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Jihadi family kills daughter’s Hindu lover after inviting to discuss wedding in Karanataka’s Kudur.

This is Islam. Don’t believe Muslims in Love and Marriage.

Karnataka: Muslim Man offers to discuss marriage settlements with daughter’s Hindu boyfriend, kills him by throat strangling.

T Sammugam | HENB | Bengaluru | Oct 9, 2020::  An inter-faith love story ended on a tragic note with the Muslim girl’s father and his associates allegedly murdering her Hindu boyfriend in Kudur, Magadi taluk, Ramanagara district on Tuesday morning.

K Lakshmipathi, 24, a resident of Basavanahalli near Nelamangala, was allegedly strangled to death by Nizamuddin, 45, and his elder son Sikandar, 20, (goods auto drivers) who have been arrested, and their associates, Ibrat and Auto Mohammed, who are on the run. All the accused are residents of Islampura near Basavanahalli. Lakshmipathi, a garment factory employee and part-time auto driver, was killed in front of his brother.

On Tuesday morning, Nizamuddin and the three others took Lakshmipathi and his elder brother Nataraj to a deserted spot in Kanakenahallilaya, a village near Kudur, on the pretext of marriage talks where they strangled Lakshmipathi to death,” said superintendent of police, Ramanagara, S Girish. K Nataraj, elder brother of Lakshmipathi, claimed in his complaint that the accused mercilessly strangled his brother as he watched helplessly. “Around 10am on Tuesday, Nizamuddin took my brother Lakshmipathi to his house, saying they would decide the wedding date and other issues. I accompanied them. Sikandar and the others said we should go out and hold the discussion. Lakshmipathi spoke to the girl, telling her they were going to discuss the matter,” Nataraj said.

“We travelled in Nizamuddin’s auto and reached Kanakenahallilaya. He took us to a prayer hall and then to the foot of a rocky mountain. He made us drink alcohol. A little later, they started abusing Lakshmipathi, citing religious differences and told him he shouldn’t even dream of marrying the girl. When he resisted, the four started beating him up. They pulled out his belt and as I watched, Sikandar and Ibrat strangled my brother to death. They threatened to kill me too. I ran away and hid in a field. Nizamuddin came looking for me…They grabbed me and bundled me into the auto. They pushed me out near Kunigal Cross and told me not to reveal anything or else they would kill my other family members,” Nataraj, a daily-wage worker, said in the complaint.

By evening, Nataraj returned home and narrated the incident to his father Kumar and brotherin-law Gangadhar. “They came to Nelamangala Rural police station and explained what had happened. We were shocked to hear their version and immediately passed on the message to our counterparts at Kudur station. A shocked Nataraj was unable to recall the crime location at first. Then he told us the body could be lying within 500 metres of the prayer hall. The body was traced around 10 pm, and by then, we had nabbed Nizamuddin and Sikandar, who confessed to the crime,” said an investigator from Nelamangala police station.

Incidentally, Karanataka is a BJP run State, where murder and insecurity of Hindus is of a vulnerable state so far amidst Islamic aggression in Karnataka.

☝️News flow: TNN.

One comment on “Jihadi family kills daughter’s Hindu lover after inviting to discuss wedding in Karanataka’s Kudur.

  1. Samarjit Presad Ganesh
    October 10, 2020

    This foreign Allah killer-religion must be banned from India. They are
    not fitting in India. Not only this religion, none foreign killer religions
    must be allowed in India. They came here as looters, cruel killers and
    barbaric invaders. All the mullahs are promoters of violence, therefore
    must be eliminated. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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