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Why Ayodhya is important to the whole world.

The Hindu View-point of a Christian Reporter….

The reason why Ayodhya is important to the whole world.

Antonia Filmer | TSG | Ayodhya | October 6, 2018:: Once you have visited Ayodhya you cannot get that city out of your mind. Since my first visit as a spiritual tourist I have held onto the beauty of the iridescent light reflected off the Sarayu as a comforting image. As probably the only foreigner in Ayodhya that day I found nothing but warm welcomes and openness, no questions asked and all doors were open to me. At the Hanuman Garhi Temple invisible steps behind a closed door opened up to invite us up to the rooftop to view the ancient Kingdom. It was a memorable moment absorbing the 360 degrees of history and Hinduism spread out below, this magnificent vision has imprinted itself onto my psyche. Mani Parbat hilltop affords another historical view, here is an adorable Hanuman in a shrine, alas at that time surrounded by collapsing architecture crying out for rescue.

The perfect blue colour at the Tretake Thakur Temple, where the authentic idols of Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Bharat are conserved, I made into my laptop screensaver, so I could begin every day with a Ram inspiration. There is an atmosphere and feeling of connection that compels sharing it with everyone, worldwide. The essence of Ram is still breathing in Ayodhya, the echoes of goodwill and good governance are palpable; Ayodha was the pinnacle of India’s ancient civilisation and is waiting for a C21st transformation to restore its reputation and influence.

There is no doubt Ram lives, his mortal and moral consciousness is an example of unity and peace for the world. Ram is showing us values with we have lost along the way, life is not just about “The Big ME”; we can learn from Ram, Sita and Lakshman about sacrifice without whining, survival in the face of adversity, loyalty not fickleness, the power of selflessness, determination and trust.

Ram melted into the River Sarayu to blend the essence of Indian culture into the waters of the world, this is why Ayodhya is important to the world.


Courtesy: The Sunday Guardian.

Writer Antonia Filmer is senior reporter of Sunday Guardian and documentary maker.

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