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Muslims should not be allowed in Garba, says BJP MP of Bhopal, Sadhvi Pragya.

Sadhvi Pargya Singh Thakur

‘Entry in Garba and goods of Muslims in religious programs should be banned’, says BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya in Bhopal.

Swati Singh Tomar | HENB | Bhopal | Sept 30, 2022:: Bhopal Lok Sabha MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur said that Muslims should not be allowed in Garba pandals during this Navratri. The district administration has already made it clear that showing of identity cards is mandatory for entry into Garba pandals. She further said that the shops of Muslims, their items should also be banned around the religions programmes in Garba pandals. Worship should be done with pure Hindu customs and devotion. Sadhvi said, ‘Whether it is a madarsa or a gurukul, education everywhere should be given in such a way that it is not anti-national anyway.’

The district administration has already made mandatory for the organising committee to install CCTV cameras at the venues and verification of visitors by ID. Even, the administration has already made it mandatory that any suspicious, objectionable object, sharp weapon will not be allowed at the venue during the event, nor can it be used or demonstrated. The administration issued orders not to allow entry without ID for the visitors during Dandiya, Garba and other cultural programmes during Durga Puja in Bhopal.

For years, the Hindutva activists and organizations have been campaigning against Muslim entry into the Dandia and Garba pandals, so that the female Hindu participants cannot be trapped by the Muslim youths through such festival session.

“The Muslims have no faith in Hindu Religion or they have no respect for the Hindu rituals. Time and again Muslims in India attack Hindu temples, festivals, processions etc, but they intentionally want to take entry in those Hindu festivals where Hindu women folk come in large numbers. The Muslim motive of ‘Love Jihad’ is very clear,” a secretary of a Garba festival in Bhopal told HENB openly.

But, the Media Co-ordinator of State Congress Committee, Narendra Saluja opposed the statement of Sadhvi Pragya citing RSS Chief’s recent visit to Madrasa and PM Modi’s intimacy with one of his friend -Abbas and BJP Madhya Pradesh President’s pause in a speech during Mosq Adhan etc. through a tweet.

Read this news in Hindi: ‘गरबा में एंट्री और धार्मिक कार्यक्रमों में मुस्लिमों का सामान बैन हो’, सांसद साध्वी प्रज्ञा का बयान

__Inputs from Aaj Tak.

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