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Hindus in Bengal must not vote Mamata Banerjee, if she doesn’t change her Islamic policy.

Why Bengal Hindus must not vote ‘Jihadi Didi’ Mamata Banerjee further?

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | Dec 30. 2017:: West Bengal Chief Minister came to power in May 2011 by the majority support of Hindu voters of the state. The majority people of Bengal chose a Change from the bloodiest Left regimen in Bengal that lasted for 34 years at a stretch.

The people of Bengal had no other option than to exercise the franchise of Mamata made Trinmool Congress (TMC) as their champion to throw out CPIM in the Bay Of Bengal.

In that exercise, majority people had to accept the appeasement policy of Mamata Banerjee to get the support of the substantial Muslim vote Bank in Bengal, keeping in their mind for a appropriate resistance of it in time. But that had never happened.

The culpable Islamic communal force that was active in the Left front of Bengal started to shift their position in TMC and finally fortified their bastion in TMC under the patronage of Mamata Banerjee herself.

The ‘slightly controlled’ Muslim force in CPM turned a ‘uncontrollable’ leviathan in the political periphery in Bengal.

Bengal became a playgrounds of Talibans and Jihadi hub as well at an utter indulgence of Mamata Banerjee.

Within One and half year Mamata came to power in WB CM ,  Kolkata witnessed the first honour killing  in decades (Dec 2012)+. A Muslim fanatic named Mehtab Alam dragged his sister, Nilofer,  out on the street and cut off her head with one stroke of the sword in Ayubnagar locality under Nadial Police Station of Kolkata port areas, just 10 km off the residence of WB CM.

It was alleged that Nilofer Biwi had an extramarital relationship with her brother in-law and that made infuriated Mehtab to kill her instantly in an inhumane way.

Scores of residents looked on in horror as Mehtab Alam walked to a police station with the head of her sister in his left hand and the sword in his right, dripping blood all along the way+. Reaction of then newly elected CM Mamata Banerjee was untraceable though police arrested Mehatab immediately. Mehatab is now in jail for a life term. Mamata did not react anything or arrange any  huge compensation to the family of the deceased as the matter was related to ‘an internal or sentimental thing on religious ground’.

Muslim Man beheads sister, walks to the police station with her head in Mamata’s Talibani Bengal! Was there any Media outcry then like Sambhulal’s case?

The above incident can happen in Mamata’s Bengal.

But, in December 2017, we are seeing a hyper active CM Mamata Banerjee to pay Rupees three lakh to the family of Afrazul, a daily labour from Malda,  who killed by one Sambhulal Regar in Rajastan some days ago+. Sambhulal killed Afrazul with an axe and burnt him brutally for an alleged case of Love Jihad+.

Though the criminality and brutality of Mehatab and Sambhulal are same, Mamata loudly blamed Sambhulal and the BJP Govt in Rajasthan and Modi Govt in the Center but we have failed to hear a single word for the Mehtab’s same deadly act of cutting the head of her own sister!

As Mamata believes in her ‘Selective Humanism’ rested in ‘appeasement of Muslims by the state and her political party’ and ‘attack on Hindus by Jihadi Muslims’,  over dozen of  Hindus (see list below) were murdered  by the Muslim fanatics on religious grounds and  dozen of Communal Riots were perpetrated by the Jihadi Muslims during the ruling of Mamata Banerjee with political, police and administrative indulgences.

It is sure that the media explored the death of Akhlak or Phelu Khan will never be able to give two lines reference on the horrible deaths of dozens of Bengali Hindus and the inexplicable terrorization upon Hindus of Bengal all happened in the Jihadi heaven of West Bengal. In each cases, victims were Hindus and the perpetrators were fanatic Muslims. Eventually, the attacks on Hindus by fanatic Muslims are acceptable for the TMC politics as a very usual thing.

In most of the cases Hindu girls were murdered in connection with love Jihad and Hindu men were killed by Muslims out of rift created on social and religious grounds. The list below may be checked out once again to see how our memories fail to recollect the murder cases of Ankita Mandal of Sonarpur, Mausumi Saha of Ashoknagar, Twinkle Kumari Shaw of Jamuria or Mou Rajak of Hanskhali. They all were fallen victim of Love Jihad or Rape Jihad.

Can we recollect the Jihadi brutalization upon the Hindu girls viz. Sampa Naskar of Mandir Bazar, Ritu Shau of Kakinara, Neha Choudhury of Belur or a little girl Pinki of Sangrampur?

We perhaps forgot the murders of Hind males like Mohit Sarkar of Chinsura, Bijoy Ghosh of Fulia, Dr Bikashbandhu Ghosh of Barasat, Ashoke Sen of Tehatta, Kartik Chandra Methia of Sahararhat, Gurupada Biswas of Shantipur, Indrajit Dutta of Birbhum or Rohit Tanti of Kharagpur. They were all fallen victim of Jihad in Bengal.

The list below is inconclusive but we must get ourselves afresh about the dimension of Bengal Jihad sponsored by our Jihadi Didi. The appeasement policy in Bengal politics, presstitue media (like ABP Ananda) and the anti-Hindu intellectuals all joined their hands to make Bengal as a safe haven of Jihadis.

1. Bajrangbali temple attacked at Durgapur in Bengal in the wind of Change (28/05/11).

2. Kulpi PS attacked. Muslim Criminals took shelter of TMC to destroy local administration(24/10/11). 

3. Sampa Naskar  daughter of Kanai Naskar of Mandir Bazar raped by Four Rape Jihadis and attempted murder (16/11/2011).

4. Muslim guy Noor chopped off his Hindu friend Samar Adak ghastly as the later did not lend money to him (24/11/2011).

5. Ritu Sahu of Kakinara was attempted to murder by a Jilted Love Jihadi Chattu Khan (26/11.2011).

6. Salauddin, the Love Jihadi, murdered Hindu housewife Ankita in front of her Mother-in-law at Sonarpur (27/11/2011). Death of Hindu housewife.

7. Hindu parents murdered at Chinsura by Muslim boy for perpetuating Love Jihad(04/2012).  Death of Hindu parents.

8. Hindu Temple at Fulia Vandalized and Caretaker’s (Bijoy Ghosh) Throat Slit in Fulia by suspected Muslim perpetrators (24/04/2012). Death of Hindu Temple Caretaker.

9. ‘Innocence of Muslims’ sparks protest in Kolkata. Employees evacuated from Kolkata US Consulate office. (28/09/2012)

10. Hindu Doctor Bikashbandhu Mallik mercilessly beaten to death by Muslim hooligans for tease protest at Barasat (03/11/ 2012)Death of Hindu Doctor.

11. A Hindu women Mrs Sarkar was raped in moving car in kolkata by Habib Rehman and Mumtaz Khan (07/06/2012).

12. One Hindu shot dead at Tehatta Police Firing over Jagadhhatri Puja permission. (14/11 /2012) Death of Hindu Youth.

 13. Canning Riot by Jihadis and Hindu persecution (19/02/ 2013).

14. Muslim goons shot dead and chopped Hindu social activist and businessman Kartik Methia  at Sahararhat Market (29/03/2014). Death of Hindu businessman.

15. Mamata Banerjee nominates a ‘Hard Core SIMI Man’ and ‘Fundamental Editor of Dainik Kalom’ for a Rajya Sabha Seat in WB (23/01/2014).

16. Khagragarh Jihadi Blast (02/10/2014).

17. Neha Choudhury, Hindu girl of 18  was set ablaze allegedly by a 26-year-old Love Jihadi  named Mohammad Imtiaz in Howrah (08/12/2014).

18. Mehdi Masoor Biswas, the Bengal Jihadi is a man of Trinity liking ISIS, SIMI abd TMCP (14/12/2014).

19. Muslims vandalized Hindu areas and business at Usthi in West Bengal with the help of State Minister(29/01/2015).

20. Largest Counterfeit currency racket uncovered in Kolkata and Howrah (03/03/2015).

21. Muslim school van puller sexually violated 7 years old girl child (May 6, 2015).

22. Mousumi Saha, a meritorious Hindu girl of high school murdered by Muslim land grabber Momin Mondal at Ashoknagar PS area (06/11/2015). Death of Hindu Girl.

23. Hindu trader brutally murdered by drunk Muslim picnickers after being chased to cook beef and drink whiskey near a  Vaishnava temple near Shantipur (25/12/2015). Death of Male Hindu Trader.

24. Kaliachak Jihadis burnt Police Station and attacked Hindus (12/01/2016)

25. Twinkle Kumari Shaw  raped and murdered by Aftab Alam alias Raju at Jamuria (26/01/2016). Death of Hindu Girl.

26. Jihadis destroyed Dholahat Police Station and threatened to slaughter the Hindus on Bakrid (11/09/2016).

27. Hindu boy Rohit Tanti beaten to death by Muslims in road rage incident in Kharagpur (18/09/2016). Death of Hindu Boy.

28. Chanchal Police station attacked by TMC Jihadis (16/10/2016)

29. Hindu school girl Mou Rajak killed by acid attack at Hanskhali as she denied the nasty sexual proposal of a Muslim man, Iman Ali Seikh (18/10/16). Death of Hindu Girl.

30. Jihadi Muslims murdered a Hindu youth in West Bengal as he denied to give Muharram donation (31/10/2016). Death of Hindu Youth.

31.  Hindu trauma at Dhulagarh in JIhadi  WB (17/12/2016).

32. Hindu students and locals block NH-6 with a demand of Saraswati Puja at Tehatta High School in Howrah. Police Brutalize Them (January 2017).

33. Kartik Gosh died after Muslim stabbed him in Baduria Riot (Basirhat) (16/07/2017). Death of Hindu elder.

The above list does not include the Jihadi attacks or riots  at Panchla, Samudragarh, Jiranpur, Kalna, Katwa,  Chopra, Falta,  Mandir Bazar or many places where Hindus were traumatized in over six years under the culpable regimen of Jihadi Didi. Jihadis attacked Police Stations at Kulpi, Kaliachak, Chanchal and Dholahat and horrified  police staff and public there and destroyed public properties abundantly. But, our Jihadi Didi ordered lakhs of rupees for the compensation for victims of Magrahat hooch tragedy (above 90% were Muslims) or directed to observe Milad-un-Nabi and Eid in police stations and prized the Muslim Imam and Muazzins with honorarium. Mamata prized her Muslim vote bank in all possible ways, but never cared to save persecuted Bengal Hindus from Islamist thrust.

The above list does not even include the case of tragic death of a Bolepur Girl Anima Sarkar who was raped repeatedly by Muslim blackmailer Haifizul + and died after setting herself on fire after seeing her nude pics flashed in social media as uploaded by the Muslim culprit. Has Mamata Banerjee taken any action so far?

Ask your CM

In one hand our Jihadi Didi appeased the Muslims to unleash the Jihad in Bengal and thrashed the Bengali Hindus in many ways. Hindus in Bengal reach its most vulnerable situation where their existence is questioned seriously.

Hindus in Bengal  must not vote ‘Jihadi Didi’ Mamata Banerjee further. It should not be taken as a political measure. It must be taken as a step of survival of Hindus in Bengal. West Bengal Hindus should not forget the fate of Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh. Once 33% Hindus in East Pakistan, later emerged as Bangladesh, now came down to only 8%. The Hindu percentage in West Bengal is also coming down day by day and 3 districts and 68 blocks in West Bengal now already became Muslim Majority. Very soon other six districts are going to be Muslim majority. Hindus in Bengal must understand the reality of it.

In this pretext, Hindus in Bengal have no other option to throw out Mamata Banerjee and her Party TMC ( don’t know whether it is Total Muslim Congress or Total Mujaheddin Congress?) for ensuring West Bengal as a safe place of Hindus to live.

Hindus in Bengal  must not vote ‘Jihadi Didi’ Mamata Banerjee anyway, if Mamata does not change her communal agenda of Islamization of Bengal.

Courtesy: The links used above from different sources.


2 comments on “Hindus in Bengal must not vote Mamata Banerjee, if she doesn’t change her Islamic policy.

  1. Soumya sengupta
    March 24, 2018

    Bengalis Hindus should not vote Mamta Banerjee .She is a Ram hater and follows a policy of appeasement towards the Muslims to attract votes. The two northern districts of Bengal already have muslims in majority where Hindus have got little to say.This is a ploy to turn Bengal as a muslim majority state so that the dreams of greator Bangladesh could be fulfilled.Also it is high time that the Hindu Bengalis living on the other side of the border called Bangladesh fight for their rights and demand a separate homeland for themselves in context of the large scale atrocities being committed on them by their Muslim counterparts.


  2. Soumya sengupta
    March 26, 2018

    Bangladesh was first India then Pakistan and now zihadi Bangladesh.The anti Hindu policy followed by Bangladesh is to wipe out the Hindus from the soil at any cost.If the Hindus doesnot leave the country on their own, then the state machinery resorts to vandalism loot and forcible occupation and religious conversion.The people of Bangladesh who claim themselves to be Muslims are all those Hindus who got converted in the process.United Bengal never had a muslim population.These people are basically lower caste Hindus who got influenced by Islam when the Mughals occupied Hindu India and started spreading their religion in various nook and corners of India, occupied Hindu properties including spreading their wings in Bengal.


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