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World condemns Mamata Banerjee, the ‘Butcher of Bengal’ for allowing ‘Hindu Genocide’ in post poll violence in WB.

Global Protest - Bengal Bleeds

Global Protest to Stop ‘Hindu Genocide’ in post poll violence in West Bengal by ‘Butcher of Bengal’ Mamata Banerjee.

Stop Attack on WB HindusUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | May 9, 2021 (updated on May 10, 2021):: Miss Mamata Banerjee-led TMC has unleashed a reign of terror in West Bengal after their thumping victory in Assembly polls on May 2.  In her third term as the Chief Minister of WB she started her game as she told several times in her Election campaign as Khela Hobe’(the game will be on). There have been several reports of widespread violence in the state, where many BJP offices have been destroyed or burnt down, several BJP and other party workers have been killed, raped and injured. The Jihadi Didi (elder sister) has deployed her Muslim brothers against the common Hindu people in Bengal who supposedly not voted for her party Trinamool Congress this time.

Though a section of paid media have been trying to present this violence is political one, but the communal narrative can’t be denied as several incidents revealed that the Muslim hooligans attacked Hindu houses, business and even killed, raped, tortured Hindu men and women under a specific Jihadi plan. Even Mamata in power is using its police machinery and administration to prove some unrelated posts and videos in social media as fake to deny the severity of Bengal in a bleeding and burning situation. But, huge live and real posts and videos in the several social media platforms have cleared the air that the post poll violence in Bengal was started from a very communal angel and is still persisting in Bengal as the Muslim supporters of TMC can’t be able to check themselves in an exaltation of Jihadi victory to finish the Hindus in Bengal anyway.

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Over a dozen of Hindu men and women in Bengal have been murdered and raped and hundreds of Hindu homes, business and temples were vandalized and looted and many of them severely injured in this current post poll violence in Bengal. Even Govt in Bengal is not careful to collect the real data of the victims only to deny the facts and figures.

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While, the presstitue media gang started immediate worship of Mamata Banerjee and Award Returnee Gangs and Culprit Intellectuals in India did not find any scope to see the Bengal carnage, lynching, rape, arson, exodus in this post poll violence in Bengal even for once, the NRIs and Bengalis living abroad took the responsibility to expose the terrorist character of Mamata and demanded the safety and security of Hindus in Bengal with immediate action.

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 A worldwide demonstration against “Hindu Genocide” in West Bengal was organized this weekend. The Global Protest by NRIs in different parts of the world raised a strong voice against the barbaric attacks on peaceful Hindus in Post Poll Violence in West Bengal as perpetrated by Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress Party.  

On May 7, the Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance (Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajot) made a human chain in front of Dhaka Press Club and burnt the effigy of Mamata Banerjee.

On May 8-9, the world saw a huge protest from Australia to Africa, from UK to USA to stand united for the cause of murdered, raped, burnt and persecuted Hindus in Bengal which marked the disrepute of the ‘Butcher of Bengal’ named Mamata Banerjee.

Global Protest to Stop Bengal Carnage by Mamata

Protests all over the world

Protests all over world

The NRIs and Bengalis in abroad demonstrated in good numbers in Atlanta, New Jersey, Little Rock Arkansas, Seattle, Charlotte, Chicago, California, Arkansas, Dallas, Madison, Little Rock, New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Francisco, Los Angeles  in USA; Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Brampton, Whitby, Montreal in Canada;  London, Kent, Ilford, Reading, Basingstoke  in UK; In Ireland; Luxembourg; Germany; Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria; Melbourne in Australia; Hong Kong;  Tokyo in Japan  and many places of various corners of five continents, reports of which are yet to come.

It is very clear that the global sentiments for the persecuted Hindus in WB came to the light of world consciousness from which Mamta Banerjee will not be able to escape anyway!

Everywhere, protesters demanded ‘Stop Hindu Killing ’, ‘Stop Jihad in Bengal’, ‘Save Bengal Democracy’. ‘Save Human Rights’, ‘We want President Rule in Bengal’ to save Bengal from a Jihadi hell. Mamata Banerjee and her election strategist & political adviser Prashant Kishor now must return to their consciousness to Save Humanity in Bengal in an immediate measure.

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Courtesy: GlobalProtest: BengalBleeds,  Anabil TV & the links used above. 

3 comments on “World condemns Mamata Banerjee, the ‘Butcher of Bengal’ for allowing ‘Hindu Genocide’ in post poll violence in WB.

  1. DR T . Naidoo
    May 10, 2021

    I would give anything, if it ever becomes possible, to face Mamata Banerjee in a public debate on the presence of Islam in Bharat.

    I wish some body would give serious thought to how this will be possible.

    She is in India and I am in South Africa. Modern technology makes this possible.


  2. Arindam
    May 10, 2021

    See also:

    Bengal Riots – You Elect A Monster, You Bear With It For 5 Years [Mamta]


  3. Kajal Dey
    May 11, 2021

    When central government has not taken any action against the rioters we Hindus should rise to the occasion and give a befitting reply unitedly. Boycott them economically should be the first step. Secondly take back the Agricultural land and Market from them . Quote”Society which cannot protect their land market cannot sustain for long ” Unquote ,was told by Assam Kesari Sri Ambika Giri Raichoudhory of Assam who was a poet ,Freedom fighter. We should insist upon Central Govt for Population control bill and uniform civil code in next Parliament session.Boycott anti-national Media and Fake news portal and newspaper. Hurt them economically.


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