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Muslim Teacher in UP school thrashes kids for singing National Song.

Jihadi Teacher-in-charge allegedly thrashes kids for singing Vande Mataram in an UP School.

Bharatendu Tiwari | HENB | Mirzapur | Jan 7, 2018:: A Muslim teacher-in-charge (headmaster) of a primary school in Mirzapur was suspended for allegedly beating students and preventing them from folding hand for Saraswati Vandana and singing Vande Matram during prayers. Vande Matram (Salutation to the Mother India) is the National Song of India.

According to reports, the Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) of Mirzapur Pravin Kumar Tiwari went to the primary school at Jafarkhani village in Jamalpur block for an investigation on 29 Dec last year. He suspended  Shahid Faisal, the teacher-in-charge of the primary school after preliminary investigations.

“We have been receiving complaints from parents of students that the headmaster did not allow students to singSaraswati Vandana with folded hands or say Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai. He also allegedly beat students when they did not obey his command,” the BSA said.

During investigation, the teacher-in-charge said that he used to stop children a year back in the month of Ramjan as those hymns of Saraswati Vandana and National Anthem could pollute his Wudu  (oju – ritual purification in Islam) in the holy moth.

Though Shahid Master under scanner tried to refute all the allegations as baseless and related to his new engagement as Teacher-in-charge, many students of the school reiterated their complaints before media.

“It is a serious matter that may also lead to communal tension, so the headmaster has been suspended. Further inquiry has begun which will be completed in next 15 days,” Tiwari said.

Many of the guardians of the students alleged that Shahid Master put objections for Saraswati vandana in the school last year and he always tried to create troubles for the related programmes for Independence day or Republic Day.

“If there are dozens of Shahid Masters in the sphere of schools and colleges, they will make entire education system as of Taliban and ISIS people, We want immediate removal of the culprit teacher from the school”, a guardian of a student of Jafarkhani Primary School told HENB.

The Final investigation report on Shaid Master is likely to be issued on Jan 12, 2018. An uneasy situation prevails in the boundaries of Jafarkhani Primary School and beyond.

__Inputs from Punjab Keshri.


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