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Flop ”if we do not rise?” prog by Urban Naxals. Hindu activists exposed its dangerous links with Maoists & Jihadis!

Cancel Urban Naxalite program – if we do not rise?: Demand by Nationalists & Hindu organisations.

XXXShivanand Moudgil | HENB | Bengaluru | Sept 5, 2020:: On 5th September, on the very 3rd anniversary of  Gauri Lankesh assassination, some 500 organizations affiliated to Leftist front, mainly the urban naxalites have organized the movement under the banner “if we do not rise? A casual glance of the movement makes it clear that it is more aimed at criticizing the government than expressing its outrage at Gauri’s assassination.

The campaign is being spearheaded by the Karnataka chapter of If We Do Not Rise+, a nationwide campaign which has over 500 women’s groups, human rights and LGBTQ organisations coming together from 26 States.

The riots in Delhi and Bengaluru are already behind us, and it is clear that the deadly assault on the police and the damage done to Public property is aimed at creating unrest in the society.It is evident, therefore, that the program, scheduled for tomorrow, September 5, 2020, is intended to criticize the Central Government, destabilize the Government and divide the people and create unrest in society. We should remember that Gauri Lankesh was also a sympathizer of Naxalism and had written an article about Saket Rajan, a dangerous Naxal leader. Further their activists have also been arrested for Naxal activities. It is important to note here that Girish Karnad also participated in such agitations in 2018 and also advocated Naxalism calling himself as an ‘Urban Naxal.’

From many pages and accounts in various social platforms including ‘If We Do Not Rise-Karnataka Chapter‘, it is known that these Urban Naxal Groups comprising many selective secular forums, Human Rights forums, Women Liberal forums are mainly engaged into anti-Modi activities, Kashmir & North-East separatism, anti-Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (2019) activism, anti-Hindu hate mongering in the name of pro-people struggle.

But, these Urban Naxal groups never condemn blood thirsty Maoists who kill/blast hundreds of Indian people in the name liberation. Rather, Gauri Lankesh was adopted mother of pro-separatists and subversive elements like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar. Lankesh had her suspicious link with both Maoist and Islamic extremist group like PFI.

Therefore Such campaigns are a direct and real threat to law and order and permission for such programs should not be given. Hence Nationalists from various Districts such as Bengaluru, Mangalore, Udupi, Vijayapura, Belagavi, Hubballi, Hassan, Mysore and Shivamogga have requested to District Collectors and Police Authorities to take necessary legal action against them.

Members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were also present during the meet.

Therefore it is requested that

1. Do not allow such programmes/agitations, also in the backdrop of Corona pandemic.

2. If it is not possible, then kindly issue necessary notices/directions to the organizations/organizer of the agitations.

3. In case agitations are held kindly video graph entire agitation so as to book the culprits at later point of time, if necessary.

4 Legal action should be taken against all those involved in the case.

Many Hindu leaders including Hindu Existence website editor and interlocutor Upananda Brahmachari condemned the Naxalaite initiative, ‘If We Do Not Rise’.

Taking his twitter handle, Brahmachari conveyed, “#IfWeDoNotRise’ campaign on Sept. 5 on the Death Anniversary of #GauriLankesh is nothing but an Urban Naxal Prog to boost up their anti-India & anti-Hindu Agenda.

The “if we do not rise?“ programme by Urban Naxals actually posed as a flop show as the nationalists and Hindu organisations exposed Urban Naxal’s subversive and dangerous threads.

News Flow: HJS and The Hindu

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