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Hindu Pilgrims in Ganga Sagar Mela brutalized by Bangladeshi Muslim Goons.

Hindu Pilgrims from Rajasthan thrashed by suspected Bangladeshi Muslims. Calls Ganga Sagar a part of Bangladesh.

Susmita Bhattacharia | HENB | Kakdwip | Jan 8, 2017::  An embarrassing news involving attacks on a group of Ganga Sagar pilgrims has been suppressedly surfaced in a section of Media in Bengal. On 3rd Jan 2018, suspected a Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrator group at Kochuberia (Sagar PS, WB) had beaten up 40 Hindu pilgrims (mostly old women and men) when travelling in a bus No. WB 19 G 0185 in Sagar island, The Hindu pilgrims came from Rajasthan to attend the Holy Ganga Sagar Mela by a bus No. RJ 18 PA 4607 which was parked at the main land at Lot 8.

The Jihadi attackers called Kochuberia (WB) and Ganga Sagar (WB) as a part of Bangladesh and thrashed the pilgrims with rods and wooden logs and even threatened them of chopping them into pieces. As per the statement given by the  victims there was only one man wearing Khaki (Police or Civic Police) and was busy with phone ignoring the entire incident. The victims somehow managed to flee the area and reached Kolkata city the next day morning when Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM) got the news.

Members of HJM led by its Kolkata unit President Kamalesh Pandey and HJM’s Administrative Liaison Vivek Singh met the terrified pilgrims on 4th Jan 2018 near Babu Ghat (Kolkata) at Gate No. 2 and requested them to file a police complaint which they refused fearing further harassment. However, they gave a written statement to Hindu Jagaran Manch, on the basis of which HJM lodged a complaint in Maidan Police Station.

Though this painful news got some importance in news papers viz. Prabhat Khabar, Jagran and in Republic TV, the local administration at Ganga Sagar or South 24 District authority did not pay any attention to it. Even, the authority did not arrest the Driver and Conductor of the bus (WB 19 G 0185) who were also involved in the attack, as alleged.

In a press release,  Hindu Jagran Manch condemned the entire incident demanding adequate police force at Kachuberia to avoid further attacks on Ganga Sagar Pilgrims anyway.

While WB State BJP President Dilip Ghosh described the incident as a part of total failure of the law and order situation in the state; Dinesh Bajaj, a veteran TMC leader narrated the matter as a concocted one to trash the image of CM Mamata Banerjee.

When HENB team tried to investigate the matter at Kachuberia and surrounds, it is  found the evidences of the fact that the pilgrims from outer state frequently get hackled by local people of ‘other faith’ being charged higher rates for vehicles and hotels.

As the WB State Govt charges three times higher fare in Bus and Ferry Services during Ganga Sagar Mela than the normal time, local TMC leaders and some Muslim groups usually start their business to exploit the innocent Hindu pilgrims coming to Ganga Sagar from other states. The innocent Hindu pilgrims of Ganga Sagar bear all these perpetration with great tolerance!

The big cut outs of Mamata Banejee welcoming Ganga Sagar Mela throughout the Mela roads and Sagar island  obviously have other stories, so unbelievable.



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