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Donate Quran: Indian Court’s bail condition to Hindu woman who was arrested for fb post against Islamic Terrorism.

Judge under Indian Judiciary, Ignorant about Quran’s hate speech & Jihad, illegally ordered  distribution of Quran as bail condition. Hindus protest.

The court asked Richa Bharti to submit one copy of the holy book to the local Anjuman Committee in the presence of police authorities, and four more copies to different libraries in the city….

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Ranchi | July 16, 2019:: A 19-year-old Hindu woman, who was recently arrested for sharing a social media post exposing Islam in a debatable way, has been granted bail by a local court here on the condition that she must donate five copies of Quran to separate institutions in the city.

The court of Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Manish Kumar Singh (just a moron and illiterate about Quran’s offensive teachings against humanity), after granting the conditional bail on Monday, asked Richa Bharti to submit one copy of the holy book to the local Anjuman Committee in the presence of police authorities, and four more copies to different libraries in the city, her advocate Rampravesh Singh told PTI.

The magistrate has also sought the receipt or the acknowledgment of the donation within a fortnight, he said.

This is too much and very much significant when a so called pro-Hindu political Party BJP is ruling in Central Govt in India and in the state of Jharkhand, the place of occurrence of the debatable posting in facebook.

Md Jamil Khan, a member of the Anjuman Committee, said it has welcomed the court verdict.

“The committee, which looks after the health, education and welfare of the local people, has accepted the verdict whole-heartedly. The woman has been asked to donate copies of the Quran to the committee as well as school and college libraries,” he said. (Actually,  such Anjuman Committees are acting in India as the back office of the Jihadi proliferation in India).

Superintendent of Police (rural) Asutosh Sekhar, when contacted, said the officers were studying the court order to understand the stipulations.

Ms. Bharti, a B.Com student at a local college, was arrested on July 12 after the Anjuman Committee filed a complaint against her at Pithora Police Station for sharing an objectionable post on Facebook, which reportedly hurt religious sentiments.

Such posts against the Hindus humiliating the Hindu deities, scriptures, and Dharma by the fanatic Muslims are never a concern of the Indian Courts to direct the offender Muslims to distribute Hindu scriptures in the society anyway.

“We moved a petition in the court praying for bail. Yesterday, we got conditional bail with the ruling that she should donate one copy of the Quran Sharif to Anjuman Committee at Pithoria and four more to different libraries in the city,” the girl’s counsel said.

The judge has also directed the investigating officer in the case to be present when Ms. Bharti donates the holy book to the committee, he added.

Ms. Bharti’s parents, Prakash and Nilam Devi, said they were happy to have their daughter back, but expressed their unpleasant concern for the odd bail condition imposed by the court. As per recent reports Ms Bharti denied to distribute the Quran – The Handbook of Jihad in the society as it may cause more implication of terrorism and intolerance among the common people. She told HENB, the order of the court is nothing but a mockery to the Justice and jurisprudence.

Actually, Ms Richa Bharti put a question in facebook platform: Why Muslim Youths are prone to Jihad and Terrorism than any other religion. Police arrested Richa and took her into custody.

In an interview with ZEE Media, Ms  Richa  Bharti disputed the impugned court order and expressed her concern whether such courts would go further for orders to convert into Islam, read Namaj or join Jihadi groups to spread the teaching of Quran!

Hindu Organisations have raised questions on this impugned order of  Sri Manish Kumar Singh, Judicial Magistrate XXI cum Additional Munsif -IX, Ranchi and now the victim of the Court order is preparing to knock the door of the upper court, when they will get the notice from the court.

Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence Editor, Upananda Brahmachari urged  the President of India, Union law minster and Jharkhand CM to take initiatives for removing the pro-Quran and pro-Islamist Judge Manish Kumar Singh  from the judge’s panel at immediate effect.

Read this news in Hindi: रांची की अदालत ने दी अनोखी सजा, युवती को जज ने पांच कुरान बांटने की शर्त पर दी जमानत; जानें पूरा मामला

UPDATE:: Ranchi court drops odd bail condition of distributing Quran after public furore.



8 comments on “Donate Quran: Indian Court’s bail condition to Hindu woman who was arrested for fb post against Islamic Terrorism.

  1. Vyasji
    July 17, 2019

    The judge is a fool or a Muslim at heart and has no respect for the Sanaatan dharma or Vedic culture. Obviously he is anti-majority. He should be fired from his position soon. Dhanyawaad to to girl for refusing to obey the order. Let the large number of Hindus come to streets protesting this illegal order.
    jaya sri krishna!


  2. impex1
    July 17, 2019

    Shri Upnanda ji

    She must donate Quran in Hindi to Hindus only highlighting hate speech with Light Yellow marker.

    Use it as an opportunity for propaganda to combat Islam

    Sent from my iPhone



    • hinduexistence
      July 17, 2019

      In India, so many Hindu Organizations have their mission to expose Quran. They have been distributing Quran for highlighting the Jihad and hate-speech in Quran.

      But, the motive of the Judge here is very much objectionable and no way to support it otherwise. The Judge has no right to enforce a Hindu girl for distributing Quran destroying her belief.

      We reject this Court order as no ‘opportunity for propaganda to combat Islam’. Rather, we are greatly concerned as the Indian Judiciary is becoming pro-Quran and pro-Jihad! This must be stopped.

      Upananda Brahmachari.


  3. Arindam.
    July 18, 2019

    This is absolutely preposterous! But what is most revealing is this:

    ‘Md Jamil Khan, a member of the Anjuman Committee, said it has welcomed the court verdict.’

    Just another reminder of the true nature of ‘Indian’ Muslims. They will collude with any injustice so long as it benefits Islam.

    Regarding the Koran, two sources are highly recommended:

    The Calcutta Quran Petition.

    Apostate Prophet: Who (Really) Wrote the Quran


  4. Hara Lal Chakraborty
    July 18, 2019

    Was this a regular court or a Kangaroo court?


  5. Lal Gehi
    July 20, 2019

    Those who want to propagate Quran and destructive teachings of Quran, must read and understand Quran first, and illogical, delusional, history of Islam.

    There are over 72 different sects of Islam, For example Shia, Ahemadiya, Sufis are not even considered rightful Muslims by fanatic sunni Muslims.



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