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BJP must realize Indian Narrative of Hindutva than Economy to retain power in 2019: Swamy.

Not the Economy, Hindutva and building Ram Temple is the way of victory for BJP in 2019, says Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, BJP Rajya Sabha member and Hindutva Think Tank says BJP needs 5 more years to fulfill promises; says Hindutva, not economic development, will help BJP get votes to win….

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Mumbai | July 8, 2018:: Veteran BJP leader and Rajya Sabha Member Dr Subramanian Swamy  said on Monday the NDA government at the Centre needed to be given another five-year term in order to fulfill its promises and mature the Hindu’s expectations, but went on to add that the country’s economy as “not in a good state” as he did not become the finance minister.

He was speaking at a function titled “India’s Grand Narrative”, organised by the Virat Hindustan Sangam here. Virat Hindustan Sangam (VHS) was founded by Dr. Subramanian Swamy in 2014 to make a grand alliance among various Hindutva groups to make India as a real Hindu Nation.

“Economic development is not going to bring in votes. (Former prime minister Atal Bihari) Vajpayeeji used ‘India Shining’ as his government’s campaign motto but failed. The BJP promised reassertion in its faith (Hindutva) and a corruption-free government. Hence, it won so many seats in 2014,” the Rajya Sabha member said, adding, “Hindutva is going to help the BJP.”

Swamy said the ruling party had started honouring the promises it had made to the electorate, adding that it needed another five years to finish the task.

“I will not say that we have fulfilled all the promises we made in 2014, but we have started honouring them. We need five more years to complete what we have started,” he said.

Striking a controversial note ahead of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, which is scheduled to begin on July 18, Swamy said some bureaucrats were “sabotaging” the government’s good work.

“This is the first time we have had so many corrupt people being prosecuted. They may not have been convicted yet. We have had an invariant system for 70 years, due to which, today we find bureaucrats in our government sabotaging our work,” he said.

“I had promised to reveal some names, but since the Parliament session is coming up, I am not going to give this opportunity to the Congress to use my statement against my own government,” the BJP leader said.

Stating that after the Parliament session, he would reveal the names at a public meeting here, Swamy said, “But by that time, (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi might even remove them, so I will not have to give those names.”

Adding to Modi’s recent comment that the Congress was like a “bail gaadi” now, punning on the legal term “bail” and the Hindi term for bullock carts, Swamy said the “bail gaadi” was headed to “Tihar Vihar” (jail).

Hitting out at the opposition party, he said according to WikiLeaks, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had gone to the US Embassy in 2006 and told the officials there that his party had concluded that “Hindu terror” was more dangerous than the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

Washing out any chance of existence of the Hindutva Terror or Saffron Terrorism, Dr Swamy exposed the congress again for taking very inappropriate steps to deal with Islamic Terrorism in India.

“And they (Congress) did a somersault on the Samjhauta Express (blast). When the blast happened, the Manmohan Singh government wrote to the US saying it appeared to have been done by the LeT.

“The US, after collecting its own data, went to the UN and declared the LeT as a terrorist organisation,” Swamy added.

“…and after the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, Chidambaram became the Union home minister and wrote a fresh FIR. We had two FIRs running at the same time (on the Samjhauta Express blast).

“One (FIR) which says the LeT had done it and in another, a celebrated military official (Col Prasad) Purohit — who was given the task to target and prepare a dossier on an Islamic terrorist — was picked up, tortured and jailed for nine years, because they wanted to prove that Hindu terror exists,” the BJP leader alleged.

Taking a swipe at Chidambaram, Swamy said he was teaching the senior Congress leader what “real Hindu terror” was.

“Now, of course, I am teaching Chidambaram what real Hindu terror is. Of course I won’t be cruel, so I will send his wife, his son and daughter-in-law (to jail). I am not going to be cruel to the Congress party. I will send many to jail so their next working committee meet can take place in Tihar jail,” he said sarcastically.

Speaking about the country’s economy, Swamy, an economist and statistician, said, “The economy is certainly not in a very good state as I am not the finance minister.”

The veteran ideologue of Hindutva categorically said,”Only one thing can change the whole situation for making a victory for BJP is 2019, that is building Ram Temple (in Ayodhya)”.

Rooting for the removal of different types of cess, the BJP leader said the only cess that was needed and the one people would happily pay was for financing cow shelters.

“I am sure people will happily pay such a cess,” he told the gathering in response to a query.

Giving more emphasis to share the positive ‘Indian Narratives’ among the new generation in India, Dr Swamy advocated for rewriting Indian History in its Right Hindutva perspective.

“I think changing the text books is very important. I suggested to our Govt. that the best way to change the text books is to set up a committee under the chairmanship of Rajiv Malhotra. And I will not rest till that not happens!”, says Dr. Swamy with a great applause.

The Mumbai meet of Virat Hindustan Sangam on Sunday on the topic “India’s Grand Narrative” was also addressed by Rajiv Malhotra, an eminent Indologist, writer and Hindutva commentator in the present time. Malhotra urged the audience to explore the indigenous resource and power to build India as a Vishwa Guru (World Teacher) to solve the crises before the Human Civilization in present time.

There was a tremendous response to VHS Maharashtra meet at Mumbai on Sunday in spite of heavy rains. The  jam packed auditorium was ready for hearing the talk by Shri Rajiv Malhotra & Dr Subramanian Swamy.

“Yes, We are never taught to take pride in ourselves  and never even told that our culture was so strong that invaders couldn’t convert India to a Islamic or Christian nation even after 700 yrs Islamic rule or 200 yrs British rule….. India is even known as Hindu Rashtra by the Chinese people since 700 BC as Chinese used to call India as InduGo, i.e. Hindu state as meant in Chinese language….. Islam and Christianity converted the people everywhere to make their rule, but we are still 82% Hindus here… what does it mean…. We never accepted the slavery or to change religion to retain our Hindu identity right and meaningful “, told Dr. Swamy in his India’s Grand Narrative lecture.


__inputs from PTI,  VHS Twitter handle and PGuru.

3 comments on “BJP must realize Indian Narrative of Hindutva than Economy to retain power in 2019: Swamy.

  1. drvraoblog
    July 10, 2018

    Bjp is the only ray of hope for Hindus Therefore the Hindus voted BHP into power. Only BJP can understand Hinduatwa and construct SreeRam temple at Ayodhya. Hindus must give one more chance to BJP to get power in2019 to complete these tasks.


  2. Arindam.
    July 15, 2018

    Dr. Swamy is correct; if BJP tries campaigning on the economy, they risk ending up out of power, (as happened in 2004).


  3. Neel N
    November 11, 2018

    They should learn form Vajpayee’s India Shining and what went wrong.


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