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Christian NGO members sent back to Maharashtra after what they say attack by Hindutva activists.

Hindutva activists oppose Christian Orgs working under Hindu camouflage in Karnataka, sent them back to Maharashtra.

Taking a name like ‘Vishwa Mandal Sevashram‘, the  organization converted thousands of Hindus in Christianity in last ten years.   

308782319_179882691231699_6135389719072967772_nB Upendran  | HENB | Belagavi | Jan 17, 2023:: Belagavi Police sent back a group of tourists from Maharashtra after allegations that some Hindutva activists assaulted some of them after accusing them of trying to indulge in Christian conversion.

Members of Vishwa Mandal Sevashram, Sirpur, a Christian Organisation engaged in Mass Conversion (taking such a Hindi/Marathi name of a Hindu organization to have a cover of camouflage), in Maharashtra, who were touring parts of Karnataka and Goa, were sent back to Sirpur from Belagavi on Tuesday. The Sevashram has been working long as an NGO that provides vocational skill training, gives awareness of Andha Sraddha Nirmulan (to eradicate superstition) among rural youth, runs students’ hostels and many projects…. all in order to get poor people’s confidence for making them Christians as a final goal.

Ngo like activities

Gunilal Resla Pawara, a 42-year-old teacher who was injured in the alleged attack, said that a group targeted them and attacked them on the Nizamuddin-Vasco Goa express train near Sangli in Maharashtra. They got off the train in Belagavi and called some of their friends.

“We are a group comprising 24 men and 14 women travelling in various bogies. When the train reached Sangli station at around 9.30 p.m. on Monday, around 15 men barged inside the bogie and started abusing and assaulting us stating that we were missionaries and we were on a conversion tour. We told them we are on an educational tour but they did not listen to us. They began attacking us,” he said.

Gunilal Pawara suffered a hit on his head and he started bleeding. “Some of the passengers called the police in Miraj. Some policemen entered the train in Miraj but the assailants escaped,”  he said.

He said that the group was planning to visit the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple and the Kanheri Math, along with other places in Karnataka.

From an input, it is divulged that such groups unitedly go to the Hindu pilgrimage and shrines where they try to distribute leaflets against Hindu beliefs and preach Hindu devotees against their faith. In last 10 years, the Vishwa Mandal Sevashram organized hundreds of Conversion tour, Conversion camps and other programmes and converted thousands of Hindus into Christianity.

Big Conversion Camp by Vishwa Mandal Sevashram

The injured persons were taken to a dormitory on the St. Paul’s Junior College campus on Monday night. On Tuesday, officers from the Camp Police Station sent them away in a KSRTC bus to Maharashtra.

Bishop of Belgaum Rev. Dr. Derek Fernandes has condemned the alleged attack and that proved that the Vishwa Mandal Sevashram, Sirpur has its link with a certain Church network that works for conversion under disguise of charity and philanthropy.

“I am shocked to hear about the incident which should not have happened in a democratic country like us. I urge that the authorities concerned to act against the attackers,”  he said.

Meanwhile, members of the Bajrang Dal Belagavi unit have submitted a petition to the police seeking action against the sevashram teachers and office-bearers saying that they were trying to convert innocent tribals in the name of skill training.

The members of Bajrang Dal also remind that however, the case happened in Karnataka; the Organisation has its office in Sirpur which must be checked and verified by the Maharashtra Govt for taking appropriate action to stop such silent invasion of Christian conversion in India.

__Inputs from The Hindu.

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