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WB Police Objecting Saffron Flags of Ram Navami to Provoke Communal Tension.

Saffron phobia of WB Police…..

Mamata Banerjee’s Police in WB is obstructing to display Saffron flag for Ram Navami.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | March 19, 2018:: In a very ulterior motive to disturb the peaceful Ram Navami Celebration (25 March 2018), the WB Police is objecting the display of Saffron Flags before the celebrations start.

From a social media platform it is seen that  WB Police is obstructing to display Saffron flag for Ram Navami (2018), perhaps under the instruction of CM Mamata Banerjee alias Mamtaz Banu.

When WB Police is objecting hoist or mount Saffron Flag in Chanditala area (Hoogly District) and trying to hamper ensuing Ram Navami Celebrations, the same police has allowed/is allowing 15000 Islamic Jalsa/Ejtema etc. in Bengal this year without any permission. But, WB Administration and Police put hundreds of hurdles to get the permission of  Hindu Puja and celebrations

The Police officer in the video below is telling that “displaying Saffron Flags may lead to Communal Riot. So, saffron flag should not be displayed in a mixed area”.

In such a culpable way of pro-activism, WB Police is provoking the minority Muslims in WB to run riot against the devout Hindus who wish to celebrate Ram Navami.

The days are not far away, when the WB Police will seek permission from Hindus in a ‘mixed area’ for the daily worship or blowing conch in the evening (Sandhya).

Think the perilous condition of Religious Rights of Bengali Hindus in West Bengal under the control of Jihadi Didi Mamata Banerjee, the CM of WB.

HENB is trying to get the antecedents about the police officer in video footage who is seen to deny the Hindu Rights to display/hoist Saffron Flag for Ram Navami in a very clandestine manner for creating a communal tension.

WB administration and Police are jointly moving to stop Ram Navami Rallies and Celebrations with an allegation of brandishing weapons (swords, bows & arrows etc.) in the rallies in the name of Ram. But, the same police never objected the rallies of Muharram carrying lethal weapons and blood sheds in the streets all around unabated.

Several reports are coming in that WB Police is creating problems to run Ram Navami Rallies to be held on 25th March across the state.

Courtesy: Sujit Kul’s post in Face Book.


2 comments on “WB Police Objecting Saffron Flags of Ram Navami to Provoke Communal Tension.

  1. Dipak
    March 20, 2018

    Are Bengali Hindus sleeping ?


    • hinduexistence
      March 20, 2018

      No they are not sleeping all. See the courageous chase of the Hindu activists in the video.

      The Chanditala MLA of TMC, Swati Khondiker (A Saradha Scam tainted Jihadi woman) is behind the scene.

      The Chanditala Hindus will give the reply in a befitting way.

      Jai Sri Ram.



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