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Dangerous PFI Plan ‘Towards Rule of Islam in India’ within 2047.

Bihar Police reveal stunning documents to make Islamic India within 2047. Three PFI-SDPI members arrested in Patna for ‘anti-India activities’.

Bihar Polce revealed PFI PlanUpendra Bharti | HENB | Patna | July 14, 2022:: In a stunning revelation, the Bihar Police confirmed the arrest of three members of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in Patna on Thursday, and seizure of a seven-page document on an alleged plan to “establish rule of Islam in India by 2047” from them.

Mohammad Jallauddin, a retired policeman from Jharkhand, and Athar Pravej, allegedly a former member of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), were nabbed from the Phulwari Sharief area here on Wednesday. Arman Malik was arrested from a residential colony here on Thursday. The police called him the “kingpin” of the gang.

The document, marked as “internal document, not for circulation”, said, “2047 CE is not a watershed in history, but signifies the end of the century of Independent India and the beginning of a new one pregnant with changes, positive and negative, cataclysmic or otherwise. We dream of a 2047 where the political power has returned to the Muslim community from whom it was unjustly taken away by the British Raj”.

“PFI is confident that even if 10% of the total Muslim population rallied behind it, the organisation would subjugate the majority community to their knees and bring back the glory of Islam in India,” it said.

The document outlines plan to recruit “loyal” members of the minority community into government departments, including the executive and judicial branches, as well as the police and the Army. “PFI wants to create a split between RSS and SCs/STs/OBCs by projecting the organisation as an outfit interested only in the welfare of upper caste Hindus,” it added.

Under the topic “Establishment of grievances”, the document said, “The rising Hindutva forces, RSS and their puppet government at the Centre are giving us enough issues to foment grievances of our brothers and make them to believe that the RSS-controlled Union government is hell bent to suppress Islam in the country.”

“Our target is to recruit all eligible members of all families into the organisation, party and other frontal wings. If it is not possible: recruit at least one of them to the organisation, if not recruit at least one to the party etc,” it said.

The document concluded with the topic of “External help”, saying, “In the last few years, PFI has developed friendly relationship with Turkey, a flag bearer of Islam. Efforts are on to cultivate reliable friendship in some other Islamic countries.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Phulwari Sharief, Manish Kumar said the suspects were arrested for “anti-India activities”.

Mr. Kumar said the younger brother of Athar Pravej was jailed in 2001-02 in a bomb blast case. “Pravej also raised funds and gave training to local youth in using swords and knives in the guise of teaching them martial arts,” he said.

Compiled PFI Doc

The PFI documents available in the internet and claimed as recovered by the Bihar Police reveals the Islamic plan of converting India into an Sharia State within 2047 step by step as below:

Page 1: India 2047. Towards Rule of Islam in India. Here the document is stated as ‘internal document’ and ‘not for circulation’.

Page 2: Present state of Muslim community. PFI is talking about 75% Muslim population in 9 districts of India including Lakshadweep and 8 other districts in Jammu and Kashmir. This page is all about radicalization.

Page 3: Here comes India 2047. 1. Dream of political power to Muslim community & Islamic govt in India in 2047 2. PFI is now expecting at least 10% of Muslim population to subjugate the coward majority community to their knees. 3. Four stages of progression towards Islamic rule.

Page 4: Stage 1: Unite Muslims & give training of weapons 2: Utilise National Flag, Constitution & Ambedkar to shield real intention of establishing Islamic rule 3: Alliances with SCs/STs/OBCs to divide Hindus 4: Use SC/ST/OBC for votes & infiltrate in Police, Army, Judiciary.

Page 5: – After completion of all 4 stages, declare a new constitution based on Islamic principles with the help of external forces. – Use Babri Masjid for radicalization. – Mass mobilisation should be priority.

Page 6: PFI in every house strategy. Recruitment of members. – State units should continue organising PE classes at grass-root level on priority basis under the camouflage of Yoga sessions & Healthy People Healthy Nation campaign. – Acquire plots in Muslim dominated localities. This page describes the dangerous Islamic planning of ‘stock piling of arms and explosive’ and imparting ‘training to PFI members in weapon handling and explosive’ for all out Jihad.

Page 7: Collection of Information against Hindu/Sangh Parivar leaders. And, External help. PFI has developed friendly relationship with Turkey. Efforts are on to cultivate reliable friendship in some other Islamic countries.

The document recovered by the Bihar Police is a serious threat to the unity, integrity, democracy and sovereignty of India as the PFI and its allied agencies have a definite goal to Islamize India within 2047 through a Jihadi war, though not mentioned directly.

The Islamic organisations and political parties are camouflaging themselves by taking such names of Popular Front of India (PFI), Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or others to penetrate radical Islam in the politics to capture Hindu majority India in a new way of ‘Al Taqiyya’ (Islamic deception) and political permutation.

It is alarming that Govt of India led by PM Modi is ignoring such dangerous Jihadi plan of PFI and SDPI to capture India to get it in Islamic ummah. Unfortunately, GOI is not banning PFI and SDPI even after various charges of murder, social disorder and anti-national behaviour are established against these organisations.

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__Inputs from Agencies.

One comment on “Dangerous PFI Plan ‘Towards Rule of Islam in India’ within 2047.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 15, 2022

    Here you have them. This is a small part of it. The majority is
    in the waiting-room. Turkey is been named and one of the supporters.
    There are more. This means Bharat Sarkar open your eyes and take
    the needed decision to protect Bharat Vasi and its Dharma. In fact this
    is not new. This is long – from the partition and before – these Allah
    criminals (kafirs) are dreaming to subdue Hindus in their own NATIVE country.
    The Allah kafirs had destroyed Parshi Desh, now called Iran and the same
    way they are preparing for India.
    Bharat Sarkar, your answer must be clear now; 1. ban the Islam from India.
    2. change the Constitution and take away the equal right they have in the
    country. 3. Islam kafirs can not possess land in Hindustan nor get voting right.
    Do the same with the Vatican invaders. 4. The partition must be declared
    void and senseless. Bharat must be united again. 5. Shut down Turkeys embassy. The PFI Plan is treason. This is the fruit of the betrayal of the
    politicians and their parties to give war-losers equal rights as the VICTOR.
    This is not acceptable. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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