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Mamata plays a wrong Hindu card for ‘Sanatan Priests’ allowing Rs 1000 per month as leftovers. 

In a humiliation, WB CM  Mamata Banerjee throws monthly allowance of Rs 1000 pm, free housing for Brahmin priests ahead of Assembly poll in 2021. 

Samidha Mishra | HENB | Kolkata | Sept 15, 2020:: Before 2013 Panchayat Elections in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee  announced pro-minority (red pro- Muslim) sops including a monthly honorarium for Imams.

The WB government allowed a monthly honorarium of Rs. 2,500 to Imams+ of the state through the state Wakf Board. More than 30,000 Imams in Bengal were benefited with that Imam Bhata (honorarium) and in 2013 Mamata again allowed a monthly honorarium of Rs. 1,500 to another 30,000 Muezzin+ (Prayer Callers of Mosques) in that row to appease Muslim voters in the state.

Though Calcutta High Court scrapped WB govt’s monthly allowance for Imams and Muezzins+, Mamata continued it with some tricky methods.

Along with these monthly honorarium, housing subsidy for  the  Imams and Muezzins were also provided with free housing in the state.

The around 30 % Muslim population in WB has been enjoying these  facilities for years.

Now, before assembly election in 2021, WB CM is playing a Hindu card to control the situation in Bengal.

WB  chief minister Mamata Banerjee  on Monday announced a monthly allowance/honorarium of Rs 1,000 and free housing for more than 8,000 poor Sanatan Brahmin priests of the state. The decision was taken ahead of the assembly election in West Bengal scheduled in 2021.

This is completely derogatory the prestige of Hindu Brahman Community in West Bengal. While the Muslim Imams are getting Rs 3000 per month and Muezzins are getting Rs 1500 per month, the Brahmin Community will get only Rs 1000 as a thrown leftovers to them.

While around 30% Muslim community is getting more that 60000 cases with Rs 2500 and Rs 1500 per month; the majority Hindu (more than 70%) community is only to be favored with 8000 cases with only Rs 1000 per month.

Mamata Banerjee thinks Hindu Brahmins are inferior than the Muslim Imams and Muezzins and allowed the honorarium in that way, playing a Hindu card in a wrongful way.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, WB unit vehemently protested the gross humiliation of the Hindu Brahmins in the State, as reports came in.

“This humiliation of Brahmins by giving Rs 1000 as leftovers, has been exposed the communal game-plan of WB CM Mamata Banerjee for which she will be defeated in the next election.” a senior VHP functionary told HENB over phone.

Earlier, Rajib Banerjee, the minister for irrigation, gave the assurance+ while speaking at a sit-in demonstration on 9 August at Rani Rashmoni Avenue in Kolkata by Hindu priests from across Bengal. Before that TMC Leader Anubrata Mondal organized a Priest Conference (Purohit Sammelan) in at Suri in January 2018 as a damage control+.

News Flow: PTI. Courtesy: Link sources as used.

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