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Stop Dangerous Christian Conversion Conspiracy Against Hindus in South Bengal.

Critical Christian aggression in the Hindu areas in South Bengal. Vilification of Hindu Dharma crosses all limits. Many NGOs are posing back or front office for conversion. 

An angry Bible Preacher threatens the Hindus for dire consequences: “Jesus will end Hindu Life”

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | Jan 19, 2019:: The culpable Christian Missionaries have penetrated in rural West Bengal in its South and North regions at a large scale in last three or four years. Christian Missionaries are using huge amount of money to start their Prayer houses in most of the rural towns. After making colossal structures for Churches, Prayer houses, Training Institutions or starting Book stalls, Medical shops or hiring rooms or premises, these outsider Preachers of Jesus and Bible are taking control over the poor Hindu people in many localities through various allurements under suspicious trick with the utter vilification of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

As there is the Christian conversion conspiracy is seen all time high in the Darjeeling and  Jalpaiguri tea estate areas among the hill tribes, the missionaries are very active in the Sunderban delta and coastal areas of south Bengal among the marginal fishermen families and SC/ST people.  The Christian Missionaries have planned to set up Churches, Prayer Houses or Weekly Congregations within all Pin Code areas and sub-post office areas in WB under ‘Operation PIN Code’ (OPC) or ‘Operation Mobilization’ (OM) programme to make this state as a ‘Land of Jesus’. But, these Christian Missionaries only explore the Hindu areas and never venture in any Muslim locality.

From these Jishu Prarthana Bhavan (Jesus Prayer houses), Bible Center and Churches, they try to allure the poor Hindus to convert them. These Christian preachers and activists abuse Hindu deities calling them as evil spirit. When the devout Hindus protest these fraud evangelic propaganda, the Christian activists use to attack the Hindus in many ways creating law and order situation. Local administration, police and political parties are not taking proper action to avoid the severe unrest in waiting.

Like many other places, the entire South 24 Parganas consisting of Diamond Harbour. Kakdwip, Baruipur, Alipore and Canning Subdivision  have been turned as the conversion land where thousands of poor and ignorant Hindu people are becoming the victim of Christian conversion conspiracy in a very fast and formulated way.

In the beginning of last year the entire Kanpur and Dalanghata areas under Diamond Harbour Police Station turned as area of conflict as the devout Hindus protested the filthy preaching of Jesus activists against Hindu Dharma and Deities by some Usthi and Birbhum based Church Centers  and stopped them to enter into the Hindu localities. It is reported that one local Rosy Merry Methodist School was giving shelters for these outsider Christian Brothers and Sisters. Local Hindus stopped more than three prayer houses in that localities which became epicenters for anti-Hindu propaganda and many illicit affairs.

In the middle of last year some places around Chandipur under Ram Nagar Coastal Police Station became the war field between the Hindus and Neo-Christians as the Bible Preachers were serially entered many Hindu villages with a concept of “Jishu Dada” where they tried to delineated Hindu gods and goddesses as evil spirit and depicted Jesus as only holy spirit and saviour of mankind. Those Christian preachers also took the help of many superstitions and black magic as healing of various disease.

In December last Hindus of Hatuganj area opposed such “Jishu Dada Prarthana Bhavan” where various anti-Hindu propaganda was cropping up and Hindu women and girls were being advised to stop worship Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman as they all represented as ‘Devil spirit’. When many Hindus opposed it and objected a pompous celebration of 25th Dec in a Hindu area,  the organizers of Christmas went away all on a sudden before completion of the programme.

In the first phase of this new year, ward no 15 (Shivalaya-Rajapara-Halder Para), ward no 6 (Roynagar) under Diamond Harbour Municipality and nearby Lalbati area turned battle ground between pro-Hindu and pro-Christian groups when the later were distributing free Bible (Natun Niyam) and other gifts to the Hindus on a condition to denounce Hindu deities to accept Jesus as the savior of life.

While the situation worsened at Lalbati rail gate at the outskirt of Diamond Harbour town, police intervened the matter and called both the parties in the police station to meet up the conflicting points.

The annoyed Hindus of Lalbati area complained against the Bible Preacher and explained how the Christian preachers were advising to reject Medical treatment for a cancer patient and chant the name of only Jesus coming to a Prayer house to get cure from cancer. They also advised not to take the name of Hindu Gods and Goddesses as they were the evil spirit and cause of all the problems and diseases of Hindus. (In the above video footage Hindu residents of a locality described such cases causing their troubles and plights made by Christian preachers).

When the local Hindu leadership on behalf of Bharat Sevashram Sangha and Hindu Jagran Manch reached to Diamond Harbour Police Station and protested such continued anti-Hindu activities by the Christian Missionaries, the Officer-in-Charge  of Diamond Harbour Police Station gave strictures to the pro-Christian people to adhere THE RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS (PREVENTION OF MISUSE) ACT, 1988+ and not to hold any religious programmes and congregation without police information. The OC also ordered not to establish/construct any such religious units without prior permission of District magistrate as per existing rules.

The Hindu leadership pressed the Police station to make an FIR on the basis of a general diary of two Hindu women viz as they were tortured by the pro-Christian people, but police only warned the perpetrators after taking a general diary.

When the local Hindu leadership contacted the eminent Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence Editor, Upananda Brahmachari online and sought his important advice to deal the matter further, Brhmachari advised, “Hindus must be united to chase the evil conversion poly of Christian Missionaries,  Churches and their various allied NGOs. The perpetration of the evangelic elements can be chased by the judicial action with proper application of i) IPC Sec. – 441. Criminal trespass as the Bible preachers they enter into or upon others resident/property in the possession of  with intent to convert or malign the faith of others.  ii) IPC Sec.- 295 as thee Christian Missionaries injure or defile place of worship (villages of Hindus) with intent to insult the religion of any class of Hindus. iii) IPC Sec.- 153A as the Christian Missionaries and Bible preachers certainly promote enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth etc. iv) IPC Sec.- 295A as Christian missionaries deliberate;y  and maliciously act (give bribe, promote black magic, unethical healing or pregnant women in the name of Jesus or make illegal adoption or sell babies in the name of Jesus or involve tribal and other people, women and children in Church sex-racket and exploit the vulnerable people in the truce of papacy) and intend to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs and v)  IPC Sec.- 124A as the Bible or Preacher of the Preachers of Jesus announce to make India as a land of Jesus violating its non-religious nature which amounts sedation and subversive involvement. On the other hand  many foreigners connected with Missionaries of Charity, Don Bosco, Lutheran World Services etc. violate the VISA rules as they preach and participate in conversion activities as they visit India only on travel VISA”.

But, the police and administration in WB do not take serious steps against the culpable Christian missionaries  as above and the related problems are growing day by day.

In recent, a group of Christian women connected with a Christian house named Shanti Nivas in Baruipur who were distributing Bible in the Raja Para (ward no 15 – Diamond Harbour Municipality) and abusing Hindu Dharma. They were vehemently opposed by the Hindu women of the locality. Sensing the trouble the lady Bible preachers left the place in a vehicle provided by K E Carmel School of Bunorhat near Sarisha.

Some reliable investigations reveal that many local NGOs, School and Institutions like Hriday Nivas, Rosy Merry Methodist School, K E Carmel School, Don Bosco Tech, Units of Missionaries of Charity and those many getting Govt and Foreign Funds are grossly involved with various secret Christian ploy to convert Hindu boys, girls and women by alluring them through the promises of regular assistance of money and kinds, bright future, employment, foreign job and joyful sexual life.

Led by Bharat Sevashram Sangha, the Hindu organisations viz RSS, Hindu Jagaran Manch, Hindu Existence Forum, Goudiya Muth etc. have planned to arrange a big Hindu Congregation in South 24 parganas in coming time to register protest against the menace of Evangelist forces so active in WB, particularly in South Bengal.

But, this is not a story of South Bengal or a particular district of South 24 Pargansas alone, the Hindus of West Bengal are facing the same problem of critical Christian aggression everywhere in the state more or less.

__inputs from  Advocate Prasad Roy.

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