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Koenraad Elst, Hindutva proponent, delivers two talks at IIT-Kanpur.

Koenraad Elst in IIT Kanpur

Hindutva proponent, Koenraad Elst delivers two talks at IIT-Kanpur while rubbishes Aryan Invasion Theory and Criticizes Soft Turn of RSS-BJP towards the minority communities. 

An official at IIT-Kanpur, who did not want to be named, said the talks delivered by Dr. Elst were academic in nature and had nothing to do with politics.

Bishwanath Ghosh | The Hindu Online | Kolkata | Nov 2, 2022:: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kanpur recently held two talks by right-wing Belgian author Koenraad Elst, with several students questioning why a strong proponent of Hindutva should be speaking in an institution like the IIT.

Dr. Elst delivered the talks on Sunday and Monday, the second of which was a part of the institute’s lecture series. “The institute lecture series is normally reserved for eminent scientists who are at the pinnacle in their respective research domains. What was he doing here?” a research scholar at the institution, who attended both the events, told  The Hindu.

An official at IIT-Kanpur, who did not want to be named, said the talks delivered by Dr. Elst were academic in nature and had nothing to do with politics. “In academics we discuss a lot of things. The talks were meant for the institute and not for the public; only when something goes into public domain does different opinions emerge about it,” the official said.

The abstract of the first talk, titled  Decolonising the Hindu Mind and emailed only to invitees, read: ““The ideological dimension of Hindu revivalism has mostly been misrepresented, or rather neglected, in the debates on the subject. After discussing the term ‘Hindu revivalism’, we will analyse the ideological statements of its advocates and their critique of the existing order, and the counterpoints. If time permits, we will also discuss an important case in point, that of the Ayodhya temple…”

The abstract of the second talk, uploaded on the website of IIT-Kanpur and titled  Out of India: The Necessary Alternative to the Aryan Invasion Theory, read: “The Aryan Invasion Theory, that hypothesises streams of Aryans entering India around 1500 BCE, displacing the local population, and ultimately forcing their culture, language and social practices, has little evidence. Sadly, however, it is still the most prominent theory, and is taught in history textbooks throughout the country. It is one thing to say that there was no Aryan Invasion, but this leaves us with the duty to explain what happened instead.”

“There were about 100 people each at both the events. [Dr. Elst], as expected, rubbished the idea of Aryans coming to India and said the migration was actually the other way round. He also said the BJP and RSS were turning soft towards the minority communities — as an example he cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi sending a chadar for Ajmer Sharif,” the research scholar said.

Source Courtesy: The Hindu.

One comment on “Koenraad Elst, Hindutva proponent, delivers two talks at IIT-Kanpur.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 3, 2022

    Freedom is allowed, but the question is; where is the responsibility Hindus
    have to be Hindus? Bharat is the land of DEVIS/DEVTAS and they have bestowed Bharat Vasi with the civil code, the Sanatan Dharma, what means
    PEACE and PROGRESS. This is only possible with accepting responsibility and
    knowledge. Restore the own root and all answers will be there. Therefore start
    the day first with PUJA PATH. The minds needs direction from the Devis/ Devctas, the source of civilized Bharat. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva


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