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Hindutva activists caught a cow loaded vehicle in Agra. Vigilantes blocked road for police inaction.

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha activists caught a container full of cow progeny.  Smugglers fled by jumping from a moving vehicle in film style in Agra, police came after road block by the protestors.

CaughtUpendra Bharti | HENB | Agra | April 30, 2022:: The work of police in Agra is now being done by Hindutva activists. At 3 o’clock in the night, Hindu Mahasabha workers chased and caught a container full of cows being taken for illegal slaughter. All the smugglers on the car escaped by jumping from the moving vehicle in film style. Even after hours of information, when the police did not reach the operation site, the Hindutva activists blocked the road at around 5 in the morning, then the police reached the spot.

Sanjay Jat, the state spokesperson of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, had received information that cows were being transported in a vehicle from Malpura police station area. Immediately it was reported to the police department yielding no result. After this, the cow vigilante group of Hindu Mahasaha led by Sanjay Jat laid a siege with the workers and stopped the container near Karara village of Malpura. The workers also broke the glass when the vehicle did not stop.

There is resentment among the Hindus due to the attitude of the police. Now the police is registering a case and talking of action.

It is difficult to trust the police

Sanjay Jat said that cows are being slaughtered continuously from other districts and states in the city by bringing them to Agra. This smuggling is happening under the nose of the police, but the police probably do not want to book them to stop the illegal slaughter activities in the city. “On Saturday we did police work, dialed on police emergency number 112 and the police station did not come for hours. After this, when the angry workers blocked the Agra-Malpura road, the police came and initiated to  register a case by sending the cows to Sikandra Baipur Gaushala. But in many case police hand over the rescued cows to the smuggling rackets secretly after taking bribe,” told Sanjay Jat to the media reporters.

Road blokade

Forced to sell cows due to inflation

Speaking to the reports, Sanjay Jat conveyed, “Let us tell you that due to inflation, people either leave them free or hand them over to the butchers due to low milk supply to the cows or because of not being able to bear their expenses during pregnancy. At present, the price of straw (cow fodders) has doubled and dry straw is being sold at Rs 12 per kg. Due to this, keeping low milk producing animal is now becoming difficult for the people associated with this business. But, Yogi Govt in Uttar Pradesh is not addressing this serious problem anyway which results illegal cow smuggling and slaughter in the state.”

The problem of cows in this heat and in other weathers in Uttar Pradesh must be solved through establishment of new cow shelters with good arrangements of fodder, water, medicine and humanitarian care.

__Inputs from Dainik Bhaskar.

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