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‘Anti-Hindu’ & ‘Pro-Love Jihad’ TV Serial ‘Begum Jaan’ Banned  Due To Mass Protest In Assam.

Assam: ‘Anti-Hindu’, ‘Anti-Brahmin’ & ‘Pro-Love Jihad’ TV Serial ‘Begum Jaan’ Banned  Due To Mass Protest.

Sumita Bardoloi | HENB | Guwahati | Aug 25, 2020:: Assamese serial ‘Begum Jaan’ on a Guwahati based private entertainment channel  is banned for now as it had created lot of controversy as Hindus had alleged that it promotes Love Jihad and at many places Hindus had protested against it since beginning of July this year. At some places, Hindus had filed police complaints against the makers and actors of this serial.

In the midst of the controversy, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner directed to stop the serial ‘Begum Jaan’, which was being aired on Rengoni TV. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has suspended the broadcast of the serial for 60 days and issued a show cause notice. It is pertinent to mention that a number of Hindu organizations had filed affidavits against the serial for promoting ‘Love Jihad’.

As per the introduction given on TV and its continuity, the ‘Begum Jaan’ serial was about a Hindu Brahmin girl who married a Muslim man, because of which her family and society denied her marriage.

It is clear from the plot of the serial that it promotes Love Jihad. Until now, thousands of cases of Love Jihad have been unearthed and in most of the cases, Hindu girls have had to first convert and then suffer physical and mental abuse etc after their marriage.

Many Hindu organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Jagran Manch in Assam and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti had protested against this serial and  demanded that Rengoni TV to stop broadcasting the same. Netizens  protested against theserial using hashtags #BoycottBegumJaan#BanBegumJaan , #BoycottRengoniTV.

Read this news in Assamese:  ‘বেগমজান’ ধাৰাবাহিকৰ সম্প্ৰচাৰত বাধা, মহানগৰ আৰক্ষী আয়ুক্তই দিলে নিৰ্দেশ

Read this news in Hindi: हिन्दुओं के संगठित विरोध के बाद असम सरकार ने लव जिहाद को बढावा देनेवाले बेगम जान धारावाहिक पर लगाया प्रतिबन्ध

Source: HJS/ AssamNews18


3 comments on “‘Anti-Hindu’ & ‘Pro-Love Jihad’ TV Serial ‘Begum Jaan’ Banned  Due To Mass Protest In Assam.

  1. kumar
    August 26, 2020

    Finally, some sensible decision.


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