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Hindu Man Stabbed To Death For Protesting Vulgar Remarks & Harassment On Daughter By Muslim Youths in Delhi.

Where is the bastard secular, intellectuals and award-returners….

51 years Hindu businessman stabbed to death in Delhi for protesting daughter’s harassment by Muslim anti-socials…. his son also struggling for life after being stabbed in protest trail.

Som Bhattacharia | HENB | New Delhi | May 14, 2019:: A 51-year-old Hindu businessman paid with his life for complaining about a group of Muslim youths harassing his daughter in west Delhi’s Moti Nagar area.

The victim, Dhruv Raj Tyagi, had gone to the house of one of the youths with the intention of complaining about his behaviour to the youth’s parents late on Saturday night. He got into an altercation there with the Muslim youth and his father. Four Muslim anti-socials allegedly ganged up against Tyagi and his son, stabbing them multiple times. Tyagi died on Monday while his son is battling critical injuries. The main accused, his father and two youths have been arrested.

Tyagi’s ordeal began when he was returning with his 24-year-old daughter from a visit to the doctor on Saturday night. The youths passed lewd comments and made gestures at the girl. An incensed Tyagi dropped his sick daughter home and took his son with him to the house of the main culprit, Mohd Shamsher Alam, to complain to his parents.

A planned attack, say victims’ kin

The initial autopsy report says Tyagi had three fatal wounds in his liver, kidney and intestines. He died of heart failure due to severe bleeding. DCP (west) Monika Bhardwaj said a case under sections of attempt to murder was registered on Sunday, which would now be converted into a case of murder against the accused.

According to the Tyagi family, the attack took place around midnight at the WZ block of Basai Darapur village near Moti Nagar. Tyagi had gone to the doctor to get his daughter treated for migraine. On their way back, when they were turning into a lane leading to their house, the group of youths chatting at a street corner started gesturing at his daughter.

Tyagi stopped and warned them but they continued to harass the girl. “This was not the first time the youths had misbehaved. My uncle had decided to end it once and for all by complaining to their parents, hoping that this would change their behaviour,” said Amit, Tyagi’s nephew. But instead of taking his child to task, Jehangir allegedly started hurling abuses at Tyagi which led to a scuffle.

In an interview, the wife of the Tyagi told HENB, “The Muslims  in the locality cannot be controlled by anybody and a rule of lawlessness prevails there. They always use to engage them with various criminal matters and try to abuse Hindu girls and women in different ways”.

During the altercation, Alam and a few others from his group entered the house and catching hold of Tyagi, they threatened to teach him a lesson and started thrashing him. Alam picked up a knife and stabbed Tyagi a few times in his abdomen.

Meanwhile, Tyagi’s son Anmol, 19, heard his father’s calls for help and rushed in. But Anmol too was stabbed on his neck and abdomen. Both Tyagi and Anmol managed to free themselves and come out of the house. Their family members and police had reached the spot by then. “It seemed to be a planned attack as the men were ready with weapons,” said Amit.

Tyagi and Anmol were taken to a private hospital, where they were admitted to the ICU. Tyagi succumbed to his injuries on Monday afternoon.The condition of Anmol is still critical, as said.

A police team from the Moti Nagar police station caught Alam and his father from the area. During interrogation, the men revealed the names of the two teenagers who were present during the assault. Cops have apprehended them from the locality. A probe revealed that Alam was earlier jailed in an attempt-to-murder case and was recently released. He has also been involved in minor cases of assault in the locality.

Indian Capital Delhi has been made as a dangerous hub of anti-social Muslim people who find the chance to attack Hindu and Sikh people there making communal situations.

Muslim brutalities and violence exposed in the many cases happened in Delhi in the recent past as covered by HENB as below:

  1. Delhi Triple Murder: Muslim Neighbour attacks a Hindu family with a sharp knife, kills woman and her husband and son.+(Jan 18, 2019)
  2. #Lynchistan:: Hindu E-Rickshaw Driver stabbed by two Muslim zealots in Delhi.+(July 21, 2018)
  3. Delhi: Hindu boy Ankit stabbed and throat slit by Muslim family in a Honor killing.+(Feb 2, 2018 )
  4. Hindu boy held hostage and lynched by his Muslim friends in Delhi.+(July 18, 2017 )
  5. Aspiring air hostess stabbed to death by jilted Jihadi lover+.(July 8, 2017 )
  6. Muslim Mob attacks Noida Hindu housing society after a Muslim maid ‘beaten up’ for theft+. (July 12, 2017)
  7. Bangladesh Muslim immigrants to blame for Noida housing society violence+.(July 19, 2017 )
  8. .Muslim Hotel Boy gives ‘fake’ threat to bomb on Lal Qila on 15th Aug+.(July 16, 2017 )
  9. 13 yrs Hindu girl abducted two months ago returns pregnant; three Muslims held+.(July 15, 2017 )

When the portions Indian capital has been made as a Jihadi hub, the bastard secular, intellectuals, award-returners and media morons who make advertisements for Indian Intolerance citing the murder of  Mhommed Akhakq, Phelu Khan or Juniad Khan; these supporters of ‘Piece Gang’ never tell or recall the countless murders of Dhrub Tyagi, Ankit Saxena, Riya Gautam or Yogesh Kumar as they are Hindus. In India, if a few Muslims are unfortunately killed out of any Hindu retaliation that is very much a liaison of intolerance.  But, if Muslims of Jihadi mentality kill Hindus making gross violence, those are the Peace of Islam!


__inputs from TOI & NDTV.

One comment on “Hindu Man Stabbed To Death For Protesting Vulgar Remarks & Harassment On Daughter By Muslim Youths in Delhi.

  1. Brahm N Mehrotra
    May 17, 2019

    What Hindus are doing. They must retaliate.
    bnmehrotra from usa


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