.

One comment on “Thrust not on Hindutva. So, Muthalik is banned by BJP in Goa.

  1. Acharya Pankaj
    June 15, 2017

    In many cases BJP is now adopting anti Hindu lines. Very unfortunate indeed.


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