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Harsh Gupta Madhusudan tells Shashi Tharoor to defend Hinduism against ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ gangs.


Defend Hinduism, quote Karl Popper if not Savarkar: Harsh Gupta Madhusudan tells Shashi Tharoor.

At Business Today’s summit on Friday, author Harsh Gupta Madhusudan, during a debate, told Congress MP Shashi Tharoor to quote Karl Popper to defend Hinduism if he was not comfortable with Savarkar.

India Today Online | New Delhi | Aug 27, 2022:: Investor and author Harsh Gupta Madhusudan launched a passionate rebuttal to Congress’s Nazi Germany comparison during a debate with MP Shashi Tharoor at Business Today’s India@100 Economy Summit on Friday.

Harsh Gupta Madhusudan quoted Shashi Tharoor himself to state that Hinduism has no one founder, no one prophet, no one holy book, no one god, and no one way of praying..

“Shashi Tharoor believes in Hindu exceptionalism. You have to defend Hinduism. You can quote Karl Popper if you are not okay with Savarkar,” he said, referring to the philosopher’s idea that in order to remain a tolerant society, one must be intolerant of intolerance.

Harsh Gupta madhusudan

“There are comparisons between India and Nazi Germany, but I don’t remember Jews going out on the streets saying they would behead Gentiles [non-Jews]. Liberal Muslims and reformist Muslims who stood for free speech in the Charlie Hebdo case and the Nupur Sharma case were beaten by Muslims, and both BJP and non-BJP governments let them go. They rot in jail, or are in hiding. This is a collective failure. The Indian state has let go of the minority within the minority,” Madhusudan said.

“Unfortunately, Congress and the Opposition have made peace with obscurantist elements in the Indian minority, which, by the way, is a global majority. The Indians forget that pagan civilisation [polytheistic belief in many gods],” he added.

On August 9, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi attacked the government for “the death of democracy,” saying Hitler too came to power, winning an election.

“Hitler, too, used to win elections. And how did he win the elections? Because the institutions of Germany were in his hands. Give me the entire structure and I will show you how to win elections,” he had said.


Courtesy: India Today.

Hindu Existence Post Script: As such, Harsh Gupta Madhusudan exposed Sashi Tharoor and his Congress party functioning as a covert mechanism for Radical Islam in India. When, Islam is marked as a global crisis to endanger the entire Human civilization, then the Congress in India makes alliances with the Muslim League and showing indulgence with other subversive elements shouting ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ (Cut the head from the body), very dangerously for its political interests.

Top Head Line: HENB.

One comment on “Harsh Gupta Madhusudan tells Shashi Tharoor to defend Hinduism against ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ gangs.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    August 27, 2022

    Before the invation there was no foreign killer religions in
    India. They came and called themselves Islam and Vatican Christians, the uncivilized religions on Indian soil. Why? They were
    looters, killers and destroyers. The Congress party is the protector
    of these criminals. The proof is the Congressy-Nehru constitution
    and flag of India. But why did they come and why want to
    stay? These uncivilzed war-losers got equal rights from the Congress and other political parties, while INSULTING the Hindu
    Heroes who had laid down their lives for the FReedom of Bharat. Bharat was Bharat and is still HINDU BHARAT. They who are
    against it, are traitors of HINDU BHARAT. This is the voice of
    Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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