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The threat of Corona and Communal Virus in India.

Tabligh endangered India in Corona context…

Corona exposed the Communal face of Tablighi Jihadis. We have to combat the Corona virus and Communal virus both.

Why Govt of India failed to arrest Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Mohammad Saad? Again Intelligence failure.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | April 7, 2020:: Corona in India is expanding with an exorbitant communal speed. As per Health Ministry source, India is between Stage 2 and 3 of COVID-19 pandemic with 4789 positive Covid 19 cases causing 124 deaths.

As per Union Health Ministry bulletin on Sunday, ‘the rate of doubling of COVID-19 cases in India was 4.1 days, but if the cases linked to the Tablighi Jamaat event would not have happened, it would have been 7.4 days’.

It hints that the Nizamuddin event of Tabligh endangered India with double risk as the Muslims with Tabligh discretely wanted to flout the Govt policy of lock-down with a mode of deadliest threat of Corona Jihad+.

As a matter of fact many Islamic schools of thoughts presented the Covid 19 as a curse of Allah against Kaffir and Muslims are auto-immune with Corona… as such they have nothing to do with Govt advisories like lock-down, social distancing, self quarantine, isolation and so on.  Actually, Muslims were engaged in mocking with Modi and majority Hindus for adopting lock-down and other measures.

The Quran believers and Sharia loving people Muslims in India were enjoying Covid 19 as a fatality of Hindu kaffirs until the Nizamuddin event thundered upon them causing a great Corona Crisis among Indian Muslims.

Now, the governments in different states has quarantined over 25,500 Tablighi Jamaat members and their contacts across the country+ to control the Corona Crisis in India. Muslims and their localities are now emerged as new Corona factories very unfortunately.

But, Corona exposed the Communal breed of Tabligh, AIMIM, TNTJ, PFI etc once again. Corona exposed again that the smartest guys like Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi of Tablighi Jamat or  Owaisi brothers of AIMIM are the deadliest virus in India, even more dangerous than Corona as they always play with Muslim communalism and show to be most Secular. Such Muslim leadership in India put the Muslim population most vulnerable enforcing them to be separated from mainstream creating a vision to make an Islamic State in India in reality.

In an emergent situation, when the Central Govt was alerting the citizens about the Corona pandemic, nobody in Shaheen Bagh, Park Circus or the Mosque committees, Muslim majority areas  were not ready to hear govt advisories. Even Mosques were used as a defying dome of Govt advisories and centers of Muslim congregations for anti-Modi, anti-Hindu propaganda in lock-down period.

The ‘by-default’ anti-Modi Muslim leaderships and the Muslim footlickers like Mamata Banerjee criticized Union Govt’s Corona preparedness as a move to deviate the NRC, CAA and Economic issues in another directions. But, most of them are now realizing the Corona reality as a great crisis for Muslims too.

The Corona reality in India obviously revealed the truth of unique majority unity to fight against any situation in national crisis and the ugly minority adversity disrupting the national unity to disown that fight.

Wuhan Corona virus make us understand the constant attack of Communal virus upon 1.3 billion Indians so generated from the Islamic thoughts of Ummah, Jihad and Dar-ul-Islam.

Think about the 960 foreign Tablighi Jamaat members including 4 Americans, 9 Britishers who were blacklisted and whose visas were cancelled+ for violating Visa rules and Indian Foreigners Act.

What were doing here those Tablighi Jamaat delegates participated in Nizamuddin Markaz even after Tablighi conclave was ended. Coming here on tourist visas, they were all illegally staying in many states in India, preaching Islamic fanaticism, planning new proselytizing and  designing a Dar-ul-Islam in India. Without Corona Crux, this could not be apprehended at all by anybody even by the Modi Govt who allowed the visas for those unruly foreign fanatics without proper justification!

An authentic source is saying that the over staying foreign delegates and other participants of Tablighi Jamaat conclave at Nizamuddin Markaz had a certain plan to boost up Shaheen Bagh type anti-Modi, anti-CAA, anti-NRC movement through out India to create an Islamic unrest and communal situation here. That could not be possible for Corona lock down and Markaz crack down.

The foreign Jamaat members, who are currently in different parts of the country, some of whom have tested positive for COVID-19, also include 379 Indonesians, 110 Bangladeshi, 63 Myanmarese and 33 Sri Lankan citizens.

As many as 77 Kyrgyzstan, 75 Malaysian, 65 Thai, 12 Vietnamese, 9 Saudi and three French nationals were also among those Tablighi Jamaat activists who were blacklisted and their visas cancelled, a government official said.

These fanatic Tablighi Jamaat members from abroad came to India not for preaching Peace but to spread communal virus to destroy India, though most of them eventually affected by Corona virus. The Corona manifestation upset the Communal planning of Tablighi Jihadis.

This is a really critical time for India. We have to combat the Corona virus and Communal virus as well as both of them are most dangerous to our existence undoubtedly.

In that direction we have to do three prior things. 1. Isolate all corona infected Tablighi members and their relations and areas. 2. Destroy the Illegal construction of Tabligh HQ at Nizamuddin Markaz, the Indian Epicenter of Corona. & 3. Ban Tablighi Jamat as an anti-National and Communal organization connected with various international Islamic terrorism.

__Inputs from TIO & ET.


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  1. madeira121
    April 9, 2020

    Totally agreed.


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