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NZ Hindus are highly concerned for the arson attack on Shri Ram Mandir in West Auckland.

Arson attack on Shri Ram Mandir, Police needs your help

Hindu Foundation New Zealand (HFNZ) appeals to help for apprehending the culprits who tried to set ablaze Henderson Shri Ram Mandir in West Auckland.

M M Bhatt | HENB | Auckland |  Nov 7, 2022:: Hindu Foundation New Zealand  shared its concerns though its facebook page in regards to the arson attack on Sri Ram Temple in West Auckland. In the video message Praveen Kumar, the managing Trustee of Shri Ram Mandir Charitable Trust conveyed the perpetrated arson attack that happened on Saturday 21 Oct, 2022. The video message was released on Nov 4 as taken before the Ram Temple in presence of local MP Phil Twyford.

From the message it is clear that such attacks are condemned in the civilized society and in a community which celebrates diversity. The Hindu community is certainly anxious as the nature and intent of the crime seems to be very motivated with the sole purpose of causing harm. 

In a separate communique through email, Girish Singh Sajwan, Assistant Secretary HFNZ  requested the authorities to treat this attack as a hate crime, which was targeted towards the Hindu community.

As Hindus are a global minority group,  it has been witnessing a rise in Hindu-phobic attacks against this peace loving community.

So far, in beautiful NZ such attacks virtually force the Hindu community to re-think about their safety and security.

According to Praveen Kumar, two unidentified individuals in their teen came to the temple wearing masks to cover their faces and barged in to the Shri Ram Temple at 11 Brick St, Henderson Auckland, New Zealand 0610 and put inflammable liquid like petrol on the ground floor of dinning hall and set fire. But, the fire extinguishing system of the temple with the help of Fire Brigade and Henderson Police  controlled the fire very efficiently to save the temple.  

The temple authority also appealed to all members to maintain calm and if they come across any information then to pass it on to the concerned authorities.

NZ Hindus are highly concerned for the arson attack on Shri Ram Mandir in West Auckland. The Hindu community of West Auckland expect the justice in swift and the guilty are brought to book without further dealy.

The veteran MP Phil Twyford also assured the Hindu community for proper action to bring the justice. 

__Inputs from HFNZ.


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  1. reachmyke
    November 8, 2022

    Thank you for sharing…


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