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Richa Bharti case: Ranchi court drops odd bail condition of distributing Quran after public furore.

Breaking: Under Multi dimensional Pressure and Public Protest Ranchi Court Withdraws Direction To Distribute Quran Copies For Bail.

Now the Hindu Woman Richa Bharti Ordered Not to Donate Qurans for Criticizing Islam on FB

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Ranchi | July 17, 2019:: A Ranchi Court modified its earlier order by dropping additional condition of distribution of copies of  Quran by a under Graduate girl student, Richa Bharti. Court had earlier passed judgement to distribute Quran as condition for bail, for posting an allegedly communal post on social media platform Facebook.

19-year-old Richa Bharti can now heave a sigh of relief definitely. A Ranchi court, which had asked her to distribute copies of Quran, has now withdrawn the bail condition. The court seems to have backtracked on its order after huge public furore gathered pace across the nation.

The condition was imposed by judicial magistrate Manish Singh on July 15 while allowing release on bail of 19 year old Richa Bharti, who was accused of hurting religious sentiments through a Facebook post.

In the facebook posting Richa asked the cause of gross manifestation of Jihadi Terrorism in Muslim society.

Based on an application filed by Investigating Officer (IO) of the case of Pithoria police station for modification of the condition on the ground that its implementation  was difficult, the Magistrate dropped the ‘controversial condition.

“To neutralize the situation” the Magistrate had thought it fit to direct Bharti to donate one copy of the religious text to Sadar Anjuman Islamia Committee and four copies to other libraries of various schools. But, the ‘religiously illiterate’ and ‘Quran ignorant’ Magistrate ordered  to distribute the ‘Handbook of Jihadi Terrorism’ in the society sa the Magistrate never tried to read Quran in full length or to understand the ‘Menace of Quran’.

The order for bail condition had led to country wide protest. The Ranchi District Bar Association (RDBA) staged a protest rally and boycotted the Magistrate’s court on Wednesday. The Association said that the order could affect the psyche of the woman and hurt her religious faith.

Upananda Brahmachari, the eminent Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence Web Editor demanded the removal of the Magistrate from the case+ as he initiated a humiliation of a Hindu women enforcing her to act beyond her belief.

Brahmachari sensitized the issue globally and appealed every concerned to do the needful.

“The JC has assured that he would take a decision within two days. The RDBA would abstain from judicial activities in the JM’s court on Thursday as well. We are also demanding his transfer”, said RDBA general secretary Kundan Prakashan.

Bharti was arrested on July 12 for offences under Section 153A (promoting communal hatred) and 295A(hurting religious sentiments) of Indian Penal Code on a complaint by Sadar Anjuman Committee at Pithoriya near Ranchi over a post shared by her in Facebook regarding the lynching of Tabarez Ansari and put forth her question about increasing trend terrorism in Muslim society.

The Court cannot ignore the fact that religious harmony must be maintained in our society, one must respect sentiments of other religion as well. Considering the age of the petitioenr and the nature of offence as alleged, in order to neutralize the situation, this Court thinks it proper to impose one additional condition to donate
give copies of Holy Kuran, out of which one copy may be gifted to Sadar Anjuman Committee, Pathoria and rest four copes may be donated to Government University/College/School of Ranchi by way of bona fide gesture and submit a report within 15 days”.

Bharati said that she will not comply with the condition to donate copies of the religious book. She said that although she respects the court, the verdict asking her to distribute Quran copies was an infringement of her fundamental rights.

In its modified order, the Magistrate notes: ” The I.O. has prayed that the condition of donating Holy Kuran by the petitioner may be done away with because of difficulties in its implementation. The petition of I.O. Has been forwarded by ld. APP.

“The State has prayed for modification of said bail order and modifying the condition to that extent. having gone through the petition and heard submission of ld. APP, the order was passed by this Court on 15/07/2019 allowing regular bail to the petitioner Richa Bharti, in view of the aforesaid submission of ld. APP, this Court modifies its earlier order by dropping the additional condition of distribution of copies of Holy Kuran by the petitioner.’

In its order the Ld. Court used the prefix of Holy in Kuran or Quran repeatedly. As the Judicial Magistrate never went through Quran well, how could he understand the nature of Quran… whether Holy or Unholy!!!


(With inputs from Sanjay Sahay in Live Law. Courtesy: LL and ANI)




One comment on “Richa Bharti case: Ranchi court drops odd bail condition of distributing Quran after public furore.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 18, 2019

    Hindus, time has come to proclaim on a suitable date Hindustan
    as HINDU RASHSTRAM. This is urgently needed, because the present
    governing system is based on rejecting the Hindu values and heritage.
    Bharat has the oldest written Constitution the VEDAS, given by Ishwar
    in this world and it is not created by anti-Hindu beef-eaters Congress
    nor it is equal to desert Koran or the Vatican bible. Koran and Bible
    are inferior to the VEDAS. The VEDAS – the Hindus – never had in-
    structed to invade foreign nations. Besides, the VEDAS is religion and
    knowledge. The desert Koran and the Bible are the documents of
    looters, cheaters and of cruel/barbaric uncivilized invaders. In India, they were defeated and as losers, they are not equals to Hindus.
    Hindus – in their own NATIVE land – are the VICTORS and MASTERS.
    For this reason; Hindus reject the present governing system with its
    “perverse anti-Hindu beef-eaters Congress secular Constitution”. Hindus,
    you are sovereign and with the finest civilization on this planet.
    Hindis create; Jayatu, Jayatu Hindu Rashtram, a RAM RAJA. This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.

    Liked by 1 person

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