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As anti-Muslim riots broke out… Sri Lanka imposed nationwide curfew.

Sri Lanka is imparting the global lessons on how to check Jihad….. Sinhalese  “destroyed and burned Qurans, broke every glass window and door and urinated on the water storage which Muslims used to take ablution,”

Sri Lanka imposes nationwide curfew after anti-Muslim riots.

Reuters | Kiniyama | May 13, 2019:: Sri Lankan police fired tear gas at mobs attacking mosques and shops owned by Muslims on Monday and imposed a nationwide curfew after the worst outbreak of sectarian violence since the Easter bombings by Islamist terrorists.

The terrorists targeted churches and hotels, most of them in Colombo, killing more than 250 people in an attack claimed by Islamic State and fuelling fears of a backlash against the island nation’s minority Muslims.

“There are hundreds of rioters, police and army are just watching. They have burnt our mosques and smashed many shops owned by Muslims,” a resident of Kottampitiya area told Reuters by telephone, asking not to be identified for fear of reprisals.

“When we try to come out of our house, police tell us to stay inside.” Police imposed a nationwide curfew until from 9pm (1530 GMT) to 4am, spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said.

Authorities also imposed a temporary ban on social media networks and messaging apps including WhatsApp after a clash in another part of the country was traced to a dispute on Facebook.

A police source said police had fired tear gas to disperse mobs in some places in North Western Province.

Muslims make up nearly 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people who are predominantly Sinhalese Buddhists.

A Reuters reporter saw a mob of several dozen young Sinhalese men wielding sticks and rods in what appeared to be a standoff in the town of Madulla in North Western Province.

Many anxious Muslims were hunkering down at home but young men, some of them carrying rods, were still zipping around on motorbikes, despite regional curfews from 2pm before the nationwide curfew was imposed.

Mosque ransacked

Glass was strewn across the Abrar mosque in the town of Kiniyama that was attacked overnight. All the windows and doors of the soft-pink building were smashed and copies of the Quran were thrown onto the floor.

A mosque official said the attacks were triggered when several people, including some Buddhist monks, demanded a search of the main building after soldiers had inspected a 105-acre (43-hectare) lake nearby.

Authorities suspect lakes and wells are being used as hiding places to conceal weapons.

A 34-year-old man who was at the mosque said about 150-200 came towards the mosque with rods and swords on Sunday but the Muslims who were in the mosque persuaded them to go away with the help of the police.

But they came back and this time there were about 1,300 people. The Muslims, huddled in the mosque, asked the police to fire in the air to disperse the mob, but the police said the people wanted to inspect the mosque for weapons.

Then the crowd surged into the mosque and ransacked it, the witness said.

“They destroyed and burned Qurans, broke every glass window and door and urinated on the water storage which Muslims used to take ablution,” he said.

Police spokesman Gunasekera did not respond to a request for comment on the incident. But in an emailed statement he said there had been some damage to property in Hettipola area of Kurunegala district but no injuries reported.

The police source said police also fired in the air the Hettipola area.

Several dozen people threw stones at mosques and Muslim-owned stores and a man was beaten in the Christian-majority town of Chilaw on the west coast on Sunday in the dispute that started on Facebook, police sources and residents told Reuters.

Authorities said they arrested the author of a Facebook post, identified as 38-year-old Abdul Hameed Mohamed Hasmar, whose online comment “1 day u will cry” people said was interpreted as threatening violence.

Courtesy: TOI.


2 comments on “As anti-Muslim riots broke out… Sri Lanka imposed nationwide curfew.

  1. impex1
    May 14, 2019

    1. Good Hindus must do the same thing with Muslims in India. Pea in the mouth of Mehbooba Mufti, Ovaisee, Farrukh Abdulla Mamta Begam. Shastra Uthaiye. Kahaniyan mat likhiye. Every Hindu must apply for Legal Fire Arm with Good Quantity of Fire Power. Teach them how to use Fire Arm. Protecting your Wife, Daughter, Bahu is your responsibility. Indian Desi Police is useless. Their hands in the CM hands. 2nd Indian Police is “:Geedarh” Hain. What you expect from them.

    Upnanda ji Shastra Uthaiye Shastra bad me. In Katuon ke Nitambo per Goli mariye.

    Ek Desh Bhakt Hindu

    2. This is what Hindus should do. Shunt Shanti Mantra & Daya. Pick up Fire Arms N shoot if these idiots bothers you. This earth is for those who exert. Don’t be coward. Police Chiefs:- Haram ki mar khao. You want to learn how to tackle Trouble Makers jihadi’s? Contact me. I know how to handle these MF. Jago Hinduo shastra uthao. Those do. I need 100 K Volunteers to take India back to Hindus.

    3. Action Needed Hindus must be armed. If Raha Dahir of Sindh would have Trained his subject with Armed Combat Training He would have been slaughtered right after he entered Darra Khaiber. Hindus never learned from their mistakes. By righting Article or Struggle for Hindu Existence in their own home land? What a Joke. Shri Upnanda Brahmchari ji Hinduon ko Shastra Chalane ki Training deejiye. Unke man se 800 saal ki Kuntha ko nikaliye. Unhe Singh Banaiye. Think Brahmchriji just think if 5% Of Hindus The day they will Pik Up Arms Islam will disaapear from India. Shanti mantra parhane ke din lad gaye. Hinduon ko Singh Banaiye. Dhoti Kurta utar kar Military Combat Uniform with AK47 (Legal) me train keejiye. Aapko kewal 5 Lakh aise Diwane chahiye. Sarkar ka karyakaal kewal 5 saal ka hota hai. Unhe Vote Chahiye. Hame Hindism chahiye. Kaise milega? Shastra uthaiye. Who so ever reading this please pass on to me Shri Upnanda ji Phone contact. I will call him myself. All my previous emails have been thrown in trash. If you trash my this email N no reply means you are not serious to save the nation and Hindus. Wakeup. See what MF did in Assam. Namaj on the streets? Curfew. They will do it again. They know Hindus are Geedarh. Ser banaiye Shri Upnanda ji? Sher.

    JaiHind, Jai Modiji.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Teesmar Singh
    May 14, 2019

    This is not good to destroy property . Muslims should be asked to vacate their mosques and handover the place to government so that it could be used for a better purpose than spreading jihad and hatred. Muslims should be asked to leave the country and go the place where they can enjoy 72 hoors,


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