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Angry Hindus closed Muslim Biryani Shop in Kolkata for alleged ‘Beef adulteration’.


Eating in Muslim owned Hotel-Restaurants in Kolkata posed a High Risk. ‘Beef Biryani’ is served in the name of ‘Mutton Biryani’.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Kolkata | Oct 18, 2017:: Eating out in Kolkata, specially in Muslim Biryani eateries or purchasing Biryani from those Muslim food joints or Hotels and Restaurants owned by Muslims are becoming high risk for those who don’t take beef. Adulteration of ‘Beef’ in ‘Mutton Biryani’ is now an anxiety for the Biryani Lovers in Kolkata.

Earlier, such cases were reported in outer Kolktata ares like Rajarhat and Madhyamgram areas. But, the same alleged adulteration of Beef in Mutton Biryani is now reported in Shyambazar in North Kolkata’s Hindu area.

It is alleged that a food mart named HAJI DA BIRYANI at 18A, R.G. Kar Road, Kolkata – 700 004 served Beef Biryani when ordered a Mutton Biryani exactly.

HAJI DA BIRYANI (with a very confusing mentioning of “786/92” and “Mahamaya Fast Food Center” in the shop hording) was selling Mutton Biryani at a low price of Rs 80.00 (eighty) per standard hot packet and thus had a huge sell all the time.

On Tuesday night (Oct 17, 2017), Muslim worker named Rafiq Molla of the local ‘Amiya Babur Bazar’ (daily market place) purchased a packet of Mutton Biryani from Haji Da Biryani Shop at the cost of Rs 80/-. But, at the time before consuming it, Rafiq noticed that the meat piece in the Biryani was not a Mutton piece but a Beef piece. Instantly packing the same, Rafiq reached Haji Da Biryani and challenged the shop-owner. Smelling a greater dispute, the Haji Da Biriyani took back the Biryani and returned the price to Rafiq without any debate.

Returning to the market, Rafiq told this matter to some shop owners and the Market Welfare Committee to look into the highly objectionable wrongdoing made by the food mart. When, the members of the Market Committee inquired the matter at the Haji Da Biryani end, the owner of it ‘confessed’ the ‘adulteration of Beef in Mutton Biryani’ and proposed a ‘negotiation’ and ‘offered a big donation’ to the market committee to end the matter by suppressing all the facts.

The annoyed Market Committee and agitated local Hindus shut the shop immediately and one complain was lodged in Ultadanga Police Station. Police told, ‘investigation started’ after making an FIR on the basis of an allegation of ‘serious nature’.

The local Hindus are now saying that “the mystery of big chunk of Mutton in the Biryani at a price of Rs 80/- at Haji Da Biryani has been divulged. There was mixing of Beef in the Mutton Biryani”.

There was no big queue in front of the Biryani Shop and the Shop’s shutters were tightly closed under three locks.

We noticed that the hording of the shop mentioned two contradictory identity of the ownership of the food mart. While “786/92” was written on the top side of the hording, there was seen a mention of  “Mahamaya Fast Food Center”.

A tea shop owner near the Haji Da Biriyani told HENB that the shop was earlier owned by a Hindu and he used to run the Mahamaya Fast Food Center. But, the Muslim Biryani Food Chain ‘Haji Da Biriyani’ took over the fast food center on rent and started the Biryani Shop some years back.

Ranjan, a Diwali time temporary flower and puja item vendor on the footpath near the closed  ‘Haji Da Biriyani’ told HENB that he would like to perform three day’s fasting and to sip gaumutra (cow urine) with tusli (basil leaf) when he would be returning to his home after completing his Diwali business. Cause: One day Ranjan also consumed that adulterated biryani seeing its low price at Rs 80/- only.

Ranjan promised in soliloquy that he would never eat any  food item from any Muslim food marts, restaurants and even would ever purchase nothing from any Muslim shop!

Through a bitter experience, Ranjan took a ‘right decision’ not to have Biriyani from any Muslim shop or not to purchase anything from any Muslim shops! But, what about those Hindus who think they will die if they don’t eat Biryani from Haji’s, Gazi’s, Sabir’s, Royal’s, Alia’s, Galib’s, Aminia’s, Sufia’s and hundreds of Muslim eating house, restaurants, hotels whose kitchen secrets are unknown to us.

‘No Beef’ and ‘100% Halal’ declaration at their end don’t ensure anything for the Hindu Customers at all these days.

Upananda Brahmachari, Editor, Hindu Existence and Hindu Interlocutor told HENB, “Devout Hindus must not eat anything in any Muslim owned eating house. It is a high risk and Adharmi (unrighteous) work”.



5 comments on “Angry Hindus closed Muslim Biryani Shop in Kolkata for alleged ‘Beef adulteration’.

  1. Satyen
    October 19, 2017

    Never eat in any Muslim owned restaurant irrespective of what they say or advertise. It should be a rule observed voluntarily by all the Hindus.


  2. Rajesh Kumar Sinha
    October 20, 2017

    Had it been the Hindu resturant and Muslims had been served pork in the name of mutton they would not have only burnt that resturant but wold have even killed the resturant owner. But since Hindus are born coward and most behaves effeminately. we cannot expect more action from them. Hindu will simply call to boycott but have no guts to stop these menace once for all. Hindus will complain about Islamic jihad and Muslims tendency to convert Hindus to Islam and about love jihad that Muslims males by entrapping Hindus girls convert to Islam. As Hindus have the habit of seeing astrological almanac( Patra) before journey or under taking any work. They need almanac to see the appropriate time to take revenge. Do They need pundits to declare the appropriate time to start Hindu Jihad against Muslims or they need almanac to consider the appropriate time to startHindu love jihad and entrap muslim girls and converting them to Hinduism. Mere complain that muslims is committinng atrocities against Hindus will not help. Hindus needs to develop killer instinct to commit more atrocities against Muslims, always interefering in their religious affairs as they dare to interefere in Hindus religious affairs. Only dreaming of making India a Hindu Rastra will not do until and unless have the capacity to so. Muslims population is increasing very rapidly apart from the entrance of rohingya and bangladeshi muslims in every Indian state. Till now central government have not started the process of throwing Rohingya and bangladeshi muslims out of India. Only giving assurance or leap service by the Central government on rohingya and bangladeshi will not solve the problem. If there is delay many of them will arrange all the required documents to proof themselves as Indian. It will be difficult to throw them out of India. All the Hindus right organisation should come forward and forcibly throw away those Muslims put of India. They should also start the process of Reducing muslims population to zero level or else they will surpass the Hindu population and will change demography within few decades. If the process of decreasing muslims population is not started now tommorow it will be very late and the Hindus will be the worst sufferers.


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  4. Ritesh prithyani
    August 25, 2018

    Today 25 of sisterbought me mutton chap from bachan dhaba .rashbehari
    .im sure that its beef .dont no what to do .pls help .i have sample to proof


  5. Ritesh prithyani
    May 11, 2019

    Sir today I had half plate mutton biryani at hazra haji biryani shop .I’m sure they aar mixing beef with mutton .what can be done sir


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