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Pravin Togadia to march to Ayodhya in October for Ram Temple.

A campaign has been started for taking signature of 20 crore Hindus and they will be the part of the march….

Dr Togadia to march to Ayodhya on Oct 21 if Centre does not bring Ordinance on Ram temple.

Ramprasad Yadav | HENB | Ayodhya | Aug 29, 2018:: AantarRashtiya Hindu Parishad (AHP) president Dr Praveen Bhai Togadia on Wednesday announced to march to Ayodhya from Lucknow on October 21, if by then the Centre fails to bring an Ordinance for construction of the grand Ram Temple.

“We have already given the Centre four months time for paving the way for the Ram Janambhoomi temple. The Hindus will not wait further and if by October 21, the government do not bring Ordinance on the construction of Ram Temple, they they will march to Ayodhya from Lucknow,” he said.

“Our organisation had already sent a draft of the Ordinance on Ram Temple to the Centre but they are delaying it,” he said. Addressing a press conference here, Dr Togadia said that already a campaign has been started for taking signature of 20 crore Hindus and they will be the part of the march.

“If the Modi government at the Centre and Yogi in Uttar Pradesh, try to stop the march, then they will block the highways and hold protest and give arrest in Lucknow on October 21, ” he further said.

The AHP president said that it is unfortunate, that BJP came to power with a slogan to construct the Ram temple, but in four years of their rule, they did nothing to construct the temple.

“The sadhus and saints have given their blessings to me for the agitation for Ram Temple and we will remove all barriers who will try to oppose us,” he further said.

Dr Togadia said that BJP was making the joke of the people who sacrifice their lives for Ram temple during the movement by saying that they will obey by the court.” If BJP do not want the Ram temple then I will float a new Hindu party who will construct the temple,” he further said.

Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that the PM visited several mosques during his four year tenure, but it is shameful that he did not visit the Shree Ramjanambhoomi in Ayodhya. “We are clear on our Hindu agenda and along with Ram Janambhoomi, we want Mathura and Kashi too,” he said.

Before his press conference, Dr Togadia met Shree Ramjanam Bhoomi Nyas chairman and Maniramdas Chavni Mahant Nritya Gopal Das and Mahant Kamal Nayan Das Shastri, Digamber Akhara mahand Suresh Das along with other sadhus and saints.

__inputs from UNI.

2 comments on “Pravin Togadia to march to Ayodhya in October for Ram Temple.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    September 2, 2018

    Sure, it is shamefull, Hindus still can’t have a Sri Ram Mandir. This means
    Hindu Bharat is a body without a HEART (BRAINS). This is not a Hindu, a Manow. The brutal invaders and losers have made Bharat a DHANOW.
    The Government of India is the chosen authority to rule Bharat Raj is
    Hindu Raj is Manow Raj, but not a Dhanow Raj. Till now they failed to
    allow construction of the Sri Ram Mandir. This matter is brought before
    the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is an organ of the State. Hindu
    Dharma is not an organ of the State, so, it is above the State. This fact
    given by our Supreme God, can’t be denied by a Government or an organ
    of the State. Kin of brutal invaders as losers have no right in putting con-
    ditions in this matter. Hindus are sovereign. The Government is an instru-
    ment of Hindu Bharat. If the Government refuses to act as per will of Hindus,
    they must quit the Office. Hindu Dharma is sovereign and not bound by po-
    litics, so do the Hindu Nation. It needs the Sri Ram Mandir and has the
    right to build it anytime. That is the unlimited freedom Hindus have. The
    conclusion is; Sri Ram Mandir can be build anytime on Hindu Bharat soil.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  2. Thillay Naidoo
    September 3, 2018

    What is the problem? Are there any people who are preventing the construction of the Mandir? Please tell us.


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