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Love Jihad in MP: Taking Hindu name, a Muslim blackmailed, raped & converted a Punjabi woman.

Love Jihad trend in India

Devout Muslim Sakir Mohammad, father of 9 children, poses as Rajkumar, rapes and forces Punjabi Hindu woman to convert into Islam in Madhya Pradesh.

When the victim woman asked to give up the chase, the accused said – In our (Islam) religion, if we (Muslims) keep more than one woman and convert woman of other religion to Islam, we get heaven.

dhokhebazChitra Pathak | HENB | Indore | Nov 6, 2022:: Adding a new case of Love Jihad connected with perpetration of rape and blackmailing  along with an attempt of forced religious conversion has emerged from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Here, a Muslim man Sakir Mohammad allegedly recorded a pornographic tape of a Punjabi Hindu lady after befriending her and raping her while posing as Rajkumar after taking a Hindu name of Rajkumar. After that, he began to put pressure on her to convert to Islam. He allegedly threatened to make the video go public if she refused it by the way.

The victim sought sanctuary in the High Court since the complaint was not registered at the local police station very unfortunately while the state is run by a BJP Govt. An FIR has been registered afterwards in compliance with the court’s order.

The matter pertains to Sakir Mohammad and a Punjabi Hindu woman from Shahdol. The widow filed a petition at the High Court, stating that her spouse died in an accident four years ago. She was living alone after that. She was seeking a job at the moment. When she couldn’t find a job, she went to a bank to acquire a loan, which is when she met Sakir Mohammad.

The woman alleged that at the bank meeting, Sakir introduced himself as a Hindu named Rajkumar. He stated that his wife had died and that he was the father of a kid. Following this, Sakir took the victim in confidence and shot objectionable clips while in sexual intimacy with that lady  and raped her several times by intoxicating her.

Later, he used those video footage to continue blackmailing the victim. Not only that, but after bringing the victim home, he would dress her in a burqa and physically assault her. In addition, after taking her to the madarsa and signing certain Urdu-written paperwork, he began pressing her to be converted in Islam. She was a victim of forced conversion. Before this Sakir took signature of the victim in many papers saying those for bank loan purposes.

The victim alleges that she protested when she learned that the accused’s wife is still alive and that he is the father of nine children. In response, Sakir stated that having more than one woman is a deed of Sabab (virtue) that leads to heaven. When the offender’s entire story was revealed to the victim, he began harassing her and pressuring her to convert with her little daughter.

Tired of Sakir Mohammad, the victim moved to Indore secretly with her daughter and began living in a rented house in the Vijay Nagar police station area. The accused came here after chasing and started pressurizing him to live together. Threatened that the photo-video would go viral. When the victim woman asked to give up the chase, the accused said – In our (Islam) religion, if we (Muslims) keep more than one woman and convert woman of other religion to Islam, we get heaven. When the police did not listen to the complaint of the victim woman, she had to approach the court.

The victim alleges she went to the women’s police station to file a complaint against the accused. However, she was instructed to proceed to Shahdol and register an FIR. The woman spoke with several additional policemen, but no one filed a case.

The victim was tired of the accused’s relentless harassment. She was forced to seek sanctuary at the High Court. In the hearing, the High Court admonished the police and ordered them to file an FIR. The court ruled that it is not required for the victim to report to the police station after filing a complaint with senior authorities. The victim’s statement should be treated as a formal complaint on her behalf, and appropriate action should be undertaken.

The victim reached the court after losing her confidence with police

The woman took refuge in the court, defeated with the attitude of the Madhya Pradesh police. While hearing his petition, the High Court said – the application itself should be treated as a complaint. The case should be registered on the basis of the statement of the victim. He said- Sakir has trapped me in the web of love jihad. He has come from Dubai some time back.

Madhya Pradesh is a BJP ruled state where such police treatment towards a victim woman is unacceptable.

High Court Advocates Krishna Kumar Kunhare, Ishwar Kumar Prajapati and Kirti Aggarwal said that the woman had come to Indore and started living. When Sakir came to know about this in July 2022, he also came to Indore. Threatened and started pressurizing him to do arbitrary work. The victim then complained about this to the DCP and the Assistant Commissioner of Police, but even after the complaint application came to the Vijayanagar police station, no action could be taken in the matter.

Read this news in Hindi: पंजाबी हिंदू महिला से लव जिहाद, 9 बच्चों के  मुस्लिम पिता ने धर्म बदलवाकर रेप किया 

Courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar.

One comment on “Love Jihad in MP: Taking Hindu name, a Muslim blackmailed, raped & converted a Punjabi woman.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 7, 2022

    Allah is not a God, it is an criminal. Why? He is just about 1400 years old
    and has no respect for Humans. He has no conscious nor a soul. He is a
    rackches. His religion must be driven out from the soil of Bharat. He is
    a destroyer and killer. This is his religion. Islam was founded in Medina
    by killers of Jews. Rackches Sakir must be send to the hell where Allah is.
    This is the message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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