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Hindu Tamils protest after Buddhist Govt arrests activists in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka: Why encroachment upon Hindu temple land to erect Buddhist Vihara?

‘One law for Hindu Tamils, another for Buddhist Sinhalese’ – Tamils protest after Buddha Sasan arrests activists.

220923 Mullaitivu protest (6)R Kumarathasan | HENB | Jaffna | Sept 24, 2022:: Protests have taken place in Mullaitivu and Jaffna to condemn Sri Lanka Govt’s arrest of two leading Tamil rights activists, just hours after they demonstrated against the illegal construction of a Buddhist vihara upon an ancient Hindu temple land.

Former Northern Provincial Council member T Ravikaran and civil society activist R Mayuran were arrested and accused of “criminal coercion” for taking part in the protest on Wednesday. They have since been released on bail.

The men were part of several Mullaitivu locals and activists protesting against the illegal construction of a Buddhist vihara in Kurunthurmalai. Sri Lankan authorities have continued with the construction of the Buddhist shrine on Kurunthurmalai, a hill-top site of an ancient Hindu temple for the worship of Tamil people in the district’s Thannimurippu area, despite a Sri Lankan court order barring any new construction.


Stop the construction of huge Buddhist vihara destroying ancient remains of Hindu Temple defying Court Orders in Hindu Tamil’s historical and traditional homeland in Sri Lanka.

As locals rallied through the town and to Mullaitivu Police Station, Sri Lankan soldiers and police officers were filming them in yet another attempt to intimidate the protestors.

Meanwhile in Jaffna, university students held a rally in solidarity with Ravikaran and Mayuran, demanding they both be released without charge and Sinhala Buddhist colonisation halted.

__Inputs from Tamil Guardian.

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