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Stop Islamist Penetration in UPSC. GOI Must Cut the Connection of of Zakir, Zakat and Jihad from Muslim IAS, IPS Officers.

‘Islamists are influencing top Administrative officers in India’…

GOI must stop Pro-Islamic and anti-Hindu fervour of Muslim IAS-IPS-IRS officers, if  instigated by Dr Zakir Naik, Zakat foundation and other Islamic lobbies, so far. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Sept 7, 2020:: The nationalist broadcasting channel Shudarshan TV wanted to bust the racket of radical Islamic infiltration in Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services  (IPS) and Indian Revenue Services (IRS) and so on.

In his prime programme, “Bidas Bol”, Shudarshan TV owner Suresh Chavhanke wanted to Expose the #UPSC_Jihad on and from Aug 28, in some parts.

But, some Jihadi elements knocked the door of Supreme Court of India to Sudarshan TV’s Bindas Bol on ‘UPSC Jihad’.

On the very Friday (Aug 28, 2020), the Supreme Court refused to impose a pre-broadcast ban on Sudarshan TV from telecasting ‘Bindas Bol’ programme. The programme  was all set to report on the alleged infiltration of Muslims in the civil services, however unfortunately, hours later, the Delhi High Court decided to impose a ban on the telecast of the show while hearing a separate petition without taking proper cognizance of the order of the Supreme Court.

Sudarshan TV wanted to explore the cause and consequences of unbelievable increase of Muslim candidates in top UPSC Exams (IAS, IPS, IRS etc.) with an exception of public awareness on the matter.

As a matter of fact, Sudarshan TV unearthed a connection of Jihad motivated ‘Zakat Foundation’ to prepare IAS, IPS, IRS aspirants from Muslim society so that they can materialize their Islamic agenda after joining the top Indian services.

Though, the ‘Bindas Bol’ programme of Sudarshan TV on UPSC-Jihad was primarily set to expose Dr Zakir Naik and zakat foundation, the progamme was on the making to expose the role of Jamia Milia University and Hamdard Foundation as well to capture Indian Administration, Police and Revenue through definite Jihadi module.

The Zakat Foundation, which is involved in helping Muslims get recruited into civil services+ and also provided help in Delhi  to rehabilitate Rohingyas+ who have been deemed to be a national security threat. They have established a ‘makeshift camp’ for Rohingyas called ‘Darul Hijrat’ right at the national capital. They have also revealed a detailed map for a permanent colony for Rohingyas with a Mosque and a permanent office of the foundation.

In the recently declared final results of recruitment into the UPSC, Zakat Foundation India (ZFI)  announced that 27 candidates it had supported had been selected for the civil services. The ZFI has as its President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood and the organisation prepares Muslim students for recruitment into various government jobs.

It is really dangerous, if such Zakat Foundation have been producing IAS, IPS, IRS officers from Muslim community after brain-wash of the Muslim youths.

In recent, Mentor of Jihadi Terrorism (now fled from India), Dr Zakir Naik suggested the Muslim youths to ‘take up IAS, IPS jobs only if they can stand for Islam and protect Muslims’ in a YouTube video.

This type of utter communalism could never seen before India only to establish supremacy over the majority Hindus in India.

On being asked by a ‘Muslim brother’ whether a Muslim can become a bureaucrat in a democratic country like India, Zakir Naik replied, “If you can follow the ‘deen‘ (religion), then, it is permissible. Else, it is not.” He then responded to another Muslim who inquired whether it was possible for a Muslim to become an IAS, in light of the alleged ‘anti-Muslim’ hatred.

The Islamic preacher informed, “It is not impossible but difficult.” Under the assumption that a Muslim IAS officer would ‘definitely’ be intimidated by his colleagues, Naik stated, “When they attack you, Islam or the Prophet, can you reply them back? Do you have the courage to reply? If you are timid and shy, don’t take such a job. If you can answer them and are bold, go ahead with it.”

In such a conditition, any top IAS or IPS officer may consider the Sharia higher than Indian Constitution prefering polygamy, child marraiage, cow slaughter,  Islamic holliganism, Iconolasm, anti-immunization, ant-birth control stands etc, if so influenced by the fanatic Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik.

So, the Jihadi psyche perpetrated by the Dr Zakir Naik or Zakat foundation will pollute the Bureaucracy in India and must to destroy the integrity of the Administration, Police, Judiciary and every system under communal line of Fanatic Islam.

This is a high concern for Indian Civil Society in a backdrop of the Jihadi penetration in the system of UPSC and the procedures and syllabus through which  more Jihadi people can pass easily the highest hurdles in the UPSC Exams through a Urdu corridor.

Now, ‘radicalized’ madrasa students are also cracking the top UPSC exam in a journey to Hafiz to IAS+.

Most interestingly, Muslim aspirants who opt Urdu as optional subject in UPSC Main Examination, carry higher marks as given by the Urdu examiners as experts in the matter opined.

In a contrast, Hindu aspirants do not take Sanskrit as their optional subject in the main exam generally, or there is nothing such initiative to push Hindu youths in the UPSC main exam in a Sanskrit way.

The surfaced Zakir, Zakat and Jihad nexus to grow Jihadi minded people in Indian Administration, Police and Judiciary Services must be tackled in a serious way, if it is existed in reality. Government of India must cut off the connection of suspected Zakir, Zakat and Jihad root from Muslim IAS, IPS Officers, immediately.

However, many IAS and IPS officers condemned the initiative of Sudarshan TV individually or organizationall+, they never raised their voice against Islamic attacks in Indian Administrative, Police and Judicial system or the blatant Islamic appeasement in Indian social and political spheres.

GOI must look into the entire matter very seriously.

UPDATE ON SEPT 11, 2020:: Uncut Bindas Bol on #UPSC_Jihad Exploration with Suresh Chavhanke #नौकरशाही_जिहाद पर सबसे बड़ा खुलासा सुरेश चव्हाणके जी के साथ पार्ट- 1 Part 1

UPDATE ON SEPT 12, 2020::  #UPSCJihad पार्ट- 2, Bindas Bol on #UPSC_Jihad  Part- 2 #zakatfoundation @zakatindia का पर्दाफाश. #नौकरशाही_जिहाद

UPDATE ON SEPT 13, 2020::  #UPSCJihad पार्ट- 3, Bindas Bol on #UPSC_Jihad  Part- 3 #zakatfoundation @zakatindia का पर्दाफाश. #नौकरशाही_जिहाद


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One comment on “Stop Islamist Penetration in UPSC. GOI Must Cut the Connection of of Zakir, Zakat and Jihad from Muslim IAS, IPS Officers.

  1. Bobita Chaudhury
    September 12, 2020

    We hindus should rise up to the occasion and take matter into our own hands.


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