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It’s a Ganga Gimmick by Gadkari. How can ‘Ganga will be completely clean by March 2020’?

How can Ganga will be completely clean by March 2020, if cow and animal slaughter is not completely banned in five Ganga basin states (Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal)?

River Ganga Will be Completely Clean by March 2020, Promises Nitin Gadkari.

PTI | New Delhi | Aug 30, 2018:: Union minister Nitin Gadkari expressed hope on Thursday that the Ganga river will become completely clean by 2020 considering the pace at which its rejuvenation programme was in progress.

He said most of the 221 projects under the Namami Gange Mission worth Rs 22,238 crore are at advanced stages of completion.

“Considering the pace at which the works are awarded and getting completed, we are hopeful that by March 2020, river Ganga will be completely clean. It is a difficult task, but we will complete,” the Water Resources and Ganga Rejuvenation Minister said.

The government’s flagship project has progressed well and nearly 70-80 per cent of the work will be completed by March 2019, he added.

Gadkari said apart from cleaning the Ganga river, work is also undertaken to clean the tributaries and nallas that flow into the main river.

“All these projects are done by private players and I have not given any responsibility to any of the corporations.

I cannot depend on the government for taking ahead these projects and so we have given the responsibility to the private sector to monitor them real-time using the best IT methods,” Gadkari said.

The minister was speaking at an event here organised by the Indian Merchants’ Chamber (IMC).

The Namami Gange Mission consists of 221 projects 194 of which deal with constructing STPs, rural sanitation and bioremediation largely spanning Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, which are responsible for most of the pollution, he said.

Gadkari said over Rs 3 lakh crore worth road projects, were stalled before he took charge of the ministry. “We introduced the hybrid annuity model (HAM) in the road sector giving it a boost. Similarly, we introduced the model in sewage treatment and already two projects are under implementation,” he said.

Works on two projects (50 MLD in Varanasi and 82 MLD in Haridwar) have been started under the HAM and other projects that are sanctioned include Naini, Jhusi, Phaphamau, Unnao, Shuklaganj, Mathura, Kanpur, Mirzapur, Gazipur and Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh; Digha, Kankarbagh and Bhagalpur in Bihar; Howrah, Bally and Tolly’s Nalla (Kolkata), Kamarhati and Baranagar in West Bengal, he said.

“These sewage management projects will take care of the current gap in sewage treatment and also sustain the sewage treatment for future,” Gadkari added.

He further said that work has started on the National Waterway 1 project from Varanasi to Haldia and there are plans for four multi-modal transit systems, 16 river ports, nine ferry services and eight Ro-Ro services.

“On the lines of air traffic control (ATC), we are starting river traffic control system between Haldia and Patna and we hope to take it up to Varanasi in one month,” Gadkari added.

As a part of the contribution towards the Clean Ganga Fund, IMC president Raj Nair and former president Nanik Rupani handed over a cheque of Rs 25 lakh to Gadkari.

Courtesy: News 18.

Gadkari Brahmachari

Brahmachari speaks:: It’s nothing but a Ganga Gimmick by Gadkari !!

In an article, “GANGA GHOTALA: Over Rs 10,000 crore has been spent. But, Only 1% of Holy Ganga cleaned in 4 yrs. Crack the Ganga syndicates+”, published in Hindu existence on 22nd July, 2108, where I categorically told, “PM Modi & NDA Govt led by BJP completely fail to keep its promises to save Ganga and downplay the National interest & Hindu sentiments both. Govt. must probe on the misuse of Govt exchequer allotted to clean Ganga projects and to see whether those funds were stashed by some Ganga syndicates!”

It is very much clear to the concerned public that CAG has blamed management failures and deficiencies in terms of non-adherence to codal provisions relating to survey and investigations behind the tardy implementation and cost escalation, the NGT has addressed the policy lapses to clean Ganga Mission. So, the present NDA Govt led by BJP can’t wash out its hands in Ganga water to put the image clean.

For the obnoxious linkages to the illegal sand and stone mafias, abattoirs, tanneries and chemical and industrial companies;  the Governmental authorities always gave indulgence to the culprits to kill Ganga day by day.  The aarti to Ganga by PM Modi, Uma Bharti or Gadkari could not provide any oxygen to Mother Ganga, who is now struggling for her life in an ICCU run by some BJP men.

When the General Election in 2019 is approaching nearer, Gadkari is playing a Ganga Gimmick to exploit the Ganga sentiment of the millions of Hindu devotees and the virtual voters of BJP.

The nation will be mostly benefited if any good is done to Ganga and if the promises of Gadkari is not an election gimmick at all. But, Nitin’s promises as “River Ganga Will be Completely Clean by March 2020+” is almost impossible for the corrupts connected with BJP. How can Ganga will be completely clean by March 2020, if cow and animal slaughter is not completely banned in five Ganga basin states (Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal)?

BJP may suffer a Vajpayee syndrome after 2019 parliamentary election result if it gets three curses from Gau Mata, Ganga Mata and Bharat Mata.

Cows, Ganga and Ram Rajya (Ram Temple is a symbolic confirmation of that ideals) are the three mandates for the good governance in Bharat. But, BJP and Modi are just betraying upon these three points. Now, BJP prefers Modi Raj than Ram Raj. It’s very bad.

Nitin Gadkari must prove his promise right and clean Ganga completely within March 2020. That’s a good way to relive BJP and Bharat with Ganga water like Bhagirath. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Courtesy: Agencies.

One comment on “It’s a Ganga Gimmick by Gadkari. How can ‘Ganga will be completely clean by March 2020’?

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    August 31, 2018

    Hindus, Bharat is your mother soil. This means, you are the Natives of
    this countries. Sadly, there was in the past a period brutal foreign in-
    truders with help of internal traitors, could hold power in Bharat. Hindus
    had fought them fiercely and became winners. As winners they have the
    full right on whole Bharat according the Law of the Natives. Herewith losers
    and their kin are ghulams and aren’t equal to Hindus. The time they were
    in power, Hindus were treated as animals. That is now gone. Hindus get
    on your feet and demand from the Government to act as the will of Hindus.
    This means: 1. Sri Ram Mandir must be build as soon as possible. 2. The
    Ganga must given extra priority. 3. A Hindu Janta Court must be set-up
    to convict Hindu haters, killers and they who are rejecting the Hindu heri-
    tage. 4. All convent school/madrassa’s must be brought under Gurulcules.
    5. Shut down the embassies of Vatican and the supporters of Hindu-killers.
    This Court is an open public Court – a full day session – by Hindus against
    its enemies. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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