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CAA Effect: Pakistani Hindu Brothers Coming to India Murdered in Lahore.

First victims of CAA in Pakistan….

Two Hindu brothers from Lahore killed who wanted to emigrate to India after passing CAA.

HENB Int’l Desk | New Delhi | Dec 20, 2019:: India’s new Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 has claimed its first two victims in Pakistan. Two Hindu brothers from Lahore, Pakistani, wanted to move for a better life to India where their cousin already lives, encouraged by India’s new citizenship law, which seemingly offers protection to persecuted minorities fleeing from neighbouring Muslim-majority countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

They never made it because they were stopped by some Muslim radicals and killed, an incident that will further fuel tensions between religious groups in the two neighbouring countries, which have been vying for cultural, political and denominational dominance for decades.

The two brothers killed were identified as Gyanchand and Premchand, cousins ​​of Lakshman, a Pakistani Hindu refugee who already lives in the Adarsh ​​Nagar refugee camp on the northern outskirts of Delhi.

Despite the lack of electricity, water and sanitation, the camp is home to some 600 Pakistani Hindus, 85 families in all, including 150 children.

The news of the murder of the two brothers went viral online. A video showing+ their bloodied bodies, surrounded by mournful relatives and friends, has been shared thousands of times. (From the social media analysis it is understood that the murders were happened between 12-15 Dec).

On Twitter, Hinduism News+ writes that “Their families are devastated. This is the plight of Hindus. Their lives are in danger even while immigrating to India.”

According to media reports, the brothers were stopped by a group of “jihadis”. Later, a row broke out, during which the Hindus allegedly said something disparaging about Pakistan, provoking some Muslims, who dragged them into the woods and cut their throats.

According to some Pakistan Hindus, the brothers wanted to go to India where they could be treated like “any other citizen”.

Recently, India adopted a new citizenship law that could trigger mass migration by members of minorities living in neighbouring countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh).

However, the law allows naturalization only for members of “persecuted minorities”, namely Sikhs, Parsees, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Jains who can prove that they lived in India on or before 31 December 2014.

This news had no coverage in the mainstream news/media houses who always want to hide the Pakistani and Islamic barbarism around civil society.

Eminent Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence News Editor, Upananda Brahmachari requested+ the Indian Foreign Minister. Dr. S.  Jaishankar and Ministry of External Affairs Key Raveesh Kumar to verify the authenticity of the news and take drastic action by alerting Pakistan to stop Hindu persecution there.

__Inputs from Hinduism News & Asia News.

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