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Decoding RSS Chief’s claim: ‘All people living in India are Hindus’ is meaningless to Muslims.

All people living in India are ‘by definition’ Hindus, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat; but it is not applicable to Indian Muslims anyway. 


Upendra Bharti | HENB | Darbhanga | Nov 28, 2022::  RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat Monday asserted again that all people living in India were by definition Hindus and diversity had flourished in the country because of the cultural ethos of the land. Anybody who agrees to sing Sanskrit verses in praise of Bharat Mata and is committed to the preservation of the culture of the land is a Hindu, the ‘Sarsanghchalak’ said.

Bhagwat who was addressing RSS workers in Darbhanga before concluding his four-day tour of Bihar, said the mammoth organisation will become redundant if all citizens of the country adopt the spirit of selfless service exhibited by the ‘Swayamsevaks’ (RSS volunteers). “People should understand that because they live in Hindusthan, they all are Hindus. They might by other things as well, but all other identities have been made possible because of the Hindu ethos of acceptance” Hindutva is the name for the centuries-old culture to which all the diverse streams owe their origin,” he said.

All people living in India are ‘by definition’ Hindus                                      This definition is not accepted by the Muslims in India

In Darbhanga, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat reiterated, “Anybody who agrees to sing Sanskrit verses in praise of Bharat Mata and is committed to the preservation of the culture of the land is a Hindu” as reported by Zee News.

Unfortunately, the Muslims of India hold their faith in Arabic and Urdu as their natural language connected to Islam. Even they do not recognize this holy land/country as Bharat Matha or their Motherland. The Indian Muslims have their original faith Arab culture connecting Allha, Muhammad, Quran and in their Ummat.

Then how can a Muslim in India does agree with the claim of RSS Chief that “Anybody who agrees to sing Sanskrit verses in praise of Bharat Mata and is committed to the preservation of the culture of the land is a Hindu”.

Rather denial of Muslims on the language- Sanskrit, Bharat Mata- Mother India and Hindu culture of India proves the vagueness of the RSS narrative propounded by Mohan Bhagwat.

‘Hindutva is a binding force’                                                                      Hindus only take it for granted, not the Muslims at all

“Different branches may have stemmed and may seem opposed to each other, but they all trace their beginning to the same source,” Bhagwat said. The septuagenarian RSS chief said values like seeing oneself in others, viewing women as mothers and not objects of lust and not coveting wealth that belongs to others defined the Hindu ethos. “Hindutva is a binding force. All those who believe themselves to be Hindus are Hindus. So are those whose ancestors happened to be Hindus,” said Bhagwat, whose similar remarks in the past had triggered controversy.

Not only that. The RSS Chief also tabled his narrative of ‘Same DNA’ to bind the Muslims with Hindus. But, it is also proved ineffective. With this Hindutva binding force, RSS can meaningfully manage the confronting diversity in Hindu Society. But RSS ideals of ;Hindutva’ fails to garner any change in Islamic psychology to mingle with the Hindu culture and tradition as a  ‘binding force’.

India as ‘Vishwaguru’
Hindus in India think of it, but not Muslims…..

RSS’ mission is to regain the lost glory of the country, which was the “Vishwaguru” (world teacher) in ancient times. “To build a nation so great requires a conducive social atmosphere, which the Sangh seeks to create. Our volunteers spend just an hour at the shakhas. The remaining 23 hours of the day are spent rendering selfless social service without accepting a paisa of government aid,” Bhagwat said. The swayamsevaks are seen in action whenever there is any calamity, natural or otherwise. “We do not want anything in return, not even adulation” he said.

All majority Indians with Hindu faith and obviously not a pseudo-secular and all Indian Diaspora with Hindu origin living abroad want to see India as ‘Vishwaguru’. But, this vision has no connection with any Muslims in general whether in India or abroad. If there is any exception of this trend that must not be counted as a glorification of Islam which is simultaneously prone as ‘anti-RSS’ and ‘anti-Hindutva’.

RSS must stop spreading false Narrative

RSS’ propagations like ‘Same DNA’ or ‘Without Muslims Hindutva is incomplete’ or ‘All living in India are Hindus’ are proved bogus and that may cause a sharp erosion of Hindutva mind-set of core RSS people and its supporters. RSS must stop spreading new narratives on Hindutva which are false and absurd.

Read the news in Hindi: दरभंगा के नागेंद्र झा स्टेडियम पहुंचे  आरएसएस  प्रमुख, पांच बिन्दु  में जानिए भाषण की खास बातें


__Inputs from Zee News.

One comment on “Decoding RSS Chief’s claim: ‘All people living in India are Hindus’ is meaningless to Muslims.

  1. Thillay Naidoo
    December 12, 2022

    Muslims obviously have no respect for India and Hinduism. Their religion is not a religion. I would love to prove it to them.


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